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March 21, 2023, 11:31:09 AM

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Newland: The end of one journey, the beginning of another

Started by darraghf, March 28, 2009, 11:59:52 AM

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Newland: : New official site

Wecome to Newland. This Cj is based on the developments of the Region of Newland. The cities and towns that have been showcased so far are:

  • Newland Town
  • Harland City
  • Glen Heights (The First Suburb of Harland City)
  • Jameson County

Table of Contents:
Page 1:
Update 9: Interchange Showcase & My First SC4 Video
Update 10: Jameson County Outlet Mall
Teaser: Update 11 - What will it be?
Update 11: Jameson County International Airport
Teaser: Update 12 - Night Shot
Update 12: Jameson County International Airport Terminal 2
Update 13: More Airport
Page 2:
Update 14: Barrenstown Waterfront
Update 15: Interchange Showcase
Update 16A: Amistad, the New Planned Settlement of Newland
Update 16B: New Developments in Amistad

Table of Contents under construction

Please read the indroductary post regularly. I will edit this post regularly with news that is important as well as giving hints as to when the next update is coming!!

Stay tuned for more... Darraghf

EDIT: I just realised that the image quality while using ie explorer is awful, so if you want to see the pictures more clearly, use firefox or chrome etc.
Darraghf on SC4D, Rainyday on ST, Darraghflah on Simpeg


Update 9: Interchange Showcase & Video

I will start from Update 9. To view the first 8,  you can go to the CJ Via the links in the introduction

For this update I am going to show you all some shots of an Interchange that I built tonight. It isn't actually part of Newland, but I like to showcase interchanges when I come up with them.

Here goes:
This is a full ariel shot of the interchange.

Here is the central area of the interchange.


This is my first video in SC4. It is a drive through Glen Heights. I wanted to show you the town and the road system we have so I thought that a video was the best way to show you!
I hope you like.
If the embedded link to the video on the page is not working or acting up, please go here to view it on youtube:

Here's the video in Normal Quality. To view it in HQ, just click the HQ button below the video:
EDTT: Please go to the link provided to my youtube page if the embed is to small for you. I don't know how to fix it.

Thats it for this update.
More to come later!

Please leave your comments and opinions on the interchange and the video. Everything will be greatly appreciated.

All the best,
Darraghf on SC4D, Rainyday on ST, Darraghflah on Simpeg


I've waited 48hrs so I guess it's alright to double post.

Hi Guys,
Welcome to update 10. As I said in the last update, if you want to go the first 8 updates, use one of the alternative links in the introduction.

Update 10: Jameson County Outlet Mall

I have been busy as of late with Easter tests but I have Short update for you! This is Jameson County Outlet Mall. It is a discount mall located 20 miles out of Glen Heights on the N67 just beside the Jameson River. The mall is used by the many consumers of Glen Heights and some who travel all the way from Harland City. It includes stores such as The Home Depot and Wal Mart as well as a 12 screen cinema.

All bats are by Heblem which are all available on the Simtropolis Exchange.

This is a mosaic of the whole Mall.

This is the main Entrance to the Mall from the N67

New Website now Online!
I have some good news for you. I have been working on this for the past week. I finally have a new site dedicated to this CJ, Newland. Right now, all I have done is the homepage. I will transfer the updates in the coming days. The Official site will also include exclusive content that won't be available on the other forum versions. The site will be regularly updated and will be the primary update location.
Stay tuned for more info here and on the sites home page

Heres the link:
The link is also in my signature for easy reference.

All the Best,

(Rainyday on ST)

Well That's all I have for this update. As I said I'm quite busy. There's a good update to come so stay tuned!



Just a little teaser for the next update:

Can you guess what the next update will be on yet??

All the best,
Rainyday on ST

Darraghf on SC4D, Rainyday on ST, Darraghflah on Simpeg


Love your junction! very well done, and I thank you for using my BATs aswell   :thumbsup:

Cant wait what you have prepared for us...
My guess... maybe the airport...  ;D


Heblem: Correct! That wasn't too hard. I hope you enjoy this update!

Update 11: Jameson County Int. Airport

Welcome to Update 11. This update is focused on Jameson County International Airport. Jameson County International Airport (JC) is the primary airport of Newland. It is 25 miles north-west of Harland City on the main N10 and N67. The N10 terminates there, as it is the main route from Harland City to the Airport. It is in close proximity to the Jameson County Outlet mall which was showcased in the last update and is home to 3 hotels, The Marriot(Simgoober), Raddison SAS (Glenni)and the Double tree Hotel(also Simgoober). It has only one terminal and runway at present, although there has been campaigning for a second terminal and runway. The proect is only in the planning stages though and funding from the Newlandian Government has not yet been allocated. The Airport is also one of Aer Lingus's bases.

Without further a due, I give you Jameson county Int. Airport!

This is a picture of the main Enrance to Teminal 1. It includes express and local lanes i.e lanes directly to the terminal and lanes to services e.e car parks, hotles, petrol stations. This is the terminus of the Main N10 route. Also visible is the Raddison SAS Hotel  and the main bus Terminal in the Airport.

A close up of the Raddison SAS hotel and the Bus Terminal during a sunny spell in the day.

This is a shot of the Parking Area. It has no less that 4350 parking spaces. Also visible in on the right is the Marriot Hotel.

What is it time for?

                               Its Mega Mosaic Time!

This is a mosaic of the Whole Terminal. I hope you enjoy...

That's all for this update. Please post your comments, suggestions and opinions and I will get back to you on them.

All the Best,
Darraghf on SC4D, Rainyday on ST, Darraghflah on Simpeg


L'atelier d'architecture
* * * * * Longwy * * * * *


Fantastic airport terminal! Although there are 747s only (which is in fact a bit unrealistic), I really like the airport terminal. Especially the complicated departure and arrival lanes kept my eyes! Keep it up!


Nice airport! I like how you use elevated OWRs to simulate the double-decker roads that are so familiar at various airports. Perhaps, though, you could use less brightness in your pictures.

Keep it up!

Feel brand new. Be inspired.
Nuclear City - 5/8


Sciurus: Thanks. I'm glad you liked it.
feliwi: Thanks. I'll keep that in mind for the next time. Hint, Hint ;)
Nexis4Jersey: Thanks
woodb3kmaster Thanks. I'll try to edit the pictures a little better the next time.

I'm kinda busy at the moment with other projects, which I will reveal down the line. I haven't decided what update I will do next. I will have it done sometime in the next week!.

Please leave your comments and opinions and I will get back to you on them later.

All the best,
Darraghf on SC4D, Rainyday on ST, Darraghflah on Simpeg


Nice work on the airport. I am glad to see your work here as well.  &apls
See the all-new National Capital Region!:

NEW! Come check out the Official Schulmania Website! ... includes a blog as well!


Fantastic work on the airport.
In the last picture before the mosic, there is a spot where it looks like there is three levels of road, great work.  Underground, ground level and raised.
Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Schulmanator:Thanks. I like to show everyone my MD everywhere do that it is "out there"!
rooker1: Thanks. I didn't notice that. I guess it is cool!

New Teaser

Hi Guys,
Welcome to another teaser. I have been working on this small city, Barrenstown for the past week, while doing my other project (yet to be revealed). This is a shot of Charing Island. It is a shoppers paradaise with a host of high street shops. I hope you enjoy it. Please tell me what you think of the brightness editing. I haven't yet mastered it, so I'm curios as to what you think of it.

Here Goes:

Please leave your comments and opinions and I will get back to you later.

All the best,
Darraghf on SC4D, Rainyday on ST, Darraghflah on Simpeg


It's very nice, but the effect is not as nice as the pic :D. I explain: there's too much blue, and it's not very good ;)

Guillaume :thumbsup:
L'atelier d'architecture
* * * * * Longwy * * * * *


Sciurus: Thanks. The next time I do a night shot, I'll make sure there is less blue.

Update 12: Jameson County International Airport
Terminal 2

Hi guys and welcome to update 12 of Newland. For this update, I will be focusing on Jameson County Int. Airport Terminal 2 instead of my planned showcase of barrenstown and Charing Island. I wasn't happy with showing you an unfinished city so I thought that the new Terminal would be a better choice.

Terminal 2 was built to aleviate the constant congestion of Terminal 1 which was not built to accomodate the rate of growth in the developing cities and towns of East Newland. Terminal 2 has 11 gates for departures and arrivals. It has a large terminal building and various services. It has 1 bus terminal, and a rail hub with 6 platforms fir HSR and bullet rail transit. There are also 9,000 parking spaces for both long-term and short-term. Over-al the terminal ahs a capacity of 58,000 commuters a day. A new runway was also constructed as well as additional taxiways and some minor improvements to faults with Terminal 1's design.

Without further a due, I give you Terminal 2!

This is a mosaic of The whole airport.

Sorry about the small white line between the pictures

A close-up of the main terminal building. It gets congested a lot areound here.

This is a shot of the Terminal Gates. There are 11 in total.

And finally, this is a shot of the Airport road Interchange. The avenue from the terminal terminates her at the N10 which consinues southwards to Harland City and Northwards where it tunnels under Jameson County Outlet mall to Terminal 2 where the N10 terminates.

I hope you enjoyed this update.

I won't be updating as frequently from now until the end of May because of School. Then I get my summer holidays, three months of freedom!

All the best,
Darraghf on SC4D, Rainyday on ST, Darraghflah on Simpeg


L'atelier d'architecture
* * * * * Longwy * * * * *


Interesting update, but I hope they have a decent MCT (minimum connnection time) considering how far the terminals seem to be from eachother...  ;)



Sciurus: Thanks!
Swesim: Thanks. Um yeah I'm sure there is, but as President Schwarszenegger so wisely said:
I was elected to lead, not to read

What do you think of my new signature? Please leave your opinion

New update to come tomorrow.

Darraghf on SC4D, Rainyday on ST, Darraghflah on Simpeg


Welcome to Update 13 of Newland. I hope you like my new Banner. For this update, I'm going to finish up the developments at Jameson County International Airport. No, it's not a new terminal, It's an expansion of Terminal 1 to the south. This new expansion is primarily designed to accomodate the various short-haul flights that come in and out of the airport each day. The new building consists of 7 termianl gates, adding to the 16 existing gates, which cater primarily for Beoing 747s. With the new termnal expansion, an underground complex full of 3,000 parking spaces, a new bus terminal for commuters and it uses the existing BTM station. It connects to the main Terminal 1 building via a short walkway.
This will be the last installment in the CJ related to airports. I will get back to city showcasing then.

Here goes:
This is the entrance to the underground complex which consists of a bus terminal, parking spaces and various commercial units.

The N67 has been re-aligned so many times since the construction of Terminal 1. It was completely re-alligned with the construction of that terminal and had to go under the first runway, then with the construction of terminal 2, It was again re-alligned to go under the new runway and some bad bends were taken out. Then, It was re-alligned to accomodate the construction and finally it was widened to avenue standard for the increased amount of commuters to the new terminal building.

The old Allignment of the N67

The New Allignment of the N67

Here is a picture of a reconstructed interchange just south of Terminal 1 on the N10 It links Terminal 1 North to Terminal 1 South(Terminal 3) via the N67. The interchange used to be a grade-separated junction with 2 way roads but was recently upgraded to avenue standard for Terminal 3.

A shot of the gates in the terminal

And Finally, this is a mosaic of the completed airport.

Sorry for that gap in the images again.

That is all for this update. A new update is coming soon. Please leave your comments and opinions and I will get back to you on them later

Darraghf on SC4D, Rainyday on ST, Darraghflah on Simpeg