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Started by Manny, April 15, 2009, 02:16:47 AM

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Hello my old friends! I hope that you remember me ^^! I gave up Sim City 4 for some time. But, I decided to recreate it, with the same name, for the same style: Ofenburg returns! You will see images which you perhaps already saw on French forums like ToutSimCity or Simland but you will see also recent images all.

So :

But since yesterday, I have to decide to badly change not thing in my city, the basic texture which you perhaps know through my old cities and my current city. Admittedly, there is not a real revolution, but I find that gives very an other charms. I have to also decide to be increasingly precise, even if it means to spend not badly time on the Lot Editor. I have to start the old part of my city.

PS : I have to decide to create new a topic because I have a new area  ;)
PS 2 : I hope that my return please to you, I also hope to remain among you  :)
PS 3 : My english is always very bad  $%Grinno$% !


Wow, I really like your city so far, especially the fist pic and the old medieval part.
Have tried to do something similar once (medieval city) , but I sure haven't got your lotting skills
so it didn't look like much  :P

Keep up the good work!  :thumbsup:

Edit: Where did you get those ships of the line in the tenth pic? I can't seem to find them anywhere  &mmm


Hi Manny, good to see you back and I really hope you are back to stay for a while this time because I've always like your playing style.

An impressive start as always  :thumbsup: and look forward to many more updates  :)



Hi Manny,
It's great to see you back with a new MD.
The new region looks excellent, good luck to urbanize that, I hope to see some ski resort with all this snow !  $%Grinno$%
Your lotting job is, as ever, colossal. I really love the lot of the church.

The medieval city is fantastic, it remind me the Alsace ! Nice details in it, really love all the props used and the disposition of the BATs.

Looking forward to more.
Take Care,

Arthur.  :thumbsup:
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Hi !
It's nice to see you back here, Jacks  :thumbsup:
This is looking superb, the last pictures are incredible. You did an excellent work on the LE  &apls

Bravo ;)
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Hello Manny,
Great to see you back again, and I too hope that you are able to stay with us much longer this time as I really have enjoyed your pictures alot in the past.
This update is of no exception.  The pictures are great, the cities layout looks very well thought out and your skills in LE shows through.
Also, just for the record, although this is an English speaking site, I don't think anyone should ever have to worry about thier English speaking or writting skills.  This is an International site and everyone is more than welcome here.  So don't worry about your English my friend.
I look forward to seeing you next time.
Robin  :thumbsup:
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Hi Manny!

I've just seen this, and this is still beautiful! Just that to say, and I know you'll continue to show us your city there ;)

Guillaume :thumbsup:
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Welcome back Manny!
I like Your first pic with the trams and citywalls, keep it up as I´m awaiting Your next update.


Stunning! Great work!  &apls


Very nice indeed. I especially love the castle and old town square area with the train running through the city walls. I'm looking forward to seeing more.


Very good city !!  :thumbsup:


Beautiful work. I really love tram line on Old Town  &apls
Thank you for visiting Kolbrów, and for being for last ten years!


Your medieval town looks really nice. I'm currently planning to build a medieval city myself, and I will be very grateful if you could share with me where you got those ships from. Thanks! ;D


Your choice to change the contrast in your photos is very nice. It looks as though the images were taken at sunset. Makes for a dramatic feel to your CJ. I would also like to know how to get hold of those ships.

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Those ships look like they have been Photoshopped into the pic, but I hope I´m wrong...


amazing pictures, I really love Ofenburg   :thumbsup:


Nice start. Looks like very high quality.


Interesting start ,I like the historic's of the city!  :)


Such nice pictures you have! Really great start! All pics are good.
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