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March 26, 2023, 02:49:26 PM

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New York City ! BIG UPDATE !

Started by Lwito, March 21, 2007, 10:41:12 AM

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&hlp  H E L L O  &hlp

W E L C O M E  T O  N E W  Y O R K  C I T Y
"work in progress"

Welcome and thanks to come discovering my NYC area  :).
This is my first MD since which I play simcity 4. I think, my region isn't very original but i try to make the more realistic as possible. As much as possible bring me closer reality, I use Google Earth and a road map of the area of New York City. obviously, the areas are not located at the places not adapted perfectly, but I make so that the new yorker can recognize their area !  ;D
my goal is to reach the 10 millions inhabitants and a great Eye Candy area... But... When i saw Antigone bye Badsim, 3RR and other great MD here, am not sure to show you as much esthetism... But, I'll do my best !  :thumbsup:
In future, I'll show you The JFK International Airport, The Hudson River Industrial Area and more.  "$Deal"$

Enjoy !

PS : I'm Sorry for my bad english...  :-[

Regional View

Transport Network Map

*  John F.Kennedy International Airport (S.W of Queens).
*  La Guardia Airport and Jackson Heights area (East of Long Island City).
*  Industrial Area water front of Hudson River (Union City / West New York / North Bergen).
*  Newark Bay Area and Newark Airport.
*  QUEENS AREA... Very long Project...  :-[



Some Cross Road and big roundabout in Manhattan...

J E R S E Y  C I T Y
work in progress

L O N G  I S L A N D  C I T Y

Update 22/03/07...

Next coming soon  ;)  Enjoy  :-\


Wow large NYC,  cant wait to see the close up shots but from what am seeing its looking pretty darn good - pat

1st to comment hehehehehehe

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Hi Lwito , ;D

Impressive regional view ...
I have had the privilege to see a closer pic , so I know a great MD has been open here ... ;)
Welcome to SC4Devotion . :thumbsup:

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This looks like a good start. Looking forward to what you will show us here.

Just wondering, where did you get your map?
Check my MD:               


Hey !

Thanks for your first comment  :P

*  Sebes : This map has made by "the_new_simman" available at Simtropolis (It's a very very large map) Click here for more details.  :)


wonderful region overviews and great pictures of your NYC! :thumbsup:


Very impressie regional view, now I only wander if the close up will be as outstanding.  I can't wait to see more.  Very good start.
Call me Robin, please.


Wonderful start, Lwito! You're definitely doing a good job capturing the urban feel that New York has! I love the region views and the CBD especially! The only thing I would do is separate Manhattan and Harlem from the Bronx. There is a river (the Harlem River) that separates them in real life, creating Manhattan Island. But if not, no big deal, it's completely up to you! Great work so far, and I'll be waiting for the next update!


WOW Lwito great add to what you got there,
am very impressed by how the city is and love that
logo up top - pat


did you know can post more then once instead of editting your post every update?

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Very ambitious ...

I wish I knew New York better ... but hey, maybe I will after this CJ ...  ;D


Thanks for your motivating comments  :) Next is coming soon  $%#Ninj2

*  Patfirefghtr : it was a trailer for the first post  ;D. New post in future update  ;)

*  thundercrack83 : Thanks for information, I had not seen this detail ! Harlem River is blocked between two highways ??? In this case, I will be able to use a canal for his creation  :P



Very nice. A lot of work obviously put into this. I have never been to NY so I have no idea if it is a match to the real thing or not. It IS, however, a very nice looking city. :thumbsup:

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Hello Lwito ,

Firstly , may I advice you to make seperated posts or your MD will be soon cluttered between pictures & comments ?  ;)

A lot to see and already executed ....(I'll need to take time to come back on details ... %wrd) &apls
I don't know at all NYC in real world ( would like to , of course ! ;D) , it looks so green .... You said "my NYC" , so your purpose is rather an interpretation than a re-creation (... except for the transit network using Google Earth .) , isn't it ?
I particurlarly enjoy the complexity of your roads/avenues/highway network , some of your highways  intersections/junctions are totally unknow for me .... ??? ; I applause your skill on that subject . :thumbsup:

PS; you'll find useful links to express yourself in english in the french forum of SC4Devotion . ;)

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that's a great way to start an MD! seeing you're from France, your endeavor seems to be more daunting. i like the images and what a way to start. would love to learn your take on the BIG APPLE. i was in NYC about a decade ago but i was not able to take note of its network systems. would love to see Times Square. or is it Time Square? lol. the one showed on CNN every New Year's Eve? anyway... see you around


 &apls I really enjoy watching your city. First time as i remember that i look a NewYork CJ that neat .Great details and pics too. Very good.  :thumbsup:


Woow, I love your city ... the regional view is amazing  :o
And the brought closer views are very pretty too  :thumbsup: ... There are very much parks, what don't give the impression that your city chokes because of the buldings

And I find that you have a very good road network  ;)

Bravo et j'espère que tu reprendras très vite ave des nouvelles Maj  $%Grinno$%


W E L C O M E  T O  N E W  Y O R K  C I T Y


After a long absence, I am back to proudly present the new development of New York City to you. The area counts now in the 2,5 million inhabitants with a labour force of approximately 1,8 million people including 75% in the sector of the service.    
Always in search of perfection grace, in particular, with the formidable work of confederation BSC and NHP, creator of the incredible NAM and their last born the CAM, I try to reach, not without difficulty, a total realism.  :thumbsup:   
To this end, I am based on real the cartography of the area of New York, i.e., the geographical situation of the industrial, commercial and residential parks. Moreover, I oblige has to limit the heights of the buildings by supporting me on three principles:
- Weak Zone urban residential which corresponds to the houses
- Urban Zone residential means which corresponds to the apartments (maximum height of 5 stages)
- Urban Zone residenteil strong with high density (not of limitation height) mixed with the high high-rise office buildings.

You will observe that the principal zones of offices are at Manhattan, Jersey City, Newark, Williamsburg, Ridgewood and more largements in the district of Queens.
Since the last time, I applied has completely to modify the district of Manhattan in order to make it much more realistic and to integrate into it the fantastic buildings of SOMY or more largely those modified by the CAM.    
On this subject, I hold once again has to congratulate all the participants on the CAM project who created a really incredible patch here! Us will never thank them enough!  &apls
While waiting for precise photographs of my cities, I first of all present to you a general view of my area, which, I hope for it, will like to you and desire will give you for returning to see the continuation!  ;D




"$Deal"$ Next coming soon  "$Deal"$


Welcome back, my friend! The region shots look great. I'll be looking forward to seeing more!


Also a "Welcome back" from me! Fantastic new pictures of that region! :thumbsup:


Hey Lwito welcome back and wow a awsome restart of NYC... Its looking very impressive i cant wait to see more - pat

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