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How Big is Your Plugins Folder?

Started by bwatterud, March 24, 2007, 05:24:49 PM

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I couldn't find a thread like this already on the forums, and this seemed like the right place, so without further ado....

Mine is almost one gigabyte, but I've been adding stuff every day, and barely have any growables yet.  There are also a few "must haves" that I've been holding off on downloading, so I figure it will be more than a gig and a half by the time I'm done with it. 


My computer tells me that my plugin folder has 673 MB of stuff.

It would be interesting to see whose plugin folder is the largest - I'm certain there are people here who have at least four gigs of plugins.


I'm in the process of rebuilding my plugins folder... at present it's 2.94 Gb ( oof! ) with another 150 or so files to add.  I would expect that once I get to datpacking and cleanitoling, it'll shrink a bit.


My plugins folder...

is 993 MB

has 718 files


has 3,136 files


I'm just a really picky downloader. Otherwise, I fear that it's size may be out of control. :P


712 mb...(and i'm SUPER picky about what i download)


currently i'm at 1.05GB, but these days i don't just download everything i see, and i already have most of what i need ;)


Check my MD:               


Well I think I'm a candidate for the smallest... Mine's 233 MB and has 950 files in 273 folders. I'm extremely picky but most of the things I want don't work on even the slightest slopes *cough stream kits cough*


My plugins folder is about 1gig as I have pretty much everything I need. Also I only download a file if I know im going to use it lots because my PC with 512mb of ram takes long enough to load already, even with the datpacker.


mine is 993MB... and keep rising everyday...... i like to make my own custom lots :thumbsup:

please wait for my return :D
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8.5 gigs maybe 9 now, but keep 8 drag and drop folders of under 1 gig and only use 1 at a time while playing :thumbsup:
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Quote from: Indisguise on March 26, 2007, 05:44:55 AM
8.5 gigs maybe 9 now, but keep 8 drag and drop folders of under 1 gig and only use 1 at a time while playing :thumbsup:

:o Holy smokes!! Thats alot of plugins!

Mine is around 1.6 gigs. Recently dat-packed it works like a charm  :satisfied:


8 gigs???!!! wow...it's tooo big i think!!! how do u manage those files???

please wait for my return :D
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Are you serious, Indisguise?  8.5 gigs of plug-ins :shocked2:?  Wow...my computer would literally ()testing() if I had that much...

My plug-ins folder is 1.16 GB...but there's still some things that I need to unpack.  I have a separate folder dedicated to the ZIP files I get for SC4, and according to how many zip files are there, I have downloaded 698 plug-ins as of 4:30 p.m. on 3/26/07.  That's not counting the tools I have for it (DAT Packer, SC4 Tool, Region Census, etc.).  I think I have basically all I need for this game, as well...
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@Indisguise-Wow.  How long does it take to load?   :D 

I have a drag 'n' drop folder that contains the MTP, for my mountainous cities.  I should probably make a few more, so that I don't have the SMP grain elevator in my menus, when I'm playing my urban wasteland.   ???


My Plugins folder is a big as a small pony...

Really, it's 739 MB, post SC4 Dat Packer (Thanks again, wouanagaine!)


After I had started the SC4 Dat Packer, my Plugins folder has a size of 1,10 GB.


810mb... So not that big ^^ and only 410mb in use. The others are saved in another folder to throw them into my plugin-folder when I need them :P
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I've broken up my plugins into aprox 8 1 gig file folder trees (most broken up into regional types, eg North American, UK, French,German, Asian Fantasy AKA LOTR  :thumbsup:etc)....I only use 1 at a time and maker the mayors name with the one I used in the particular city....most I ever had in my pligins folder at 1 time was 4.5 gigs and that took forever to load the game let alone a city and was the reason I broke my plugins up.
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When I ran datpacker two days ago was 1.36 gb.....but have a few files (ok..all the Porkies w2w paris buildings) waiting to install.....after losing one hard drive (sob) with everything and then having to wipe another cause of a virus....have become very familier with the download process...problem is remember if I have/havn't got something....so in another section of the pc...have a sc4 folder that I have all my downloads in.....if it has an installer in it or the files to move to plugins.... when something is in the game...it goes into the folder.... that way, when not sure if I have something .....try to down load it into that folder first...if it says it already exists I cancel the download...if no prolblems I stop and change the download to a holding folder where it waits until I have a bunch built up and then install them all at once....... usually check at least every other day the LEX, PLEX, STEX and the Japanese sites......sheesh.

Long winded ain't I? ;D
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