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Oldenburg | See you soon...

Started by Sciurus, May 06, 2009, 09:35:18 AM

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> First preview of May, 6th
> First update of July, 25th

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>Second update of August, 8th
L'atelier d'architecture
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L'atelier d'architecture
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Magnifique image l'ami, comme d'hab !!  :thumbsup:

Magnificent picture my friend  ;)
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Nice picture there my friend, the plaza looks good. Also, great work with the diagonal and great disposition of buildings. I like that mix of little W2W houses (like the blue roof two store one by maxis) and the big Prepo's W2W masterpieces.
Looking forward to more.

Take care,
-Arthur.  :thumbsup:
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Great Preview. I can't wait to see more from you.
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Lovely pic, can't wait to see more!  :thumbsup:



Very nice start, I can't wait to see more :)


Great - a new Guillaume MD started. And what a promissing start.... this looks very nice. Looking forward to more, and to get some more background on the city as well  :thumbsup:
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Pithy, but a beautiful pic.  Oldenburg will be one to watch, I'm sure.

Good luck.

D. Edgren

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Well now, it looks like you've entered the MD scene. Glad to see it. Nice picture you've started with and, with the detail shown from the bricks lining the area, I have a feeling we're in for some good pics here. Looking forward to more.


Glad to see You starting an MD of Your own Guillaume!
I will definately watch this one...


A magnificent start, Guilliame. I'll definitely be watching for updates of this MD!  :thumbsup:
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When will you be updating this. I want to see more.
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mmm delicios eyecandy my friend. I like you're style of buildings.


Wonderful picture, can't wait to see more! :thumbsup:
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Tomas Neto

Beautiful start of MD! I hope you continue to update it!


Just a BIG thank you all, I haven't enough time to answer you one by one ;)







Here ;)
PS: I answer a moderator, if my MD could return to Recently published please :)
L'atelier d'architecture
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Well Sciurus, it was a long wait for the first update, but it sure was worth every minute I had to wait! Well Done. I'm eagerly awaiting the second update already.
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Ces't un centre tres magnifique! J'aime beaucoup le tramways dans l'avenue. (I just realized I've forgotten a lot of my french writting this, I hope it's ok!)

Magnificent downtown! I really like the tramways on the avenue.
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