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Author Topic: Rules, Restrictions and Instructions  (Read 5171 times)

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Rules, Restrictions and Instructions
« on: March 05, 2009, 09:48:08 PM »
Official Rules, Restrictions and Instructions


The idea behind the GRV II Challenge Game is to play the same region for everyone with restrictions, rules and given challenges and have lots of fun while doing it. Each challenge announced should be completed by each player. Most of the challenges are the same, but can be different to each player in some certain cases. Once every challenge is completed, points will be given by Lynn (lynncanox) and myself (mrbisonm) which then will add to a total with each challenge and they will be announced in each player's personal Thread. The points are based on the explanation below.

ok and acceptable.................2
Very good............................4

Points will be explained on how and why they were given. Some *Bonus* points which are earned for special efforts or so, will be kept secret and hidden until the final challenge and pointage.


Each rule should be respected and is accompagnied with penalty points if not respected. There will be no warning, so make sure to read and understand the rules completely.  "$Deal"$ (questions can be asked in the Introduction thread)

Posting and Updating Rules:

1. Once announced you will have a certain number of days to complete the challenge given, unless otherwise announced. If you cannot meet this timedelai in an occasion or two, please make sure to contact me (mrbisonm) before to get a *special pass* to do so.


Changes to the Posting Rules:   From now on, May 24th, 2009, updates that will be posting before the deadline given in every challenge will receive a Bonus point. (+1) Those who will be late with their postings, even for 1 minute after the deadline, will still be able to continue to play and will be regularily judged, but also will get a penalty point. (-1)

««The challenges will be posted as regular as possible on a late friday night, so people will have 2 weekends in their 10 day period of accomplishing their task. It might happen sometimes a day later in some cases, all depending on our freetime.»»

Gaming Rules and restrictions:

1. You will have to build one bordertown divided into two parts (two different nations), on each side of the river which holds the borderline.(North and South) It is the mainriver in the region running from east to west that will be the line between the two Nations. (see map/region picture below).
There has to be a significent visual difference between the two Nations, whether they are rich and poor, modern and old, small and big, advanced culture and not so advanced,etc.... or anything else that is easily seen and recognized as a visual difference. There is always somewhere in this world where one part of a civilization has the advantage of something and the other side doesn't. The Center of this town has to be built in the middle tile with the riverisland. (see map below, tile *E*), but it can spread over all neighboring tiles and as many as you wish. You yourself decide which side of the river has which nation. Remember to leave some space for agriculture.

2. You will have to use the specified GRV II map uploaded to the LEX and STEX and render it into a medium tile region only (green config.bmp)

3. You may not at any time and under no circumstances build the following anywhere in your region (unless asked to do so):

     A. A national or international airport or anything similar that could look like it.
     B. A seaport or harbour of any kind or anything that could look like it.(except small fishing and pleasance docks and marinas )
     C. A highway of any kind or roads/blvds that can be easily transformed into highways or may look like one, nor boulevards in small villages and towns that absolutely look unreal and out of place. Before you build something like this, inform yourself by asking me  (mrbisonm)
     D. An army base, airforce or naval base or anything that may look like it. That includes the National guard.

4. Once asked to meet a challenge, you will do your best to complete the demand in every detail and within the timelimits allowed (usually 10 days). Every single part of the challenge has to be executed entirely.

5. Each time a challenge is given, a minimum quantity of pictures will be demanded which has to be respected, also the view of the pictures will be precised as asked for. You can show us more pictures of any views in the same update if you want to though. No limits. Please respect the picture sizes demanded by this site.

6. You may not alter the terrain dramatically (terraforming) to any other form without having the permission from the judges to do so. Straightening out the river banks a little bit for better retaining wallconstructions, yacht clubs, flattening out some stretches for better road or rail construction, bridges or for plopping certain lots etc, are allowed. Just keep yourself within the limits of the acceptable please. Moving a hill or creating a new river/creek/lake/bay/flats is not allowed, remember that. Heavy penalty points will result by doing so.

EDIT: Adjacent rule: Any numbered road/street, your first railways, military installations, international airports and harbours, and all the other "bits and pieces" yet to come and to be mentioned, belong to the federal government and therefor cannot be altered, changed or destroyed without the official permission from the Governor only. Anything else that was built in the region by the Mayor can be altered, changed and detstroyed as he/she wishes.

There are no other restrictions. You may use any terrainmod and any other mod of no matter what nature, all cheats included. All Lots and BATs that are downloadable or custom made are permitted. Also every building style is accepted. Uploaded pictures may be altered with any paint program as long as we can recognize that it came from the simcity game and the GRV II region. We might ask you for proof for some pictures if we have a doubt that they are not taken within the borders of the region. Everything else which are not mentioned  in the rules and restrictions section is allowed. We will keep the right to modify the rules and restrictions anytime we think that it is necessary and needed for a fair game.

Go get the Map here:

From the LEX........

From the STEX.....

Official GRV II Region
A. North and South borderlines

B. Numbered citytiles which we will be using to mention specific tiles.

Have fun now

Any questions about this may be asked in the introduction section thread.

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Re: Rules, Restrictions and Instructions
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2009, 01:45:12 PM »
Something I would like to add to this thread. It is not an obligation, nor will it be an official Rule, but we would like you to mention, everytime you show us a picture in your threads, which Tile it was taken from, please. Just mention the Letter of the tile. It is just to make it easier for us to see where exactly the picture comes from.



....Uploading the MFP 1.... (.........Finishing the MFP1)