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Atrubia - Update 71: A Few Progress Pics

Started by KoV Liberty, June 14, 2009, 08:10:42 PM

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KoV Liberty

Hello, and welcome to my first MD! Atrubia! To see the newer Atrubia, go here. Now for some history of the old: Edit: Dark days, but we're back in the Desert! Forget that "new setting" stuff! Below is the real history!

Atrubia, officially the Royal Atrubian Empire (Arabic: الملكي الذهبي الإمبراطورية) is located on the Arabian peninsula completely bordered by Saudi Arabia. The country borders the Persian Gulf and is directly across from the coutry of Iran. The capital of the country is Atrubia city although the largest city is Meriah City. With it's desert terrain, Atrubian cities primerily lie on the coast although they are expanding inland.

Atrubia is a democratic rebulic and manipulate's much of the prosperous Americas. Atrubia's darker history is shaded and "covered up." Much of it is not released to the general public, although some history is availiable. More and more is becoming availiable as time progresses. Atrubia was discovered during the crusades in 1097. Nothing is known before then as there was no written history and the natives were not too comfortable telling the armies their past.

Atrubia, up to the 1750s, was a very powerful nation and resisted multiple attacks. After the declined of the Age of Discovery (also known as the Age of Exploration). The country soon fell to corruption with the peak of corruption being in 1907. Atrubia was an independent country until World War II when occupied by the American Army. The start of that occuption began in 1942 and ended in 1950 with Atrubia's declaration of independence.



Population: 1,560,000 occupants.

President: Aejex Saminar

World Standing: High

Currency: Atrub (ATR)

Leagues: -

Airports (International): Abid Jakartin International, Riyadh International , and Riya Ahvegas , Meriah City International.

Airport (Military Base): Thenar Arid AFB (Air Force Base), and another unnamed.

Wealth of RES: Med to High.

Capital: Atrubia City.

Port (main): Meriah City Port.

Oil Fields: -

Official Country Flag:


Notice: Sorry about some of the early pics being a bit small, and having a weird border. They are now fixed and are the largest possible (800x600). Hope you enjoy Atrubia!


Beforehand: I must say that this is the Old Atrubia, one that is now defunct. Pease be directed to this page for the new Atrubia if you wish to skip to current version here.

Now... On to the first update!

This is a large land reclamation project; the largest in the countries recent history.

The countries main port (Ah Mahid) is the main oil exporter/importer in the region.

The Moon Islands. They are called that for a bad attempt in the countries history to make fake moon rocks (craters too) for publicity. They are now filled in and serve RES.

The only highway in the region (Highway A-1-A).

The only natural mainland neighborhood in the region (natural meaning not land reclaimed :P).

Two hotels and a beach. One of the few completely finished areas of the city.

This is the first land reclamation project and it went quite well too! Here are two pics.

Until next time!


P.S. The next update wll showcase more close up and detailed pictures. But first... Is photobucket free? Because I might switch over from Imageshack if it is.

My new MD. Check it out if you wish.

Adrian, I miss you man.


Looks very nice, the residential area's look like something I would like to live in, and the seaport looks pretty good as well!

I'll be looking for more for sure

P.S.: Photobucket is indeed free
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I like the Moon Islands. :thumbsup:


As you're not playing very long this seems quite good. i'd suggest you to use more custom content and as it is a mid-eastern MD, why don't you use some of the houses by frogface, which can be found on the STEX!

Anyway, keep it up!


Interesting Start , i like the houses on the circle islands  :thumbsup:


Very cool.  One thing:  You hit the shores a little to heavy with the flora.  Try making it a little more sparse and it will look more realistic.  Also i agree with above comments, that this MD is crying out for more Mid-eastern looking BAts.. they are pretty easy to find!!!

Keep up the good work mate!


Nice start!  It all looks great, and I'm looking forward to seeing what else is on the way! 


looking great! &apls &apls you are, as a 14-year old already doing much better than I can do and I'm turning 18 in July
RIP Adrian (adroman), you were a great friend

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KoV Liberty


Update 2: More pics! But first...

caspervg: Thanks! You are officially the first person to reply on this MD! The residential areas do need some work though. Thanks for stopping by!

nbvc: Thankyou. The Moon Is. were very hard to build because of the circle shape.

feliwi: I have in fact been playing since May of 2008 but only got into custom content around August of '08. I recently have had many problems with my computer but have gotten them sorted out completely. Also I cannot get the Mid East BATs to grow where I want them. Thanks for your comment and I hope you stick around!

Nexis4Jersy: Thanks for stopping by! As I said above the Moon Is. were very hard to make due to large circle terraforming. I however used the GTM to make them circular.

Quote from: evertonforever1 on June 15, 2009, 11:11:55 AM
You hit the shores a little to heavy with the flora.  Try making it a little more sparse and it will look more realistic.

First of all thanks for leaving a very helpful comment! Yes I know that I hit the shore hard and I really thought I did with the flora. Each is put there to keep the sand from blowing away. So... I will cut back on it though. But it takes a very pricise manner to cut away the mangroves without accidentally destroying the homes. Soon though each house will have it own backyard beach!

Battlecat: Well look no further! The update is here!

WC_EEND: Thanks!

Now... Here is one pic that was supposed to be in update one. These are two tanker ships passing under a bridge.

Here is a full scale overview of where those two boats came from. The port of Ah Mahid.

This outer barrier was erected to protect the inner beaches. It also serves as some RES areas.

This is a pic of a new BAT in the city. The Burj AL Arab.

This is an overview of the largest Island and the outer barrier that protects it.

Now... The first night pics! ;D

And thats a wrap! Hope you enjoyed the second update.


EDIT: Also how do you like some of th new changes to: Welcome to Atrubia!, Atrubia Replies, and my Signature?

My new MD. Check it out if you wish.

Adrian, I miss you man.


Wow....some very interesting pictures.  What a fantastic start.
If you can keep this up, I see a great future for this MD.

Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Nice update. BTW I think you should terraform the places where ships go because in RL they would stuck (I mean the water is too shallow for them)
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KoV Liberty

A preview of update 3. After evertonforever1 posted that I hit the shores heavy with flora I decide to fix it and  expand it a bit for a little beach.

So... Whaddaya think?

Quote from: io_bg on June 16, 2009, 04:36:33 AM
BTW I think you should terraform the places where ships go because in RL they would stuck (I mean the water is too shallow for them)

I made sure it was at least 8 meters deep which translates over to about 24 ft., more than enough for a tanker ship. But there is a deeper area offshore...

Update 3 should come tommorrow or early Thursday. With a poll...

My new MD. Check it out if you wish.

Adrian, I miss you man.


Beautiful work!  Nice mix of towers there, and the low density residential areas look very cool! 

Are you going to try to replicate something like the Palm Islands in here at some point?  Certainly that artificial barrier reef with the residential housing and the preview you've posted for update 3 remind me very much of those structures. 


Nice start to your MD. Great photo editing as well. Looking forward to more!  :)


fasinating, really. :) Great MD. Please show us some more :D I love it.

KoV Liberty


Update 3: A new look.

Robin (rooker1): Thanks! I dont know what to say! I never thought my cities were very good for a while :-[.
But you have restored my confidence fully! Thankyou.

io_bg: Actually since you said that... I thought about it for a bit and passing under that bridge is not prohibited anymore. Thanks for the suggestion!

Battlecat: Thanks! I might replicate something similar but it would take a new region to do it. My MD is currently in a deleted San Francisco Region but I will export a new region next week, so it might happen. Stay tuned!

Connor: Here it is! The more you wanted! And actually, exept for the outer edges (and letters), my photos are straight from in-game.

Glowbal: The more is here!

Now onto the update! The poll will come at the end...

As evertonforever1 posted a few days ago, that I hit the shores heavy with flora, I decided to fix it! Here are four pics of the halfway finished outcome.

So thats the outcome! I have finished the Bay Area, but not the Reclaimed Island which means (this isn't the poll but) what should it be named? Any suggestions? Also I mentioned halfway finished... This is not finished yet.

See what I mean? There is still some work to be had.

Here is a pre posted preview of update 4. This isn't the update. Just a clue to what it will be (not necessarily this)...

Now... Two things.

1) What should go in the open spaces here? A park or more buildings? See pic below...

2) Should Atrubia go green? Here is the current mass polluting power source (no smoke
because game is paused). Also this here is the poll  ;).

Hope you enjoyed the third update!


My new MD. Check it out if you wish.

Adrian, I miss you man.


Great update, and that preview picture of the next update is looking good.

To answer your questions...

1) The area looks quite built up so a park or might look quite nice. But it's up to you really. I'm be pretty undecided to be honest.

2) Going green is always good, but the BATs you're using for the current power source look amazing, so again im pretty undecided.


Hello Alex,
Yes of course your work looks great.  But I'll tell you what will put it over the top.  Try to terraform your shores so they aren't so straight. ;) It might be very difficult to do, but in the end it will surely be worth it.
I look forward to seeing more of your city.
Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Hi Alex...

A great start!  &apls

I really liked all the green you started with... in the future, IMHO, I believe this type of planting along the coast lines will become the norm, as over time we have discovered that if the dense plantings along the shore are removed... so is the shore.

I also find it encouraging that a young person would begin a city with land reclamation in this manner... it promises Hope for our future!

Take all comments, mine included, with a grain of salt or a teaspoon of sugar... and remember we are a community of all ages, backgrounds, and nations...

looking forward to more!


great update.

1) why not mix it up? a building with park?

2) if you have a power source that's green and just as amazing as this one, go green. Otherwish keep this one. =D