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The Winding River Project

Started by mrbisonm, March 08, 2009, 03:11:05 PM

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.....disappointed me when he confirmed that it would still take us at least one more hour of flight to reach our destination. Curious, as always, I couldn't resist asking him why we couldn't go fishing down there, it looks fantastic and perfect for fishing with all the lakes and ponds, and again with a smile he explained that it was impossible since landing with our Beaver Hydroplane would be almost impossible and way to dangerous. "These ponds and swamps haven't really been mapped yet", he said *and landing on these could be fatal because we don't know if the waters are deep enough or not."
While we flew on, he continued talking about the Winding River Wilderness and what it was like and explaining why no one really has come here yet, but I was already spirtually gone in thoughts and dreams about how nice it would have been to spend our two days down there.
All of sudden I saw a light a little further up close to the  big river banks, but so small that it only appeared as a tiny star that fell from the skies. This meant to me someone was there and that it was possible to go there after all. I looked over the dash, "These are probably some hikers or trappers" father explained suspecting that I was about to ask him about the light, "camping for the night. Who knows, they might even be lost?" giving me that serious look with a hidden smile.
So it is possible to go there I thought and went back to dream about this wonderland for the rest of the trip...........

I hope I picked your curiosity and hope to see you comment and come back while I start a MD here on SC4devotion for the first time. Who knows, maybe this will become another Mega CJ like NoG (Nexis of Genesis) from ST.
I'll be back later with more details.......and to continue.

mrb ;)

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Piqued my interest?
you certainly have :thumbsup:

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Wow, that story has a way of drawing one in.  I found myself wanting to keep on reading, even after the story had ended.  On the other hand, a picture is worth a thousand words, or so they say, so I'm looking forward to seeing what you bring to the MD table, mrb.

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Fred umm WOW!!! What more can one say lol!!!! I am more then intrigued here...

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Having followed NoG, I know you're a great storyteller and I'm looking forward to what you're about to do here!

Good luck with your first MD here at SC4D!


Decidedly intrigued here!  Can't wait to see what's coming up!


Very promising story there Fred, a new big MD is coming..
I will be here for the first update..  :thumbsup:

Arthur.  ;)
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Well I'm glad I got your attention now....lol
This will be story of a family that is into real estate and city management. The Gabber family. I will slowly build up the whole region with one very large city and several smaller towns and villages that will join the city with time. The region is totally handterraformed, but the base was from an uploaded region, now hardly recognizable.
I have used all, and I mean all , existing treecontrollers, rocktextures and beaches in this region making it unbelievable versatile. The terrain and the water are the only ones that stayed the same in each tile.
The region is 14x10 medium tiles in size, has one big river, four lakes and several ponds, plus 6 smaller rivers/creeks. Also some hilly and mountainous terrain divided by two big swamps which will later be kept as a natural habitat reservation. It took me over 4 months with some 50 hours just to create this region.
The story will be told as that seven year old kid (Charlie) sees the region, slowly growing up as the region developps with him and time. Included are some interesting stories, happenings and sometimes disasters. We will meet new folks during the growth, see them born and die with time and once a medium town has developped, I will take immigrants to this region, some of you readers will become the heroes, points of interests, mayors, buissness owners and CEO's, political leaders, scientists, doctors, teachers etc etc or whatever you wish to be....... and bums. You will decide what your interest is, what you might like to become in this story and how you live your simmly life in the Winding River Wildnerness MD, but.....I will decide what happens with you in my MD, whether it is good or bad, you're all in my hands.
I have done it with 2 generations in the *Nexis of Genesis* region CJ (at ST) with success and many loved the stories, but unfortunetly the region crashed and I cannot enter many of the tiles anymore, obliging me to draw an end to NoG. Here's my second chance to rebuild another great MD story and who knows, it might be enjoying and interesting. We will also see pictures from other of my regions, since most of the people in this story live in an existing big city. I will use two other regions as we go on.
You will see many many new Nexis BATs and Lots , never been seen anywhere before, some are darn original and maybe wanted, I will upload them later.

««The fishing trip was great, I loved it although we only caught some smaller ones the first day only. My dad said that it was too early in the season to catch the big ones and he promissed to come back with me in a few weeks. We landed in the Stick's Bay of the Gould lake. Dad has been coming here to fish with his friends for many years now. A nice place, quiet with a lot of wild animals. I even saw a moose this morning, but I think my father didn't believe me when I told him.

The next morning we went back to fishing and caught nothing this time and later in the afternoon after we ate some of yesterdays fish on a campfire, we prepared to fly back home. I ask him if we would be flying over that big swamp again , the one we saw the day before yesterday on the way up here. "Of course we are Charlie, that is if we want to go back see Mom and all the others." Yeah, of course...what a stupid question.........I thought. »»

See ya all later this week. Thanks for all the comments and interest in my MD.

mrb/Fred  ;)

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Fred I love the sea plane there and the island... BTW character wise I think that is awesome to have your readers involved with the story... About mine if you do include me would love to be in the lines for Fire/EMS  ;)  Well I guessed that would be obvious lol...


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Quote from: Pat on March 09, 2009, 07:31:06 PM
Fred I love the sea plane there and the island... BTW character wise I think that is awesome to have your readers involved with the story... About mine if you do include me would love to be in the lines for Fire/EMS  ;)  Well I guessed that would be obvious lol...


lol........I didn't have any doubts about this Pat......lol
Thanks for the comment. ;)


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Fred, Nexis of Genesis was quite a ways down the road when I first showed up over at ST.  I followed it nonetheless, and spent many an enjoyable hour working my way back to the beginning.  Now, we all have a chance to be in on the ground floor- I'm sure it will be a great ride!

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Two awesome pictures Fred, I like that lake with that seashore, it's simply awesome.
Great use of floras and trees.
Also, that plane looks excellent there, ,great touch !

Arthur/ =)
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Really nice first pic, but I wait to see your cities, and how you developp it ;)
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Interesting enough start, even though I am not a big reader.  Your story has started off pretty good and I think I shall be back for some more.
Great pic of the seaplane.  ;)

Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


I like!  That's an awesome shot there.  I like the extreme detailing on that beach. 


This sounds like another wonderful idea from Mr. Bisonm , who got me interested in SC4 Stories , the plot so far looks intriguing so far , I'll be following this very closely , My countries Satellite is watching above your small region as we speak  $%#Ninj2



Sounds grand... But what else would be expected from the creator of NoG... Looking forward to following this and see what you've got up your sleeve...


I poked in and out of Nexis of Genesis back at ST. As I recall, it was going strong when I first stumbled across it back in 2005. Like David, I'm happy te be here at the start of things. From the looks of things, you're certainly off to a good start. Excellent detailing on the landscape, and I don't think I've seen that plane before. You were right when you said things would be varied. Looking forward to what's down the road.