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Started by Ralph, March 16, 2007, 03:07:50 PM

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Hi !, this is my city called Azaleas , my city is locaded in the desert of Simland .
Now let'see my city !

Azaleas is also a city wicht a lot of petrol .
This is the country side of Azaleas .


hello and welcome!  :thumbsup:
  i see that's a good start. how about some region shots?  :P and try getting rid of those UDI icons?  :P aside from that, its a nice start. your terrain, it's interesting. is that a mod? can you share a link?  $%Grinno$% and your farms... any farm. i think i've a soft spot for them. i wish you luck on your venture into MDing.


Hi Ralph... this looks as a good start... I will tune in again to see how Azaleas will develop. :thumbsup:
Check my MD:               


This looks like it is off to a good start. One suggestion I could offer though, is to add a space between your images (otherwise, at least to me, they blend together). Secondly (as ahs been mentioned) consider turning off the udi icons. Also, in the third pic from the bottom, there is a farm that grew as a brown box. Try checking your plugins as it helps the overall look of the photo as well as makes playing easier (in my opinion) since some of those boxes can get pretty big. I'll look back to see more.


Hi Ralph-

I concur with everyone else here that you are off to a great start with this CJ.  It looks quite intriguing and I look forward to seeing where you go with it.  It's also good to see someone using cycledogg's Painted Desert terrain mod.  While the original Columbia mod is great, it's nice to have some variety.  Keep it up! :thumbsup:

-Alex (Tarkus)


Looking good so far. It would be nice to see some more nature pictures too, because I really like the desert mod you are using.

Waiting for more.

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Wonderful pictures! Great start! Looking forward to more! :thumbsup:


zniehadajet : I will put the thing you want in the next update  :thumbsup: .

threestooges: For the space between the images i will do that in next update . I know for the box but now i don't have any box in my city .

Tarkus: thx .

emilin :  I have some picture of the desert wicht oasis and other thing .

Think you to all of you !

nova vesfalo

that's great !! Love it, the pic with the water tower, the lane and the rocks : WOW-ing !


ok thanks ralph. will be watching out for the next update, then. i wish you well


Very good start and interesting pictures.  Can we get a regional shot?
Call me Robin, please.


Hey, Ralph! Azaleas looks good so far. Great start! I can't wait to see how everything develops!


Looking verrrrry verrrrrry good and now im waiting for more pleaaaaaaase - pat

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Hey, hi- Ralph.  I missed Azaleas when it first came out- remember looking at it then must have gotten up from the 'puter before I got around to commenting.  You've got an interesting collection of pics and an interesting terrain concept, as has been noted by others.  Turning off the "My Sims" indicators would be a plus- they don't ruin the pic but are distracting.  I notice that you used the "longer shadows" mod (I don't remember what it is called, but I know I've DL'd it)- I'm inspired to foll around with it a bit by what I see here.

Hope you're just taking a longer than a couple of days break, and will be back to update soon.

Good luck!

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