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Table of Contents - Pages 401-450

Started by dedgren, May 22, 2009, 08:31:07 AM

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Table of Contents - Pages 401-450


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<a name="toc401to410">___________________________________</a>

Table of Contents - Page 401 through 410 5-23-09 - 6-29-09

   Page 401 5-23-09 - 5-25-09

      This morning, I'm getting started on the HDR transition curves. 5-24-09

      Back from canoeing. ..and finishing up the HDR to FAR transition. 5-25-09

Commenters include: metarvo (x2), Jmouse, dragonshardz, io_bg, Pat (x2), calibanX, girlfromverona, frdrcklim, dedgren (x2), z (x2), mike3775, sithlre98 (x2), abcvs, mrtnrln and wes.janson.

   Page402 5-25-09 - 5-26-09
      Up and at 'em...the FAR/HDR diagonals are coming right along, and what about VLR options? 5-25-09

      I can't resist letting you know I'm retexturing all the "old method" wide-radius road curve puzzle pieces. 5-26-09

      Here's a VLR ortho-to-FAR-3 transition next to the old one for comparison. 5-26-09

Commenters include: dedgren (x3), io_bg (x2), Battlecat, JoeST (x2), z, sandokan (x2), b22rian, abcvs, JBSimio, Nexis4Jersey, Nardo69, bob56, sithlrd98, threestooges and metarvo.

   Page 403 5-26-09 - 6-3-06

      Break time... 6-2-09

Commenters include: ldvger (x2), bat, just_a_guy, bob56, Pat, frdrcklim (x3), mightygoose, penguin007, girlfromverona, Ryan B., Korot, sithlrd98 (x2), z, dedgren, thundercrack83 and metarvo.    

   Page 404 6-3-09 - 6-7-09

      Progress on the house project 6-6-09

      Weird dreams of underbridge roads 6-7-09

      Flat tunnels? Almost...6-7-09

Commenters include: callibanX, kimcar, ldvger, dedgren (x3), carkid, Andreas, Korot, sithlrd98 (x2), Gaston, debutterfly, caspervg, BigSlark, wes.janson, fredrcklim (x2), TheTeaCat and metarvo.

   Page 405 6-8-09 - 6-18-09

      Break's almost over... 6-16-09

      Ready to get back to 3RR? 6-17-09

Commenters include: Takus (x2), allan_kuan1992, Nardo69, Battlecat, girlfromverona, frdrcklim, Pat, Olasz, j-dub, dedgren (x2), wes.janson, JoeST (x2), carkid1998, deathtopumpkins, thundercrack83, FrankU and metarvo.

   Page 406 6-18-09 - 6-23-09

      Going a little slower than I thought... 6-21-09

      South Cold Irises6-22-09

      Big earthquake this morning... 6-22-09

      Hey, did you see that, too? 6-22-09

Commenters include: Rayden, Pat, defutterfly (x2), FrankU, girlfromveroma, dedgren (x4), calibanX, choco, Ryan B. (X2), thundercrack83, Nexis4Jersey (x2), sim-al2, metarvo and threestooges.   

   Page 407 6-23-09 – 6-25-09
      A little red meat for transit fans... 6-23-09

      Spent some time last night looking for old pics... 6-25-09

      And a final logical FAR intersection step. 6-25-09

Commenters include: rooker1, H72387, dedgren (x3), metarvo (x2), CaptCity, bighead99, FrankU, beutelschlurf, carkid1998, Andreas, WC_EEND, JBSimio (x2), sithlrd98, ldvger, Ryan B. and BarbyW.
   Page 408 6-25-09 - 6-26-09

      Mmmm – busy here today! 6-25-09

      An oversight... 6-26-09

      Holy Mackrel! 6-26-09

Commenters include: JBSimio (x3), beutelschlurf, Driftmaster07, frdrcklim, z, sithlrd98 (x2), tahill79, buckbeach, just_a_guy, dedgren (x3), girlfromverona, rooker1, Speedbump Joey, metasmurf and io_bg.
   Page 409 6-26-09 - 6-27-09
      It just gets better and better! 6-26-09

      Ideas welcome here!; Off to work on that update... 6-27-09

   Page 410 6-27-09 - 6-29-09

      On the road again... 6-28-09

Commenters include: buckbeach, allan_kuan1992, ldvger (x2), catty, JoeST, mayorfabz, Gaston, dedgren, calibanX, sithlrd98 (x2), dragonshardz, Haljackey, bighread99, girlfromverona (x2), wes.janson, Pat and FrankU.    

Table of Contents - Page 411 through 420 6-29-09 - 7-23-09

   Page 411 6-29-09 - 6-30-09
      Fine Terraforming – a tutorial Part 5. 6-29-09

      I think more realistic RHW cloverleafs are...err...imminent. 6-30-09

Commenters include: Andreas, FrankU, girlfromverona (x2), dedgren (x2), bob56, Korot, Tarkus (x2), Ryan B., threestooges, sithlrd98, wes.janson, M4346, JoeST (x2), dragonshardz, Haljackey and deathtopumpkins.    

   Page 412 7-1-09 - 7-4-09

      Doing what I can when I can – more to come... 7-1-09

      Part six of the Fine Terraforming Tutorial is up... 7-2-09

      We're at Yellowstone! 7-4-09

Commenters include: thundercrack83, io_bg, kbieniu7 (x4), Korot (x2), homefryes, dedgren (x3), Pat, mrtnrln, dragonshardz, JBSimio, Ryan B., rhizome21, jacqulina and girlfromverona. 

   Page 413 7-5-09 - 7-8-09

      Traveling today – Yellowstone II. 7-5-09

      Denver Airport, Day 2 – deja vu all over again! 7-6-09

      We address Lora's question... 7-6-09

      A sneak peek at a few FAR-2 pieces... 7-8-09

Commenters include: ldvger (x3), Pat (x2), dedgren (x4), FrankU, io_bg, Battlecat, threestooges (x3), Silur, thundercrack83, Nardo69, Ryan B. and bob56.    

   Page 414 7-8-09 - 7-9-09

      Alaska's two seasons: Winter and Road Construction... 7-8-09

      Repaving 3RR – Your Page Views At Work. 7-9-09

Commenters include: rooker1, wes.janson (x3),  JoeST (x2), pagenotfound, calibanX, dedgren (x2), Ryan B. (x2), CaptCity, just_a_guy, metarvo, nerdly_dood, bob56, dragonshardz, meinhosen and Driftmaster07.    

   Page 415 7-10-09

      The current state of the repaving. 7-10-09

      The rest of the game textures. 7-10-09

Commenters include: dedgren (x2), art128, mrtnrln, io_bg, darraghf, carkid1998, pagenotfound, Battlecat, beutelschlurf, Pat (x2), Blue Lightening, Gaston, adroman, allan_kuan1992, nerdly_dood, Tarkus, joelyboy and metarvo.     
   Page 416 7-10-09 - 7-11-09

      Some of these do actually exist... 7-10-09

      Thanks for the comments! 7-11-09

Commenters include: nerdly_dood, thundercrack83 (x2), dedgren (x2), Tarkus, superhands, metasmurf (x3), JoeST (x2), frdrcklim, Andreas (x2), mrtnrln, Glazert, riiga, metarvo and ldvger.    

   Page 417 7-11-09 - 7-12-09

      It's open beta time! 7-12-09

Commenters include: JBSimio, sithlrd98 (x2), ldvger (x2), dedgren, metasmurf, Shadow Assassin, deathtopumpkins, io_bg, Blue Lightening, Andreas, art128, riiga, Korot, Tarkus, metarvo, CaptCity, Glazert and dsrwhat316.

   Page 418 7-12-09 - 7-15-09

      First SC4D post from 29,000 feet/8,840 meters? 7-12-09

Commenters include: adroman, threestooges, thundercrack83, dedgren, nerdly_dood, sithlrd98 (x2), dragonshardz, mrtnrln, Andreas, joelyboy,011, just_a_guy (x2), metarvo, debutterfly, carkid1998, JBSimio, beutelschlurf, buckbeach and ldvger.     

   Page 419 7-15-09 - 7-17-09

Commenters include: rhizome21, sithlrd98 (x5), Pat, allan_kuan1992, dragonshardz, just_a_guy, deathtopumpkins (x2), JBSimio, Andreas, z (x3), ldvger, Ryan B. and girlfromverona. 

   Page 420 7-17-09 - 7-23-09

      Greetings from beautiful Valdez, Alaska. 7-19-09

Commenters include: JoeST, sithlrd98 (x4), ldvger (x4), dedgren, Ryan B., girlfromverona, just_a_guy, sim-al2, z (x2), Nexis4Jersey, Korot, beutelschlurf and threestooges.

Table of Contents - Page 421 through 430 7-23-09 - 8-13-09
   Page 421 7-23-09 - 7-26-09

      Here I am again after a busy week... 7-25-09

      A jump ahead of all of you... 7-25-09

      Faster than Joe Hazelwood... 7-26-09

   Page 422 7-26-09 - 7-28-09

      The steps are getting pretty close... 7-26-09

      Beta testers, start your engines! 7-27-09

      We're getting there... 7-27-09

      Solid or dashed lines on curves – which will it be? 7-28-09

      Chit-chat... 7-28-09

Commenters include: Gaston, dedgren (x5), ldvger, wes.janson, BigSlark, bakerton, Tarkus, Pat, ShadowAssassin, JoeST, carkid1998 (x2), Andreas, Gwail, bob56 and metasmurf.

   Page 423 7-29-09

      Wonder what happens when... 7-29-09

      Greetings from the bleeding edge... 7-29-09

Commenters include: Korot, mrtnrln, io_bg, Glazert, Gaston (x2), sithlrd98 (x2), Jmouse, meinhosen, newsimaddict, maciex, Albus of Gargway, Shadow Assassin, mayormalsy, dedgren (x2), ldvger, deathtopumpkins and Ryan B.    
   Page 424 7-29-09 - 8-1-09

      Just a drive-by... 7-30-09

      Thinking of a whole new approach to the game's roads... 7-31-09

      First sunny day in a week put to good use... 8-1-09

Commenters include: sithlrd98 (x5), thundercrack83, hooha47, j-dub, ldvger, dedgren (x4), girlfromverona, jmyers, Battlecat, Ryan B., Pat, CCFC and carkid1998.

   Page 425 8-1-09 - 8-3-09

      Euro road texture beta attached here... 8-3-09

Commenters include: thundercrack83, Albus of Garaway, Gaston, girlfromverona (x3), dragonshardz, allan_kuan1992, debutterfly, bob56 (x3), Korot (x3), io_bg, Splime, sithlrd98 (x2) and dedgren.    

   Page 426 8-3-09 - 8-5-09

      Here's a blast from the past. 8-4-09

Commenters include: CCFC (x2), Albus of Garaway, dragonshardz, metasmurf, riiga (x2), art128 (x2), carkid1998, Andreas, jp, dedgren, sithlrd98 (x2), JoeST, projectadam, allan_kuan1992, girlfromverona and Lmac.    

   Page 427 8-5-09 - 8-10-09

      Another medical procedure today... 8-7-09

      Let's talk for a bit about lanes and lines... 8-9-09

Commenters include: Connor, allan_kuan1992, sithlrd98 , ldvger, choco, superhands, j-dub, djp (x3), newsimaddict, Tarkus (x2), dedgren (x2), pagenotfound, penguin007, dragonshardz (x2) and metarvo.

   Page 428 8-10-09 - 8-11-09

      I'm holding things up here... 8-10-09

      We address flatron's question... 8-11-09

Commenters include: Ryan B. (x3), dragonshardz (x2), sithlrd98 (x4), Albus of Garaway, mrtnrln, carkid1998, ldvger, dedgren (x2), projectadam, mayorfabz, BarbyW, metasmurf and Flatron   

   Page 429 8-11-09 - 8-12-09

      I'm leaning toward making the "wide shoulder" RealRoad the default option... 8-11-09

      I'm sitting at Anchorage International Airport... 8-12-09

      If it's Wednesday, this must be Salt Lake City... 8-12-09

      Well, it's noon, so this must be Helena. 8-12-09

Commenters include: dragonshardz (x2), WC_EEND, dedgren (x4), io_bg, Battlecat (x2), Dexter. sithlrd98 (x2), ldvger, adroman, Andreas (x2), beutelschlurf, choco and carkid1998. 

   Page 430 8-12-09 - 8-13-09

      Climbing Deke Hill. 8-12-09

      Helena Airport – off to Austin. 8-13-09

      Denver International... 8-13-09

      In Austin waiting to check Josh in... 8-12-09

Commenters include: bakerton, dedgren (x4), sithlrd98 (x2), Jmouse, Driftmaster07, ldvger, Ryan B., Albus of Garaway, thundercrack83, threestooges (x2), meinhosen, Battlecat, deathtopumpkins, girlfromverona and just_a_guy.    

Table of Contents - Page 431 through 440 8-13-09 - 8-31-09

   Page 431 8-13-09 - 8-15-09

      We compare road textures... 8-14-09

Commenters include: jmyers, BigSlark, metarvo, debutterfly, citycapitalizer, Driftmaster07, mrtnrln (x2), io_bg, art128, JoeST, dedgren, deathtopumpkins, sithlrd98 (x2), smoncrie, BarbyW, van1357, ldvger and carkid1998.

   Page 432 8-15-09 - 8-16-09

      We're flying tomorrow... 8-15-09

      A rare self-bump... 8-16-09

      We visit the Capital Building in Austin, Texas...  8-16-09

      San Jose for a two-hour layover. 8-16-09

Commenters include: riiga, Andreas, joelyboy911, metarvo, girlfromverona, kbieniu7, RickD, deathtopumpkins, Splime, sithlrd98 (x2), ecoba, dedgren (x4), daeley, carkid1998, Gaston and bob56.    

   Page 433 8-16-09 - 8-18-09

      No time to upload, but promising stuff in the works. 8-16-09

      Test of concept... 8-17-09

      Anyone up for T-21ing some parking meters?8-18-09

      Downtown street checklist... 8-18-09

Commenters include: z, dedgren (x4), sithlrd98 (x2), girlfromverona, Albus of Garaway, Sim Nation, Driftmaster07, meinhosen, just_a_guy, joelyboy, Bobbi, Ryan B., Battlecat, metarvo, carkid1998 and io_bg.

   Page 434 8-18-09 - 8-19-09

Commenters include: JBSimio, TheTeaCat, JoeST, mayorfabz, Tarkus (x2), sithlrd98, Albus of Garaway, Battlecat, smoncrie, Gaston, Ryan B. (x2), just_a_guy (x2), mrtnrln, FrankU, choco, j-dub and Korot.    

   Page 435 8-19-09 - 8-20-09

      Nice-sized earthquake today... 8-19-09

      Here's what I've been doing lately in my spare time... 8-20-09

      We been watchin' youse! 8-20-09

Commenters include: dedgren (x3), Battlecat (x3), CrazyChickenSC, Gaston, joelyboy911 (x2), dragonshardz, ldvger (x2), j-dub, threestooges (x2), smoncrie,  thundercrack83, metarvo and sithlrd98.    
   Page 436 8-20-09 - 8-22-09

      We're camping in Seward, Alaska, this weekend. 8-22-09

Commenters include: joelyboy911 (x3), threestooges, sithlrd98 (x4) Battlecat, WC_EEND, Ryan B., mayorfabz, ecoba, metarvo, just_a_guy, j-dub, dedgren, ldvger (x2) and nerdly_dood.   

   Page 436 8-23-09 - 8-27-09

      Why would I take my laptop camping? 8-23-09

      Painstakingly slow progress... 8-27-09

Commenters include: just_a_guy, ldvger, dedgren (x2), metarvo (x2), Ryan B., deathtopumpkins, sithlrd98 (x2), girlfromverona, joelyboy, frdrcklim, j-dub, dragonshardz, io_bg, art128, JoeST, beutelschlurf and Fabian93.    

   Page 438 8-27-09 - 8-29-09

      400000 views! Thanks, folks! 8-28-09

      It's coming on fall here now. 8-28-09

Commenters include: Albus of Garaway, sithlrd98 (x2), Battlecat, nerdly_dood, ldvger (x3), dragonshardz, bakerton, bob56, BigSlark, mrtnrln, JoeST (x2), dedgren (x2), Ryan B., superhands and wes.janson.

   Page 439 8-29-09 - 8-30-09

      Just popping in... 8-29-09

      How roads are built in RL...; How roads are built in 3RR 8-30-09

      When will 3RR hit half a million page views? The 500K Contest! 8-30-09

Commenters include: dedgren (x3), meinhosen, metasmurf, choco (x2), ldvger, mayorfabz, Shadow Assassin, JoeST, dragonshardz, Korot, CCFC, Gaston, ecoba, sithlrd98, joelyboy, superhands and tooheys.    

   Page 440 8-31-09

Commenters include: joelyboy, JoeST (x2), kassarc16, BarbyW, mayorfabz, van1357, threestooges, caspervg, skyhigh, metarvo, freedo50, Badsim, daeley, WC_EEND, BigSlark, gottago, JoeST, FrankU, shoreman905 and mrtnlrn.     

Table of Contents - Page 441 through 450 8-31-09- current

   Page 441 8-31-09

Commenters include: FrankU, metarvo, Bobbi, carkid, io_bg, RickD, daeley, TheTeaCat, nerdly_dood, JoeST, Battlecat, art128, Johathan, mayorfabz, Gringamuyloco, Korot, TmiguelT, hooha47, ElPhantasmo69  and Livin in Sim.    

   Page 442 8-31-09 - 9-1-01

      Wow! 9-1-09
      [placeholder] 9-1-09

Commenters include: darraughf, just_a_guy, Pozzessed, Tarkus. mayorfabz, ecoba, Gaston, bob56, CCFC, meinhosen, dragonshardz, Toichus Maximus, Jmouse, allan_kuan1992, dedgren (x2), stewart_garden, ldvger, u.mueller and frdrcklim.    

   Page 443 9-1-09 - 9-4-09

      Watch for the latest RealRoads developments. 9-4-09

Commenters include: sithlrd98, FrankU, jmyers2043, bob56, art128, dragonshardz (x3), Shadow Assassin, CabraBuitre (x2), newsimaddict, debutterfly, Nexis4Jersey, Darmok, girlfromverona, homefryes, Leodido, Albus of Garaway and dedgren.     

   Page 444 9-4-09 - 9-10-09

      Back from the mountain! 9-9-09

Commenters include: projectadam, threestooges (x2), Albus of Garaway ( 2), ecoba, adroman, carkid, thundercrack83, simsamerica, ldvger (x3), metarvo, dedgren, Ryan B., Darmok, Korot, bob56 and mayorfabz.    

   Page 445 9-10-09 - 9-14-09

      A bit of Alaska eye candy 9-12-09

      Can't believe nobody has guessed where this picture comes from... 9-13-09

Commenters include: girlfromverona, Korot, dedgren (x2), Andreas (x2), threestooges (x2), nerdly_dood (x2), ldvger, metarvo (x2), ecoba, JBSimio (x2), bakerton, dragonshardz, mayorfabz and Battlecat.

   Page 446 9-14-09 - 9-18-09

Commenters include: Johathan (x2), just_a_guy, Gaston, Korot, JoeST, debutterfly, Ryan B., dragonshardz, thundercrack83, mayorfabz, art128, carkid1998, shanghai kid, WE_EEND, io_bg. threestooges, Battlecat. Bob56 and Kokopeli.    

   Page 447 9-18-09 - 9-24-09

Commenters include: bakerton, allan_kuan, Darmok, ecoba, just_a_guy, Gaston, j-dub (x2), metarvo, mrtnrln, Schulmanator, Nexis4Jersey, CityMaster563, Korot, emilin, ldvger, superhands, simsamerica, frdrcklim and RickD.

   Page 448 9-24-09 - current

      Thanks... 9-24-09

      Anyone want to BAT 3RR a boat? 10-2-09

Commenters include: Jonathan, JoeST (x2), dragonshardz, just_a_guy, dedgren (x2), Ryan B., mayorfabz (x2), Korot, Battlecat, ldvger (3), adroman (x2), ecoba, Pat, and FrankU.    

   Page 449 10-6-09 - 10-7-09

      Thanks to the folks at ST 10-7-09

Commenters include: tooheys, JoeST (x2), metarvo (x3), threestooges (x2), adroman (x2), JBSimio (x2), mayorfabz, Gaston, abcvs, Ryan B., dedgren, ecoba, metasmurf and just_a_guy.    

   Page 450 10-7-09 - 10-21-09

      Jack Edgren Dec. 12, 1929-Oct. 22, 2009 10-21-09
Commenters include: Pat, dragonshardz, mayorfabz (x4), abcvs (x4), ldvger, j-dub (x3), shanghai kid, bakerton, pvarcoe, girlfromverona, dedgren and TheTeaCat.

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