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VDK Customer Support

Started by vester, March 16, 2007, 04:02:34 PM

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This is where you can posts any question regarding and get support regarding my VDK custom content.
I will try to get back to you as quickly as possible.


Neither of your tram packages will "juice" in FileJuicer.  It would be nice to have a zip archive, so Mac usere can use the awesome trams. 


ive been having some troubles with your tram package. i cant seem to get the blue/white amsterdam tram to work, ive also tried the orange/white berlin tram and it didnt work either. what i get is a tram that is shaped like your trams but the colours are just plain looking blocky reds, blues, yellows, and greens. i do have the folder installed after the nam folder and i have tried other tram packages that work (of course removing them when trying yours) but their quality isnt anywhere as good as yours. i would love to see your trams in my city so i hope you can help.


Well that is becauce you are running with software rendering, instead of hardware rendering.

This is due to I use larger textures than the ones that is supported with software rendering.
I might do a lower resolution of them later.
Which one of the trams would you prefer ? I could do that for you with lower resolution textures.


wow, that would be really great of you to do that. i prefer the amsterdam white/blue tram. thanks for your help.


jmdude1: Sometimes tomorrow.

bwatterud: Sorry for my late answer.
On the german site SimCityKurier you find zip files for MAC with my trams


ok, thanks again vester, will you just attach the file to your post? i will look for them tomorrow.


No need. I made them.

We are talking about the multi unit mod, or the one-unit multi tram mod ?


the mulit unit tram will be fine.  :)



Sorry it's going to take a little longer than expected.
I can not get one of the needed program to work 

but rest a sure: its on my list ;)


thats ok, i can be patient. thanks for all your effort on this.


Hi Vester,

When I open the Swan Mill Tram Depot lot file in the reader, I can see this in the LD file:

BSC MEGA Props - DAE Vol01.dat
BSC MEGA Props - Gascooker Vol01.dat
BSC MEGA Props - JES Vol01.dat
BSCBATProps VDK Vol01.dat

Are BSC_VDK_Tram_Shed.dat and BSC_VDK_Tram_Workshop.dat included in a Prop pack? They don't seem to be included in the LEX files I just downloaded and nowhere in my plugin folder.

Thanks ;D.


You find them within the BSCBATProps VDK Vol01.dat

The file names, BSC_VDK_Tram_Shed.dat and BSC_VDK_Tram_Workshop.dat, was the name of the files before they where merged togther in the prop pack.


Hi Arne

I opened the game the other day after a while ;) on one of my computers (actually on one that belongs to my employer) equipped with an almost state-of-the-art ATI card and noticed this:

(both software and hardware mode)

Soo I found it doesnt like 512*512 textures, does arne know?

Quote from: vester on August 04, 2007, 12:40:48 PM
I might do a lower resolution of them later.

Yes he does. So i decided to help out with costumer support a bit and made a kludge ATI fix.


Thanks Vil. Good to see you around again.  ;D

You are more than welcome to upload this to LEX if you want.

EDIT 2009-12-10: The fix is uploaded to LEX.


Hi Vester, it's me again. Haven't played for 3/4 year but now I'm starting up again.

I have a Mac and I tried to juice the new tram file but I only get a .txt file. I saw that you have uploaded your previous tramsets in a zip file on SimCityKurier. Could you also make a zip file of the new sets? That would be great because I love the HTM and RSR trams! Thank you!


Sorry, that wasn't me that uploaded it to SimCityKurier, but Andreas. Don't have any upload rights there.


I'd assume vester could send you the files as a regular ZIP file if you provide him with your e-mail address via PM. At the moment, I'm pretty busy with RL, but maybe I'll find some free time over Easter to upload a couple of new items to SimCityKurier as well - the new trams would be a nice "easter egg" indeed. :)


Hello. I downloaded VDK trammod Vol3.
right now the problem is... i dont know how to install only one tram mod in the plug ins.. :\

i installed shmails glr station for my tram system.
another problem was that i dont see any tram in the city :(

when i installed the exe in the plug ins, it showed a file name and a folder containing the images of the trams...

do i have to choose and leave one among the images? can you show me how to choose one tram mod from vdk vol3 and how to install it in the plug ins section? please


thanks in advance