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March 24, 2023, 02:20:16 AM

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Genevra Redux (v2.0)

Started by Dark_Jedi06, February 22, 2009, 03:13:06 PM

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Last Update: 5/8/09

The Grand Duchy of Genevra is a small nation in Western Europe
bordered by France and Savoy on four sides. Despite its size, the Grand
Duchy has a deep connection with European history and can trace
its roots back to the Roman conquests of Gaul. In addition to the fatherland
in Europe, Genevra maintains an overseas colony in the Gulf of Guinea
known as Île de la Guinée. Today Genevra is an active and vital
member of the Simcity Journal Union, maintaining full membership.

This MD is a second and modified version of the original Grand Duchy of Genevra,
no images or events from the first version are applicable here.

I do not guarantee scheduled updates, but will attempt to go no longer
then a week between updates; don't hold me to it though.

...this space to be filled soon...

Emperor Stormont

Fantastic to see you showcasing it Eric. Have enjoyed the sneak previews on the site  :satisfied:

Shall enjoy following and commenting on what should be an amazing journal.   :)

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Agree...will love following your journal here.  ;)


Good to see you back in the MD section! :thumbsup:

I expect great things here  :)

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yay! can't wait to see more Eric  :satisfied:


I'm glad you're back in the MD section !  &apls
And what a picture to start an MD  :o
The work on the LE is just outstanding !! It's the only thing I can say here !  &apls
A pleasure to my eyes. :thumbsup:
Can't wait to see the next few pictures,

Arthur. &apls &apls
I'll take a quiet life... A handshake of carbon monoxide.

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I'm glad to see you back my friend  ::)
The picture is absolutely incredible  :o The cathedral look super  :thumbsup:.
This is, as well, a fantastic work on the LE  :thumbsup:. I'm looking forward to the first update  :)

Take care,

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Great picture you have there! The people on the streets and the market stalls really make it come to life. Looking forward to more.


Super start DJ, look forward to more postings soon :)

Albus of Garaway

Very nice picture there. Great use of French BAT's. I'm excited for the first official update. :)



     Montereau is the capital of Genevra and its existence as such can be traced back to the early Middle Ages. It is one of the oldest and most culturally revered cities in all of Western Europe, with the earliest recorded settlement being the Roman town of Montruvia. The entire city is considered to be a historical site by the Genevran government and it remains unspoiled by modern construction and skyscrapers. This chapter focuses on three stunning images of one of the cities crown jewels, the Catedrala da Gronda Spada, or Cathedral of the Great Sword. It was commissioned in the mid 17th century to commemorate the first great victory of the Sainte Église, the state religion of Genevra and a faith largely unique to the nation. Repelling papal armies in a religious war during the year of 1624, the Grand Duke Lothair III was responsible for building the cathedral to commemorate both his victory and that of the Genevran Church (History of Genevra, Section IV. Early Modern). The golden eagle adorning the cathedral's entrance was added several centuries later in the aftermath of World War II to act as a beacon of hope and strength for the decimated Genevran people.

Glad to see so many eager beavers. :P After all, that's what I'm after. ;D Just in case you didn't
notice, I've update the first post, so go look! $%Grinno$%

Michael: Hehe, it's so cool to be on a first name basis with :D I'm glad you've enjoyed
the sneak peaks, but thank you for the comments as it solidified my decision to go for ahead and give the
MD business another go. :satisfied:

threeswept: I do like to have loyal minions...I mean followers. ;D

Ennedi: And I'm very happy to be back. I never stop playing SC4 so I don't see any reason why
I can't keep a stable MD. I sweat, there won't be a 3.0. :D

Jerebannus: Well I'll be sure not to disappoint Jebbo. ;D

art128: Ah yes, the wonderful LE...the source of my artistic inspiration and the bane of my
existence, it certainly is a double-edged sword. :P

Simpson: Makes me happy to be welcomed back to the MD section with open arms. ;D

antimonycat: It does that extra touch of life, however those bloody sims are obnoxiously timed
props and don't like to show up all too often. :'(

pipishere: The first update always comes the quickest, but don't hold your breath on the
ones after it! :D

Albus of Garaway: The quality of a composition has more to do with the BATs used then anything
I really do, so hats off to Porkie for his fabulous buildings. You'll come to see I have quite and obsession
with the Parisian set... :satisfied:
...this space to be filled soon...


Fabulous first chapter, DJç! Makes me sooooooooo jealous lol :p!!!
I love the pitoresque feeling about Montereau ;) Hope I can create that in Prades too (as I'm re-doing it :))

1 question, what's that building all the way down in the first mosaic? (you can only see the top of it)..
It looks VERY interesting ;D

xo Carmine


Beautiful work on these mosaics Eric, they looks splendid.
the trees along the streets add a great touch to them, that give a more realistic look to your city, and it's really pleasant to see.
I really love all these places, they looks fantastic.

Arthur.  :thumbsup:
I'll take a quiet life... A handshake of carbon monoxide.

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Fantastic first set of pictures. 
The city looks great with the cathedral as the center point. 
I wish I could make a city like this.  I'll be keeping an eye on this MD.
Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Those tenemnts looks beautiful in this forest  :D
Thank you for visiting Kolbrów, and for being for last ten years!


Lol, no i won't....i may end up dead if i do :P

Fabulous mosaics....awe inspiring! :D


Great start! I'm looking forward to the next update!
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Albus of Garaway

Ha ha, I totally agree! It's an awesome set of buildings. Great update! I love the trees you use along your streets. It really makes a difference. Looking forward to more! :)

Emperor Stormont

Absolutely gorgeous, the lot editing is second to none, fabulous work.  :satisfied:

Do echo the curiosity of Carmine though regarding the building...

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Wonderful start there on "Genevra Redux v2"!! And the first update is a great one... :thumbsup: