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NORDAVIND LAND - East European Rural Region

Started by Danthe, April 20, 2009, 11:55:07 AM

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Hello all. Some remember my last MD ISENGARD, which disappeared with reason of lack of time. I looked here seldom, but I have hope this to alter now. I found interesting Heblem's map Tenochtitlan :thumbsup:, where representing place a ancient Aztec's city, and the capital of Mexico placed at present. But I will build over this region about East-Central European typical style ::) They will be in majority of field this, small villages and town, and also communication infrastructure and nature. On beginning the region view. And more already soon ;)

Mariusz (Danthe)


moin Danthe,

region looks promising ...  :thumbsup:
can't wait to see the first pics!



Hi !
It's nice to see you back, Danthe !!  ::)
The region is looking really nice, I'm looking forward to the first update.

Take care,

David !!
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Looks great, looking forward to see how this turns out!


That's a great region there! Looking forward to more of your new MD, Danthe! ;)


beutelschlurf, Simpson, graesloek, bat - thanks for nice opinions, I have hope, that it this MD will be interesting :)


At first terrain mods. Choice was one here: Orange_TCS's Rock Mod, Pegasus Brigantine Water and Meadowshire Terrain Mod. They to me fit ideally :thumbsup:

Roads and rails. Choice was here already more difficult. Obviously RHW, but I had with selection of remaining roads problem. Main roads in eurotekstures do not step out in Dedgren's Rural Roads, and road from sidewalks in country scenery this happened view seldom. I decided so on yellow lines, we can not have all yet $%Grinno$% As asphalt and gravelly roads from SAM , it's included to Rural Road, so sidewalks and street lamp not visible. Also gentle turnings have, so the making of correctly looking local roads will not be problem. I in case of railway will use the STR also.

But it lacks something still ()what() Hmmm... paths &idea I had possibility three:
SAM's Dirt Streets - generate sometimes considerable traffic, what unfortunately near field or forest paths it would not looks into well
DAE Dirty Paths - probably the best accessible set of paths. But there are no diagonal puzzles in him, so possibilities be limited.
ALN Draggable Paths - be builds easily, but they in many persons opinion looks a bit unnaturally. And despite settings of maximum details, they do not display near the largest camera's distance. About it making good picture it can not so be used.

I decided so to make the new set of paths. I will use to this aim excellent Cyclledog's textures.

As that it is textures a lot of, I decided to divide on three groups set. In basic foundling oneself 14 elements, sufficiently a lot of in order to make looking path well.

As building I used one of Chrisaadams's set, path will be in Water menu, so alone how elements Rural Renewal Project, all will be in one place. Icons will be also, for facilitation finding proper puzzles.

I used also yellow lines with Deadwood's set, puzzles facilitate orientation near arrangement, and they after arrangement are invisible.

A first package already almost finished. Remaining soon ;)

Mariusz (Danthe)


Great new start and I'm happy you have decided to come back.
Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Mariusz, welcome in the MD section again! :thumbsup:
I'm very glad to see you decided to create a new region!

Thae map looks fantastic, and seeing your transit networks presentation (including new paths  :thumbsup:) I suppose your whole MD will be something new and innovative - at least I'm sure we will see great landscapes here  :D

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Nice! I like eastern Europe so I can't wait to see how this one turns out.  :thumbsup:


Welcome back to the MD world, Danthe!

You're off to a fabulous start here, my friend! I can't wait to see where our journey through NORDAVIND LAND takes us!




Robin: thanks, I have hope, that foundling time to to actualize my new MD regularly :)
Adam: thanks, I choose about diverse sculpture of terrain map, then it is interesting ::) I have already a some ideas, but as yet I have to prepare several special LOTs.
metasmurf: thanks. And I like Skandinavia, all my regions had a lot of common. Name of this is from Norwegian language ;)
Dustin: hello, my friend. Unfortunately as yet I have more to work out in LE, but slowly, slowly... ;D

PREPARATION - come on ;)

I work over set of paths still. I have with preparation of good textures a problems, as to be visible on pictures "connections" they are to improvement. But after once first does own textures, instead of uses SCTools, I used Readers and I did PrnScr. Effect - textures are too bright :P

I put some bitmaps bad also and roads do not to come together correctly

But it is well now already probably, as you think? I wait on allotment of numbers to textures yet and I will throw to download :)

And in order to update was not empty, though one picture ;)



well this is abit awesome, greate to see you back danthe, superb new start and i love the paths.
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Great job, but does it exist street or road transitions with the SFBT's european texture mod? :thumbsup:

Guillaume :thumbsup:
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mightygoose: thanks, I wait on ID range to my textures yet and the pack of paths will be in downloads :)
Sciurus: thanks Guillaume :) In european textures, mmm... I did not plan, but this only three new textures. I will think over such version ::)


Set of paths already almost finished, I took so for preparation of large set of east european farms. As yet I found 45 suitable little houses, mainly authorship my Polish friends szym'car and fordoniak, I think so, that it will be successful to avoid the repetitions of during building. But I will add next willingly, if someone knows similar little houses I ask to write :-\


I would like today to show a first tests of building of this region some time ago. I used draggable chrisadams paths and JMyers farms. It is not bad, but it does not looks like east Europe &mmm From here also the decision about preparation of suitable objects :)



moin Mariusz,

thanx for sharing those incredible fantastic pics with us ...  :thumbsup:
... the riverbanks, the village, the path through the forrest ... just amazig!
you should take a victory in the picture contest!



Wow these pics are wonderful! I love the cement street through the village!
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This is just excellent, I love &apls &apls

Guillaume :thumbsup:
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Excellent pictures there Mariusz, your lots are fantastic and the work on the city too !
The first aerial shots of Radnor village is stunning and very realistic. I like your use of path and roads. Also, the waterfront is great.
Looking forward to more.

Take care,
-Arthur.  :thumbsup:
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I agree with you that the buildings do not look very East European, but still this has been a lovely update. Nice work on your country side.


Mariusz, what are you doing???? You set up an rural village so realistic that I am almost thinking I am looking at Google Earth Satelite views &apls.  The bending roads and paths, the river.... it's also so very realistic that I hardly believe my eyes.
The houses and sheds are indeed not very Eastern European, but for the rest.... it's like looking to a North American settlement build by Slavic immigrants!
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