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Destiny (AFDES Observer Nation)

Started by Blue Lightning, June 04, 2009, 06:42:41 PM

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Blue Lightning



Update 0: Introduction

Update 1: Arrival in Destiny: Welcome to Cross of the Mountains

Update R0: Random Pic Update 01

Update 2: Coming soon!
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Blue Lightning

UPDATE 0: Introduction to Destiny

Note: All images (unless noted) are able to be clicked on for full size.

Destiny is a prosperous budding region. It also has an interesting history behind the CBD.....
*insert fade to Great Plew East of the Great Plew Region*

(Not part of Destiny; seperate region)
When BLaM disbanded, their HQ was practicly vacant from the 25th floor on up. 3 companies, TeleNex Telecomunications Co., H2Woah Bottled Water Co., and Channel 7 News.
These 3 companies then took advantage of the cheap real estate to set up a new, larger HQ.
Meanwhile, Destiny's first city was being established. (Sorry for grid)

Over the next few years, the new cities flourished as they farmed the land. A transit authority and central goverment has been established, and now, a network of highways are being woven across the region, as is the rest of the region's layout.
Here is an early planout of the region's highways:

After some 10 years of rapid building, the D-DOT (Destiny Department of Transit) decided to remake the map to better reflect the progress and changes.

Blue is finished, Red is planned

As you can see, lots of development has occured, and the CBD has even started to take shape. However, you notice that there are skyscrapers popping up from nowhere. Remember those three companies? Well, they have set up together some large inter-regional HQs. Thus, the need of workers being nearby has allowed residential skyscrapers to develop.

To be continued....
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Occasionally lurks.

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ah , interesting Introduction pic, looking forward to more  :thumbsup: &apls

Earth quake

A new MD which look me very interesting.
The third pics is beautiful, but the second is look strange
Go on your work.



Show us what you look like http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=1142.0

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Blue Lightning

Nexis4Jersey: Hey, thanks. More stuff is coming, I promise ;)

Earth quake: Hehe, thanks!

NASCAR_Guy: Well, we're arriving now ;)

Update 1: Welcome to Destiny: Arrival to Cross of the Mountains

Center of Cross of the Mountians showing one of two statues found in the surrounding mountians.

*Ding* Please fasten your setbelts, we will arrive at DSP shortly. *Ding*

Here, we arrive at currently the only operational airport in the region. Its temperary inter-regional code is DSP.

Even though this is a small rural town, it still has a pretty respectable transit center.

Another angle (you can tell that this BulletTrain line is a slooooow zone):

Now, here is a slightly outdated map (two ramps have been moved) but otherwise is accurate.

A few looks around Cross of the Mountains:

Hwy 31 Exit 1 to Ring Road

A close look at the overpass and DDOT sign

A sunset overview of the whole city:

Also, by looking at this pic and the ovepass pics, you can tell we have magical color-changing rocks. $%Grinno$%

Finally brought it over,

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Earth quake

Nice update Blue Lighning.  :thumbsup:
The rural ambience is very well recreate.
And the RHW is very perfect and very realistic.
I also want to add that one of the pictures don't run.( I had a red corss)  :thumbsup:



Nice start here!  That's an incredible metropolis in the first picture.  I've never managed to build a city that large! 

And yet you've also managed to find room in the same region for a beautiful rural area.  I'm looking forward to seeing how this region comes together! 


Marvelous update , it looks NAM-O-lusc  :Ps

Tomas Neto

Very nice start Blue Lightning!!! A nice visual on your MD!


Wow a beautiful update my firend!!!  &apls Can't wait to see more and maybe some of youe BATS ;)

Blue Lightning


bluesinjid: Hey, thanks!

Tomas Neto: Thanks! I'm glad you liked the pics. Please call me Vince ;)

Nexis4Jersey: lol thanks! Lots of NAM stuff coming ;)

Battlecat: Thanks, Well... I belive my region is a 5x7 large quad.

Earth quake: Hey, thanks! I fixed that picture now, thanks for catching that. And please, call me Vince

Random Update (R0)

Eh, well, I'm not gone.... just that its taking a lot for the next update... I have so much modding to do, and a lot of trees to plop :P So heres a random update with pretty random pics....

A little look at the unfinished CBD.... surrounding it is the Destiny Loop, where highways 11,25,131, and 15 converge and then disperse. Even right now it carries about 1/2 a million sims daily:

Going light-crazy in The Flats:

Are you really sure that you want to go over 35 MPH  ??? ?

Fun with GIMP:
"IMA CHARGIN MAH LAZOR!!!!!!!11!!!1!!!"

Evening highway traffic as sims return from Destiny Center back to their homes in The Flats

The daily trams have gotten long

Well, thats all I have now. I know I have the grid on for some of these pics, they weren't planned for.

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Occasionally lurks.

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Jeeeez, that looks like it's gonna be hard to zone around that labrynth of Highways.

Show us what you look like http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=1142.0

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