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Atrubia - Update 71: A Few Progress Pics

Started by KoV Liberty, June 14, 2009, 08:10:42 PM

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Thank you. I think I will use that avenue mod myself also.

I like your version of the london eye.

Although, I must say that I found the grass infront of the tallest building on this picture...

...a bit strange.
Other then that, amazing update once again.

KoV Liberty

To everyone: Update 7 will be posted Tuesday. I'm soooo sorry for these delayed updates! We are moving earlier than expected and will not have TV or Internet till Tuesday morning  &cry2. Don't worry though. I will have an update ready by then (and plenty of time to develop  ;)). And to Glowbal... I tried to change the base texture in the LE but the whole lot is covered by the building.

My new MD. Check it out if you wish.

Adrian, I miss you man.


Nice Update!

What do the concorde props from that update show up as in LE??
Sendona... Coming soon!

KoV Liberty


Update 7: A small update but an update nontheless! But as always...

Glowbal: The building itself is also the base lot. And I agree with you that it does look strange...

carkid1998: Just search tabi and it should show up. If it doesnt work scroll down to the bottom until you see tabi. Hope this helps!

Ok I had no idea that Seto was hosting the Simlympics (I'm kinda always left out on this stuff when it comes to info :-[) so I might give it a go next year! Ok so If I do just that... Could someone point me to the Simlympic thread/board first? And once again... Can someone please tell me where I can switch my PNG pics to JPEG on photobucket? Or at least give me a link to a free site where I can?

Now onto the update.

Update 7: Riyadh expands yet again...

Well... at least Riyadh Intl.

This is the new terminal under construction...

And again...

And once more!

And the construction fence before it was demolished.

And it was finished just hours before the opening ceremony! Here it is...

The opening ceremony took place at sunset... Just three days after the terminal was started!

Planes arrived at night...

And I will leave you with the pic of the Air Traffic Control Tower.

Please post comments, hints, suggestions...


My new MD. Check it out if you wish.

Adrian, I miss you man.


Great update , i love the airport  :thumbsup:


Another quality update Driftmaster/Alex. I am quite fond of the style of picture with construction scenes. I will have to do my own when I get to making myself an MD. I need to get a little modding project underway first (some farms - I have to BAT some, lot some, mod some - so many different things to do with this game), however. I think I will be getting to a New Zealand style MD some time soon-ish.

The new Riyadh airport terminal is nice, but your placement of the Control Tower baffles me a touch. I might also suggest some variation in the  particular lots you choose to fill the spaces in the terminal. You use the one with the boxy thing over and over, when there are 2 (I think) other possibilities. I also like the french buildings in the previous update, though they seem out-of-place.

I don't think you can change the pics in PhotoBucket, but in Photoshop, or whichever graphics editor you use, simply choose 'save as' either add '.jpg' to the file name or, there should be a (whats it called?) scroll down box thing for 'type' JPEG or JPG should be selected.

What are the parking lots you used?
SimCity Aviation Group
I miss you, Adrian


wowa nice airport!
What terminal set did you use?

KoV Liberty

A quick reply before I load up the moving truck...

Nexis4Jersey: Thanks!

joelyboy911: The "boxy" thing is the airport hotel. It was only plopped once but shown I think three times during the update. I used the NDEX Parking Lots By Ardectila on the STEX.
They can be found here.

Glowbal: Here they are... Linkie Go to BAT and hit the button for transit. And scroll down till you see the airport set. Download and there you go!

See you all Tuesday!

My new MD. Check it out if you wish.

Adrian, I miss you man.

Tomas Neto

Great airport, fantastic update!

KoV Liberty

Update 8 will come tomorrow....

My new MD. Check it out if you wish.

Adrian, I miss you man.


No, no. I meant the roof junk of the terminal fillers. You only used one type over and over.
SimCity Aviation Group
I miss you, Adrian

KoV Liberty

Change of plans... I will be leaving to go to a party and not be back until very late. So.... A quick update!

Update 8: Another preview before update 9, and a big thankyou...  But first...

Tomas Neto: Thanks!

joelyboy911: Oh! It seeems I did! It will be fixed right away! Do you recommend any other photo editors besides photoshop? Or can you tell me what a Personal URL is? I have no idea what one is!

Ok... Now... It has come to my attention that we have passed 1300 views! In only 8 updates (I don't know if that is relatively good or bad)! But thanks for your suggestions and comments and well everything else!

And to celebrate 1300 views I give you the first overview of Atrubia! It is not much as there are very few cities in this region so you will see much undeveloped (deleted cities) land.

Now... You will notice the port is missing... That is because I transferred Ah Mahid to a new city of Ah Mahid. Ok now a few more pics...

Now... Welcome to Al Rahjad Sporting complexes!

For my bid in any Simlympics, this huge church is only for decorations now but will be used for many things during the competition. It will be serviced by the Atrubia HSR.

To end the small update I will show you the three sporting arenas. In this order...

Water arena... (the old one in Riyadh will be demolished.)


And soccer (note: I am still open for bids on Basketball and Baseball). Anyone interested in putting their favorite BAT in here?

And that ends Update 8! Update 9 will be a full update and will be in a couple days! Until then!

My new MD. Check it out if you wish.

Adrian, I miss you man.


Nice sport complexes!
Love the region. Like the airport overview =P


Driftmaster07, you have such an amazing MD here I am just in awe at alll those cool island! &apls Wish I came here sooner! You have really put a lot of effort into making those islands and that airport is amazing too!  :D

KoV Liberty


Update # 9: Once again a full update! And.... A real treat to slow connection users! Because.... I NOW HAVE JPEG IMAGES!!!!        I finally figured it out! But first...

I will soon make the images above JPEG too... But they will be completely different.  ;)

Glowbal: Yes, for now though the region will be too big to cover once it is finished.  ;) Thanks for stopping by!

bluesinjid: Thanks! I have been a long time fan of your CJ at Simtrop and Simgames! You do a very great job! And thanks for coming here and i hope you enjoy this update.

To start off the ninth update I will give you a new city. It is a remake of Sin City (Vegas) dubbed Riya Ahvegas.

It is completely landlocked but will be a center for casinos. By the way... Anyone know of any good casinos?

This RHW 6C will run through the center. With casinos lining each side. Just like the Vegas Strip. Only a bit different (and larger). Here are two pics. One day and one night.

Whoops! I am still trying to have better quality! Better quality WILL be in the next update (look at the trees)! Sorry!

Here are some pics (a lot in a row) detailing the RES birthplace. This also shows how I design my neighborhoods.

I will end this update with the only Casino in town so far. The Thumblin' Dice Casino.

Hope you all enjoyed it! Update 10 will come in a couple days.

My new MD. Check it out if you wish.

Adrian, I miss you man.


Good luck with your new city!

And I must say, that you've been one of my inspiration sources for my upcoming MD.

I've been looking for some casino's for you.
This is what I've found:
Nealos 101 SGM Grand Casino BSC (lex)
Nealos 101 SGM Grand Casino Lots BSC(lex)
Appearently it are 2 files or so? Check them out both.  :thumbsup:

Incase you like it:
torremayor The Mirage (lex)

All at the STEX:
RNP Nealos101 BAT Projects Georgetown Casino Sign Teaser

RNP Nealos101 Georgetown Georgetown Casino

Neyorka Bay Hotel and Casino
Casino Club

And well.. this are a few that you might like. But there are tons of other great casino's also!

Ohh! and nice neighborehood designing.

KoV Liberty

Now... Before I post update 10 tomorrow... Does anyone want this house? There will be a random drawing (to determine the winner  ;)).

It is an approx .7 acre estate (gatehouse will be added in a bit as soon as I get back to the game  :P) with a dock and a private beach. It is being developed on a new island.

To determine the selection: I have a random selection thing on my mom's phone (came with it I don't know what it is called). If you want it the drawing will be on the 12th update so people can post their bids. Good luck! The home is a 2x3 lot by Mattb325 with a (timed) Trawler, The S.S. Sturgeon. And a pontoon boat (others may be added by the persons favorite BATed boat). I will do my best to attend to that persons likeness of the house. EDIT: You MUST tell me you want to be in the drawing to be elligible. Also you may only enter once!

Update 10 wil be posted tomorrow. Until then!

My new MD. Check it out if you wish.

Adrian, I miss you man.


I've missed a couple of neat updates here.  Interesting to see that residential area being put together in the most recent one.  Quite the region view as well, it's going to be pretty impressive as that starts to fill in. 

KoV Liberty


More JPEG. Yay! And the 10th update special! But first...

Hey thanks for all the links! I had no idea there were that much! And you are starting a MD you said? I will be following it as soon as it is published!

Glad to see you are back and caught up with Atrubia!


So? What do you think of the Welcome and Replies sign, everybody?

Now before we continue...

Those were taken from straight in game! Now to continue with the update. Now...

Remember this house? It is now finished! I MUST be notified that you want to enter the drawing to be elligible. Just posting would be fine. No need for PMs.

Now... A project I have been working on since 6AM this morning...

Like it? Here are more pics.

All homes have a boat (with a dock of course).

Some however are fisherman and have trawlers.

Here is the entrance bridge (at night)...

Most ends of the island (South, East, and West) have a roundabout which are connected to the mainland and then are transferred to bus and then to Atrubia HSR.

This is the center of the island. With quick-slip ramps.

At the northern end of the island is the new Atrubia World Trade Centre. Here are the grounds.

With this being the top of the tallest building.

And that concludes Update 10! Hope you enjoyed it and I hope to see all back here!

Also I have changed my sig pic for this MD. What do you think of that as well?

Please leave Comments, Hints, Suggestions, etc...

Also... Where do I get my MD reviewed? Like on Simtropolis? Is that here?

My new MD. Check it out if you wish.

Adrian, I miss you man.


Like the desert theme you got going on here.

And to be a pain  ;) I got one question, those little docks and boats, are they a lot I can download somewhere?