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Pravlovszk county

Started by szergej279, May 31, 2009, 10:17:36 AM

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Welcome to Pravlovszk county!

Pravlovszk county is a major industrial area on the basin of river Oda, and has been inhabited for more than 4000 years.

(probably the ugliest hills you've ever seen, but they will be improved as I make progress...)

Mitszenszk was founded at the union of the three main rivers, Oda, Vissza and Sehova, and due to the excellent agricultural possibilities it soon developed into the capital of Metronomia country. During the industrial revolution, the plentiful coal and iron ore reserves discovered in the hills granted a large-scale industrial development and turned Pravlovszk county into the number one industrial area of Metronomia.  A few decades later, oil reserves in the southern territories joined the facilities, resulting in a dense ring of refineries and furnaces around the historical Mitszenszk. And that was the reason Mitszenszk had to be ruined: being an area of strategic importance, and totally vulnerable from the south, the city got almost completely annihilated during a world war, which lasted a decade.

The chronic lack of housing following the end of the war was compensated by large housing projects built by the new communist government. Such residential areas are the:









and Millennium.

New modernist office blocks were built around the new Keleti (Eastern) station,

but the county was rather famous for the large-scale industrial development during this period.

After 25 years, communism had collapsed, but Pravlovszk soon recovered, due to the amount of top quality fossil energy sources.
It is 20 years after the collapse of communism. More and more new buildings rise from the ground, and the once minor commercial influence is reaching new heights.

Ten thousands of people commute to work every day, but Mitszenszk is not famous for its traffic jams.

All right, apart from this little mess at MIMAG Steel Works ;D

The transit network is clear and reliable: 8 highways and 8 railroad lines unite and wide avenues offer quick and short routes to workplaces. MKV (Mitszenszk Transit Company) maintains a reliable bus network and the outdated old vehicles are being replaced by new ones, giving the car dealers a hard time.

I can see you are tired now. Fancy a night at the Hotel Novotel?


Mitszenszk really do have a lot of huge housing estates with  flats, even a complete wall of them. Hope nobody has a balcony in the tiny gaps between the buildings there :D
Interesting start for your MD and a big first update. :)


Good start and nice pictures! I will look at Pravlovszk development with pleasure  :thumbsup:

I'd like to ask you for something: your pictures are in png format. The first picture has over 1,33 MB and it is defintely too large, I have fast Internet connection but have to wait quite a while to load the page. People with slower connection will not be able to see your pics at all. We all use to save our MD pictures in JPG format.
If you don't have other graphic program, you can download IrfanView (it's free and very easy to use), open your png pictures in it, then save as JPG. 800x600 picture will have 150-200 kB then.

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Thank you for the positive responses , and I re-uploaded the pictures in .jpg format, they should be OK now. (By the way, PhotoFiltre is also fine ;) )


Quote from: szergej279 on June 01, 2009, 04:53:30 AM
Thank you for the positive responses , and I re-uploaded the pictures in .jpg format, they should be OK now. (By the way, PhotoFiltre is also fine ;) )

Thank you very much! Of course PhotoFiltre is good for this task too  :). Another tip: There is usually a quality scale when you save your JPG picture (from 1 to 12 in Photoshop and IrfanView, I don't know how does it look in PhotoFiltre). Lower quality level = bigger file compression = smaller file size. There is no need to choose the highest quality level. I take much care about my pictures quality, but I usually choose 8th level, there is no visible quality improvement above it. My pictures are 1024x768 pixels and they have 250 - 400 kB.
Resizing the picture decreasing the picture quality much more than choosing lower quality level during saving it. So I rather like to play the game at the same resolution as my pictures I uploaad in my MD (1024x768), and I choose 8th quality level. If I want to edit the picture, I make all operations on the png file and save it as jpg when I finish everything.
But of course everybody has his own habits, just a few tips  ;)

Many blocks but very nice arrangement, I like those colourful ones  :thumbsup:. First two pictures are my favourites.
(Btw you can turn the grid off by pressing G on the keyboard, your pictures will look even better)
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awesome start i like the diverse housing you have , its the most unique ive ever seen anywhere, you might want to try a slope mod your bridge looks like a bad back ache lawsuit waiting to happen  $%Grinno$% :P


I'm glad you like it :)

I tried several slope mods, but I got tired of the "unsuitable grade" thing, so I got rid of them. In the next update we're going to visit a more pleasant part of Mitszenszk on the other side of the river Sehova...

Earth quake

Very Beautiful, I like this communist style.
These images are really promising.



What a wonderful start!
Being  a transportgeek myself I love to read about the buses and trains in Your gazette.
Keep up Your wonderful work, I will follow this MD closely!


A great way to start your MD. I look forward to more of it.  :satisfied:
See the all-new National Capital Region!:http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=15118.0


Earth quake, Swesim, Schulmanator: thank you!

As I promised, we visit the other side of river Sehova.

At the junction of the M0 and M1 highways:

On the way to the city core:

Mitszenszk has only a handful of historical buildings that remained more or less intact after the war, but those are kept in very nice condition, as well as their surroundings:

Mitszenszk Nyugati (Western) Station can be found right next to the Parliament building:

To the north, a very strange industrial structure is situated. It was built in 1998, and because of its mighty and frightening design, the citizens call it "The Guardian". It is told to have been assembled of parts of an Alien spacecraft, which crashed in ZX 37 (European equivalent of Area 51), south-east of Mitszenszk.

Remember those fork-like structures from the first update? I forgot to tell that the air pollution is a serious issue in Mitszenszk, which the local self-government attempted to reduce by installing state-of-the art air purification devices.

And where they weren't necessary:

Actually, most tourists visiting Mitszenszk are trekkers, who go on a long walk in the hills and enjoy the panorama from the TV tower:


I like this development scheem highrise mixed in with lowrise with a few smaller shops its awsome! and is that the CN tower I see?



Interesting update, i like your highways and the placement of the CN tower!


Last mosaic with the CN-tower is a very nice one indeed, great with the overview, looking down to the city.