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Ural Valley

Started by bob56, March 08, 2009, 02:22:25 PM

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Ural Valley is a region in the Ural Mountains of Europe. For hundreds of years, this valley was undiscovered, and it's residents set out to create a metropolis...

We open in modern times, as Ural City(the main town)'s mayor, Bob, is arriving home from a long vacation. All we can see right now is an aerial view of what he sees from his train, which, surprisingly, is an Amtrak!

As he leaves a station for his final leg of his trip, we see the East Industrial District.

A few minutes later, he passes the Ural City Municipal Airport, landmarked by its twin windmills and Sky Tree sculpture.


His train follows the main highway, underpassing the freight tracks, and finally arrives at the Ural City Station.

Bob leaves the train, hurrying to work in the city he loves...

Please Comment. This is a small teaser but future updates will be longer. Next update coming soon!...
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Welcome to the wonderful world of MDing, Bob. Looks like the Mayor is well on his way to creating a metropolis in this once-forgotten valley.

If I might make one small suggestion,
please consider numbering your photos. The third pic in the second update might be 2.03, for example. Makes it easier to comment on individual photos, especially when your MD gets more complex.

Best of luck in your new and exciting adventure...



@Jmouse OK, I will start doing that. Im new to all this. Thanks for the heads up!

Update Two

As he stepped into his office, his secretary ran up and said "Bob, we have a situation. The Society for the Elimination of Bare Lots(SEBL) is protesting about our farms!!
"We've had to bring in military and police help!" "Relax, "Bob said," let's see what I can do" He immediately grabbed a recent aerial photo, and admitted to himself that these aren't the prettiest of farms. He swore to himself he would change this. these are the farms now. Later, you will see the end result.

After this situation was dealt with, he got to work. He checked on the expanding commision's project, which is still under construction.

Now he sat back to relax, watching the city through the eyes of a police helicopters security camera. Right now it highlighted The Loops west corner.


that's all for this update, more coming soon! As always, please comment
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Hey Bob great start here in your MD and it seems we'll be in for a good ride!!! I would also suggest a good border for your pics that would be nice to see... You could also at that point add numbers to the pics that joan was talking about...  I cant wait to see more!!!

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Hi Bob. The Mayor did the right thing by starting out with agricultural development. Now allying with the farmers to improve the looks of things certainly is a step in the right direction. There are some gorgeous farms available on the LEX, and I believe there have been some new ones released lately.

That last photo,
1-2-4, has some nice transit features. I love all the new curves our awesome NAM team keeps creating for us, and I hope Ural Valley's mayor will decide to use more of them.



Great job so far , you have a unique Transit layout  :thumbsup:


Pretty good start, it's the very first picture that really caught my attention.
I hope to see more like that.....dirty industrial is my favourite.

Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.



@Pat I would love to add borders. Does anyone know of a free program to use...I don't have photoshop and can't affford it..
@Jmouse New farms are on the way... ;)
@Nexis4Jersey Thanks, it will get more complex as I reveal more and grow my region
@rooker1 Dirty Industry will be here in a few updates, this is an agricultural showcase.

  Update Three

For Agricultural Inspiration, the mayor looked at a nearby town, the Ural River Farmstead. Located on the banks of the Ural River, this town southwest of Ural City is a small, quaint town with mostly farms.

This is all the town has to offer, a few small shops and homes.

Most residents either work in the stores, but the majority work on farms.

This small town as a registered historical bridge, the Farmstead Bridge. It's old, and falling apart, but providing the only river crossing for the last 200 years, and (hopefully) many more.

The mayor thought of this area as he planned the farm beutification project...

That's all for now, As always, please comment. Next update coming soon!!!
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It's been 48 hours, so I can update, right?

Update Four
Today, as the mayor drove home, he noticed that the developement from a few weeks ago, (2 updates) was completed.

Heres a refresher...
Here's now: 4-1
It was great, the mayor thought, how popular this city growth was. In addition to this project, a group of residents wanted to escape and live across the river. They provided donations for construction and zoning, so they began. This little land chunk was going to be real estate and commercial, mostly commercial. Cobblestone streets were built for a outdoor mall type appeal.

The mayor was very surprised when traffic jams were reported, as freight trains and ferries brought them to their new home. It was a huge nightmare, rushing to their new homes...

This whole island was built with a bus shuttle network, and the only way to the mainland was the train or the ferrie.

On a side note, the west industrial district was expanded due to growing demand. A new exit onramp and toll booth were added, plus some more zoning space.

That's all for now! As always, please, please leave a comment as you stop by!
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Nice the way you use STR in you cities :thumbsup:
Leoland coming Spring 2009


Nice, but continue to developp your city, and a question : Do you have a MAC? ()what()

Guillaume :thumbsup:
L'atelier d'architecture
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I like your curvy networks. The farms look american to me, does not look that bad at all if you ask me. Looking forward to see where this is going.


Great start and wonderful work on your MD there! The pictures of your city and farms are really nice! :thumbsup:


Bob, with pics like that, you can update about any time you want.

I thought there'd be a bunch of MDers rushing to get STR incorporated into their quads and storylines.  I guess it's only been a week, but your pics are a great peek at the good things folks can do with single tracks.

Nice job, my friend!

D. Edgren

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@LEO: thanks, They are one of my favorite parts..
@Sciurus: Thanks, and No, I have a PC with XP.
@DarkLoki: Thanks, and I also will mention that this is an undiscovered civilization with no outside influences, so there is a mixture of styles.
@Bat: Thanks, I'm having fun with this.
@dedgren: Thanks for the comment and your work on the STR. I waited to start this MD until STR was releases, I love the look and realism it gives the game.

And now...
Update Five

due to budget cuts, this and all future updates will now be sponsored by area businesses.
The following update is being brought to you by the Pacifica Palm Hotel. With many floors of spacious suites, and the regions tallest building, there's nothing not to love. From it's modern style to rooftop pool, we'd love to see you here on your next trip to Ural City.

The great Ural City Census was taken this year, and the mayor proudly announced the population:
He was amazed at the rapid speed this town is growing.

The speed, he announced, is impacting future plans, too. The Mexmon Oil Company has constructed a pipeline around the city, providing imported gas and oil to businesses.
5-3 main terminal
one of two distribution centers.

ALso, in his speech, the mayor announced that the farm beutification project is completing as scheduled. Here's a sneak peek image of a new farm:

End of Speech/Main Update

On a side note, i've been experimenting with growable transit-enabled lots. I'm no good at lotting, but I would love to see some pros try this.
Here's the lot i've managed to grow. Frieght rail transit-enabled, paths and use also work.
Here's the pic

That's all for this update!! Track has started, so I will try to at least have weekly updates. Please stop by and comment!!
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* I've found a cheap editing program, so in a few updates I hopefully will have frames!!

Also, I've created a new poll. I will be using these to get your input on various decisions. Please Vote!!!!

Update 6
This update is brought to you by the LG building...Serving the North Side, the premier office location in Ural Valley, the LG is THE place to work.

Update One
"A Look South: tourist's edition"
Now I will show you a smaller area due south of Ural City...Utaktria. Utaktria is a lovely area with two main towns, North and South.

Starting with North Utaktria, this lovely area

aerial view 6-2 It is dominated by the LG Tower, as shown above. It is home to about twenty thousand residents, who use it's elevated rail system

South Utaktria is to the SE. aerial view 6-3
It is dominated by NHN Corp, a leading record label. It is currently running a MP3 playing-phone campaign. South's residents, about 15,000, use a tram sytem to get around.


Connecting the two, by means of tram-in-road, is the UtakTrailways ShuttleStrip. This landing strip provides transport to towns nearby, such as Ural City.

This tram-in-road system, which connects South's GLR to North's EL, uses two trains. The first is for commute times, a model very similar to Chicago's El's. THe Second is a smaller, off-time shuttle.


This whole time, you've probably been wondering how these communities get their water. The answer: a purification plant on the banks of the Ural River uses water anddistributes it. However, due to the large quantity of mud and pollutants, there is a rigorous cleaning system, which produces lots of fog, which can spill into the North City.

That's all for this update! As always, please stop by and comment!! Thank's for visiting!!!
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*************BREAKING NEWS************

twenty minutes ago, a carjacking and assault occurred. The driver, Ishud B. Morcarful, was wrestled out of his car by a man on foot!


He had stopped is car when the man on foot grabbed him,


And threw him out of the car!


He sustained non-life-threatening injuries, and the police helicopter that supplied the above shots was unable to find him when he blended into rush hour traffic. Anyone with information should call the anonymous police crime hotline, 1-800-I-KNOW-WHO.

Thank You

while this isn't a true update, I thought this was interesting while watching my city.
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moin bob56,

you build right a police station next to that very spot!  :satisfied:
btw: nice diary



Ah, interesting Breaking News Story  $%Grinno$%


hello, everyone!

SOrry, for the delay, i've been extremely busy, but I hope to have an update by Wednesday.

COmment Replies:

@beutelschlurf: I would, but this area is in the middle of nowhere...

@Nexis4Jersey: THanks, I never planned on this, it just sorta happened.

Update soon!!!
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