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Atrubia - Update 71: A Few Progress Pics

Started by KoV Liberty, June 14, 2009, 08:10:42 PM

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Utvaw: Those docks and boats are:

Boats: http://simpeg.com/forum/index.php?action=tpmod;dl=item809

Ramps: http://simpeg.com/forum/index.php?action=tpmod;dl=item813

registration is reqiured

Lovely updates! what do you use for modding the pics?

Sendona... Coming soon!


amazing, once again.  :)

Yes, I said I am going to start a MD. Only, I've some delay. I wanted to post it yesterday, but my city kept on crashing, after I load it, and I couldn't find another solution other then to delete the city.

And I've always been a fan of that roundabout bus stop.  ;D

KoV Liberty

A preview of update 11.... Its an airport. The update wil be about one of my new cities.

Update will come late tomorrow or early Tuesday. There will possibly be no updates Saturday or Sunday. I will be at MIA on Saturday waiting fo a plane until 11 o'clock and getting home on Sunday at 1 in the morning. It is a long story I really don't want to get into it! And once again I NEED to know if you want the home I offered to be in the drawing for it!

My new MD. Check it out if you wish.

Adrian, I miss you man.

KoV Liberty


Update 11: An almost full night update showcasing Abid Jakartin Natl. Airport. But first...

Utvaw: Thanks for coming to my MD! And check Carkids messege for the props and stuff.

carkid1998: Thanks for helping out Utvaw!

Glowbal: I'm sorry to hear that. Good luck though!

Now... Onto the update!

I will start off with a regional view showing you where Abid Jakartin is on the map... Just SE of Riyadh.

The offshore area is the new airport.

In this pic it shows the end of the runway...

The rest will be night pics...

The other end.

This serves as the fence for now (there is a hidden fence in the bamboo  ;))...

This is the entrance...

This terminal is the only one and only serves 737s. Like American Airlines.

KLM, Delta...

And Virgin Blue. I have no idea why it is called blue when the plane body is red. Weird huh?

That ends update 11! Hope you enjoyed it. Update 12 will come in a few days but first...

Quote from: Driftmaster07 on July 05, 2009, 08:45:29 PM
And once again I NEED to know if you want the home I offered to be in the drawing for it!

Dont forget! Update 12 is when it ends!

Edit: I really don't want to double triple post two updates.

My new MD. Check it out if you wish.

Adrian, I miss you man.


well well... a new airport =P
Only thing is that the grass near that end of the run way looks silly.  :P
I was hoping for an update from that new town you where building, tbh. Next one, perhaps?  ;D


KoV Liberty

Yes yes. Sorry about that Glowbal. I spent all morning working on the city and the my computer said Simcity wasn't working. So I lost my city. It was about time for the update so I just took some pics at night and showcased them.

To everyone... I have not gotten much work done due to me being a part of the Cities XL BETA Test. It has taken 17 hours to download. I am sorry to say but update 12 will be posted tomorrow. Abid Jakartin will be showcased (city not airport) in update 12.

My new MD. Check it out if you wish.

Adrian, I miss you man.


Good work. This airport looks realistic, and great work on last picture ;) Can't wait for more.

KoV Liberty


Update 12: Abid Jakartin. But first...

Yeah I know but read my post yesterday to have a full explanation.

Thanks! Do you want the house? No one seems to want it.


Now... Onto the update!

I have used many Re-lotted Maxis stuff like this High School (that I did myself!)...

But there are still some stuff that I haven't gotten around to yet. Like this Elementary School...

This city may look like it's finished but it's far from it. There are stil some stuff that needs to be developed. Here is a sample pic...

For the benefeit of the citizens a water canal haas been added to sustain water in the city in case of a drought. The first of its kind.

Also as Glowbal suggested...

Quote from: Glowbal on July 08, 2009, 01:45:02 AM
Only thing is that the grass near that end of the run way looks silly.  :P

I fixed it but took it one step further... Grass is now on the edge of ALL Runways and taxiways for the benefeit of no erosion. And to make a seamless transition... Small bushes mark the edge. It it wide enough for a 747. Also the 747s wings pass over the bushes anyway. But when the time comes more grass srea will be added. Currently no 747s come to this airport. This is just to give you an idea of how big they are. A sample...

Also a new baseball stadium has been added as well.

Here is a pic of the new RES area...

And a close up pic of the new bus system.

I leave you with a pic of the new aquanets.

Hope you liked update 12 everyone!

Please post comments, hints, etc.


My new MD. Check it out if you wish.

Adrian, I miss you man.


Atrubia looks pretty nice so far. I'm really glad you've switched over to jpg, it makes such a difference in loading times, even with my high-speed internet! My only concern is that I see tall palm trees and bushes right next to the runway, which is quite dangerous. Everything else looks nice though, and I look forward to seeing more.

Oh, and if you insist that someone takes the house, I'll take it. (Maybe the economy has driven people away from taking it? :D )

EDIT: Congrats on 2000 views! (It's 2009 as I post this edit.)


I´m following this topic a few days and it´s really good to see those pictures they're very nice  &apls

(and those bushes maybe you can compare them with another kind of bushes)

greetz me

(P.S. I'm not very good at English so i hope you can read this)


Nice custom content and Great suburbs! keep them presses rolling!


Hi Alex. This is looking really great. I like your residential areas, they look like the type of place I would like to live, by the canal. The new airport is nice too.
SimCity Aviation Group
I miss you, Adrian


Well well, im impressed by the new update. Great job! &apls

Shame on the lost city, though. I know how it feels.  :P

- Glow

KoV Liberty


Update 13: A day-after update... But before the update...

Yes I agree that JPEG is a lot faster! Even uploading times on Photobucket takes about 1 min. instead of like 10 min. And yes you can have the house! I guess the economy has hit such a young region. Also thanks for congratulating me on 2000(+9) veiws!

Yes I can read your post! And don't worry about the bushes. They have now been replaced! The bushes befor were about 4 feet high.

Read all about it a new update is here!  :P And thanks for commenting!

Why thankyou! The RES areas are nice I guess!

Thanks! And lost cities have happend to me more than once.


Now... Onto the update!

Yes... Artificial Natural-Looking Islands!

One more pic...

It is densely wooded solely for ultimate privacy (except for a beach on each one).

Here is a grand 5 star (*****) hotel on a nearby island.

Near the hotel is Club Malibu.

A cruise ship port will be built here...

The airport is expanded for tourists (not yet completed)...

And personal aircraft parking is added...

Also a fence has been added for security reasons.

Also I re-lotted the Elementary School but its not quite done.

The "open spot" in update 12 has also been filled in.

A fisherman offshore...

Lastly I leave you with a region shot...

Update 14 will come late Sunday or early Monday. Please leave Comments, Hints, etc...

My new MD. Check it out if you wish.

Adrian, I miss you man.

KoV Liberty

A quick, one-pic, update before I leave. Remember the cruise ship port?

Well I finished it and I thinks it looks pretty good! Here is it finished.

If ANYONE knows of any custom Cruise Ships please tell me!

Please post Comments, Suggestions, etc...

My new MD. Check it out if you wish.

Adrian, I miss you man.


I like it. Nice update! :thumbsup: Great cruise ship port. Going to expend it to a massive cruise ship port or something?  ;D


Your CJ looks nice! :thumbsup: As for custom cruise ships, there are some by Somy, and there is a ship called the "J.J. Sister" by Jeronij on the LEX.


Very good work especially that cruise-ship
maybe you can download more things on simpeg.com
because they have there a lot of things to improve your cruise-ship port

KoV Liberty


Update 14: A REALLY big city. But first...

Actually yes! After your advice I will make it bigger!

Advice taken and incorporated...

I think I will... Thanks for the advice!


Now... Onto the update! But before we get in the city I will show you two region pics. The first is the area of the Abid Jakartin. It has had exponential growth.

The area (and pop.) is bigger than Riyadh or Atrubia City (capital might be moved to Abid Jakartin).

Well... Anyway the airport expansion has been finished...

While one of my MOST FAVORITE BATs have grown in my city! The Tung Chung Crescent.

A new stadium has also been added.

The cruise ship port has also been expanded.

Also the channel has been dredged for a deeper area.

Its a tight fit but the ships can make it. The port also serves a ferry.

As you can see the one above has no road connection. Except for the entrance.

Also the port is made to serve the biggest cruise ship on earth. The St. Anne.

While all this is going on a new RES area is developing.

Also a new canal has been dug...

And a new waterfront is added.

That ends update 14! Hope you enjoyed it. Now off to a long nap! I got home at 2:37 AM last night! And I woke up at 6 AM! I am on no sleep.

Please post Comments, Hints, etc...

My new MD. Check it out if you wish.

Adrian, I miss you man.


My gosh! &apls Amazing updates again! I really like those harfront docks, very creative :) Wow your city really grows very fast!