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Atrubia - Update 71: A Few Progress Pics

Started by KoV Liberty, June 14, 2009, 08:10:42 PM

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Albus of Garaway

That's a neat picture! I like the steep cliffs beyond the skyscrapers. They're very picturesque!

KoV Liberty

Thanks! There is also tours that run up each ends of the mountan.

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Adrian, I miss you man.


Could we have some close-ups of the marina please?


That island is pure awesome!  Nice job!   &apls


Its Great It has everything beaches highrises an oil port yet it still looks empty. Maybe try adding afew more lowrises.

KoV Liberty

But where? With reefs in the bay you can barely build anything else. Plus its only a city of 9,000 or so.

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Adrian, I miss you man.


hm good point. none the less it still looks Great  :thumbsup:


I saw your screenshot on the Picture Competition... definitely would have voted for it if you had finished the details in and around that island/reef.  That water is just a little to barren.  But don't get me wrong, you've done a fantastic job on the islands and the water... much better than I've ever done.

Great work!
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Very nice atoll indeed.     I like the concept.   Couple of questions.     In the overview picture I think I see overhead electric transmission lines; but not in any of the close ups,  Where did they go?    If you are looking for something to hide them I'd suggest PEG's Underground Conduit linkie .    I think they'd do pretty well on an island.    Also where is the bridge that links to I assume the main land?    I've always wanted to try a region that was nothing but a series of small islands and atolls.     Good luck with this in the future.


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KoV Liberty

Hey everyone! Glad to see you all like the island. But there is a lot more to this than you think... Yes it is time for my first info update.


Think back... Way back. Nope too far. $%Grinno$% Back to 1576. It is the Age of Exploration's (well around anyway) 100th anniversiary. People are trading with the far east and mid-east. Atrubia back then was a trade hotspot for many things instead of being known for a vacationers paradise. A brigade of British Ships are now just discovered Atrubia and its many riches. But one small fleet set off to the west to find even more gold but stumbled upon Islandia Atoll. This was when pirates were troublemakers but there were none in sight... Islandia atoll back then was surrounded by reef and rocky shore opposed to the now beachy shore.

Discouraged, and a bit scared by how protected this area was by reef, (it was as if the Atoll has something to hide) there was a scouting party assembled of five men on a dingy to go to shore and scout out the island. They were never seen again... After three days of waiting for the men to return the ship went away and a small note was documented about the island; "Today we foundeth an island which was surrounded by reef. We senteth five men to go to the island and did not hear from them again. We left three days after they were senteth to the island."


Almost 400 years later the island was discovered again by the IJN (Imperial Japanese Navy) looking for a new port in the midst of WWII a little far off course (although they were ordered to go here) they found themselves grounded at the island until they were bombed by American Planes flying overhead.

The island was inhabited shortly after WWII and some reef was demolished for boats to enter and a makeshift Marina to be built eventually (this was only recently approved by the Atrubian Supreme Court.


Hope you all enjoyed this brief history...

Update 33 (and the last regular  :() will come sometime tomorrow.


P.S. Hey Gaston those aren't power lines. They are Palm Trees! The zoom is too far out to show the detail. Also the bridge leads to a neighboring airport. Hope this helps!

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Adrian, I miss you man.


great update I like how you placed those ships from diffrent times there!


Nice job on the details of that reef!  Sorry to here you're not going to be able to update regularly for a while.  Hopefully you'll be able to scrounge the time for irregular updates at least!  :) Either way, I'm always keeping an eye out for your next update. 

KoV Liberty


Update 33: The last regular update :(...

citycapitalizer: Thanks!

citycapitalizer: Your welcome!

danielcote: Overview posted...

Albus of Garaway: Yeah I guess they are!

citycapitalizer: Will be in this update!

Battlecat:  Thankyou!

Danielcote: Not much room left...

Meinhosen:  Thanks! The water is no longer that barren so here another update!

Gaston: Question answered in previous post...

danielcote: Thanks!

Battlecat: Don't worry. I will still update just not every two days like most of the updates.


Here are a few pics of the new area in the bay. These will speak for themselves as the forum is acting weird. It is scrolling up when I type. THIS IS ANNOYING!!!

The marina...

Welcome to Islandia Natl. Airport!

Here is the end of the highway in the first pic and a rest stop in the second.

Please post, comments, hints, ideas, etc.


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Adrian, I miss you man.


 :thumbsup: Where did you get those terminal building and how did you get the rural highway addon? I installed it twice and I couldn't find it.


Me lurk again.. :D  :D

Nice marina, and I like the underwater coral!

Daniel: The terminals are the Ac-VLt-vl1(or something like that) and the RHW(once installed, don't forget the installer!) are in the Highway menu.

Sendona... Coming soon!


Quote from: Driftmaster07 on August 18, 2009, 09:45:54 AM
Does anyone know about the thing I mentioned? EDIT: What I mean is the annoying auto scrolling when you post.

I've had that happen too.  It makes things practically unusable.  I don't know what it causes it though..... ()what()

Fantastic atoll and I really enjoyed the update.  Your reef looks really great.  &apls


It looks great! Well done.

The marina looks very realistic to me.
And I just noticed.. we use the same police car mod.  ;D


Very nice, this is one of my favorite updates! :thumbsup: You did a marvelous job!  &apls In the 4th pic, it's interesting how the residents all have their own dock. But I think those homes should be R$$$ instead of R$$ as it would fit the atmosphere. (Look in this topic for a list of BATed R$$$) And in the pic with the end of the highway, I think there should be an exit just before it loops around, otherwise I don't think it's realistic and it would make transport easier.  ;)

KoV Liberty

Actually there is just a bit down from the pic. It didn't fit the pic frame.

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Adrian, I miss you man.