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Seto; Let the Games Begin!

Started by iamgoingtoeatyou, May 02, 2009, 09:19:17 PM

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(a modern asian nation)

Above: Seto in the lower right corner.

Wiki Page: http://12colonies.net/wiki/index.php/Kingdom_of_Seto

Seto is located several miles south off the coast of Japan in the Pacific Ocean.

The country has numerous mountains, including several active volcanoes as the Ring of Fire runs through the country's northern coast. The mountains in the eastern side of Seto allow for the citizens to enjoy a mild climate throughout the year.

The capital city of the country, Hinawa, is the Seto's largest city and its financial epicenter. The metropolitan area is composed of 8.5 million, making it an incredibly dense city. Space in the city can skyrocket to almost 800$ (about 1,600 ujen - the country's currency) per square feet. Seto is known for its vast amounts of natural resources, its excellent transportation systems composed of buses, high-speed rail/elevated rail, subways, and bullet trains (or shinjaken). Seto has left-hand traffic, similar to countries like Australia and Britain.

Here's a mosaic that showcases many of the country's characteristics:



UPDATE 1: Welcome to Hinawa International Airport
(the island airport)

Terminal 1 was completed in 2003, 4 years after the completion of the airport island. The airport is served by the Green and Red lines of the Hinawa transit system. A monorail is planned for the airport to help solve overcrowding in the subway lines next year. Highway 22 runs parallel to the terminal and intersects the city's important Metropolitan Expressway near the Kubo District. It makes many stops and intersections to nearby highways. The front of the area features a small plaza and a large parking lot and parking garage to the left.

747s parked at Terminal 1; the elevated road that runs through the terminal can also been seen here.

A zoomed out shot of the terminal and the busy runway.

Terminal 1 at its peak of service, when the red-eye flights from Asia and North American begin to arrive.

In the eastern section of the island, a breakwater runs parallel to the runway to protect the edges from erosion.

Hope you enjoyed the first updates! More to come soon :)


This is very beauty and amazing!where can i find your airports pieces?Anyway good luck on your MD and keep it goin
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Your airports are always a treat for the eyes. This is, and will continue to be an excellent journal by one of the best there is. Keep on rockin' dude!
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Looks Amazing , so far i'll keep my eye on this one  &apls


The "country characteristics" mosaic is a really nifty idea, hotdogs.  I've been watching for this MD since I first heard about it- it certainly looks like it will live up to the buzz.

Good luck!

D. Edgren

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cool airport.
i really like the LE work...

keep it up



Wow, what a fantastic start! I agree with dedgren (David), the opening mosaic is awesome! The airport mosaics are also great!

Great job, and good luck!  :thumbsup:


Nice to see you back in MD's section  :)
Your update is looking magnificent, the airport is incredible and so réalistic. Great work my friend

My new city is now here
The région of Kaikoura

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It's a very good begining, I love it! &apls

Guillaume :thumbsup:
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Great to see you back in the MD world my friend, and what an airport to start ! Looking likes a real japanese airport with that terminal style.
Looking forward to more.

Take Care,
-Arthur. :thumbsup:
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A very nice start for a new MD, the collage is looking good and give a good impression of the country.


I really like your airport a lot, I'm just a sucker for those (if they're excellently made, of course  :P )
Keep up the good work, and I'll pop in every once in a while to admire it  :thumbsup:



Yes! The new hotdogs MD arrived in SC4D.. Hang out the flags....

actually, half of Amsterdam did so today (link)

I admire your SCJU Wiki pages - it reminds me again to do mine as well
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UPDATE 2: Kubo District
(waterfront financial sector)

Kubo is one of Hinawa's most important business centers, and is one of the resident's favorites due to its lush surroundings near the harbor and many parks. The main train line of the city runs straight through the district before curving its way to the city's central station. In addition, the skyrail was recently added to the area to help transport people throughout the district, making a circular loop through Kubo. The airport's Highway 22 intersects the busy Hinawa Metropolitan Expressway that cuts through Kubo, bringing in thousands of workers to the area. The district usually empties out at night when the commuters head to home.

The Gujino Music Center (left) and the Kubo Media Center (right), with the train line and neighboring Shinza District in the background.

The Mike Dixon-Kennedy Center located in the Kubo Waterfront area. The Skyrail can be seen making a loop in this picture.

The district's main avenue, Nogani, and the train line cutting through Kubo.

The district during the off-hours of the night. The Hinawa Metropolitan Expressway twists through the botanical gardens carrying tired commuters home.


Luke09: Thank you! I got the airport pieces here: http://www.bripizza.net/sc4/hnd2/hnd2.html#CA

TopCliff: Wow, thanks for the nice comment!

Nexis4Jersey: Thank you!

dedgren: Thanks David, I hope it meets your expectations ;)

pete3d: Thank you!

evanator: Happy to see you here, thank you :)

Simpson: Thanks David!

Sciurus: Thank you ;D

art128: Thank you Arthur, come again!

kwakelaar: Thanks, glad you liked the collage :D

BarbarossaS : I'm glad you liked the airport, hope you come back again soon!

sebes: Haha, I'm glad the Netherlands is already excited!


Excellent update yet again. I can tell you must play around with all sorts of different transit combos, using Tokyo or Osaka as a model. Have fun with this, and I guarantee I'll also enjoy this journal even more than I already do.
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A nice start to an MD! Love the airport, looking forward to more.


wow what amazing Asian Themed City  :thumbsup:


Of course I had to come back to this one!  ;D And I most say, I wasn't dissappointed. This city is looking really great you know!  &apls &apls
I like the curvy highway, and your use of the HSR too.



very nice update.
i really like the traffic systems. good job.