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March 24, 2023, 03:09:03 AM

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Started by nedalezz, June 20, 2009, 09:20:49 AM

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Berania.  Admit it, you have no idea that a country by that name even exists.  It's alright, you aren't alone.  An estimated 98% of the world's population have no idea that in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean lays the giant island-country of Berania, which is unusually strange considering the size of the place. No worries, however, all that is about to change.

You see, part of the reason Berania has been so...shall we say, insignificant, was that the royal family of the country decided, long ago, to shun all civilization and shut themselves from the world, letting nothing in, and if something (or person) was to find a way out, it was never allowed back.  Harsh as it might seem, it was deemed the only way by the rulers of Berania, the Hennaya family, to avoid the catastrophe that befell the island around 700-800 years ago.  That is when invaders from Europe came under the guise of friendship, and once let in, attempted to conquer and colonize the island.  Although the Beranians fought back their invaders and eventually won the "Battle of Liberty", as it is called, the Hennayas felt they could not trust the outside world, and thus came about the laws that forbade any from entering the island.

It's not like they were completely cut off from the world, though. Electricity, running water, medicine, etc. – they were all introduced to the island-country as they were invented.  Cars were imported, and even the internet found its way onto Berania's shores.  Realizing that it would be impossible to keep Berania closed off from the world any longer, the Hennaya family decided to open the countr y up, and its first round of business was to form a government.

In a democratic election, it was Anwar Berdasso who won the first ever presidential election, and he was quick to form a government that would lead Berania into the 21st century.  President Berdasso named Suqara, the country's largest settlement on its southern shores (Pop. 33,000), the capital and seat of all governmental entities.  I know what you are thinking; largest settlement with only 33,000 people?!  Although Berania's population is estimated to be somewhere in the 50 million range, they are scattered throughout the island in settlements that are much smaller than the capital.  Allow me to explain why: in Berania, each settlement is comprised of a family, at most two (although that isn't common), and the settlement usually takes the name of the family.  For example, in central Berania, the settlement of Jodar, which has around 2,000 people living in it, is populated by the Jodar family.  Marriage by the sons of the Jodars will usually be to one the daughters of one of the neighbouring settlements, Carassa or Untabiyyi, which are, you guessed it, populated by the Carassa and Untabiyyi families respectively.  The bride would then move with her new husband to his settlement, and would pay visits in hers every so often.
The only known exception is the city of Suqara.  Other than the royal Hennaya family, which in itself is very small, no family can claim to have the city as its own.  In reality, the city is comprised of immigrants from other settlements who moved there, mostly because it was the biggest trading post of the entire country, with the only seaport, if you want to call it that.  It is more like a pier, but it has served Berania for hundreds of years.

So now, with President Berdasso having taken the full blessing of the Hennayas to lead the country, Berania steps into the fold and is welcomed to the real world.  Its borders have opened up, trade has begun to flourish, and since Suqara is the only access point in the entire country, the city is expected to boom.  The job in front of the new government is massive, much like the size of the country, but Berania has one thing to its advantage: the abundance of untapped natural resources.  This includes oil, gold, diamonds, agricultural produce, uranium, zinc, copper, livestock and fish...the list goes on and on. 

I will leave you with a couple of pictures of Suqara: a night time shot of the center of the town, and a daytime shot which shows the new Berania Government HQ Building, constructed by the Hennayas before the election of President Berdasso, so that any upcoming government would have a central base to operate from.  Enjoy!


Nice starting point for your new MD. Suqara looks like a quaint little town and I look forward to see how you will develop it further.



It's nice to see you back here, my friend. Your picture are incredible, as always !!
I'm looking foward to the next update,

Take care,

My new city is now here
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1) The National Progressive Conservatire Party (NPCP) and opposition leader Ismael Henry has launched a scathing verbal attack on the current administration, claiming that enough was being done for the country in general, saying, "Suqara is not the only place in Berania that needs the attention of the government, and unfortunately, the rest of the country has been given the blind eye by President Berdasso's administration."

He continued to state that basic infrastructure such as hospitals, schools, roads, and telecom networks have received minimal funds when it comes to the rest of the country, and challenged the government to make good on its promises of developing the entire country.

2) Ghassan Jasmine, the Health Minister of Berania, recently announced that the government is planning the construction of a brand new health facility on the outskirts of Suqara to help ease the pressure on the Himmtal Medical Clinic on Barren Road.  Doctors at the clinic have been complaining that it was becoming impossible, given their current facilities, to serve the public given the number of patients, which has increased nearly 400% the past 2 years.

The new hospital, tentatively called the Borsa General Hospital, is scheduled for completion 16 months after the ground-breaking, and will cost approximately $30 million.  It will be the biggest project undertaken in the history of Berania upon completion.

The Health Minster also announced the government's intention of constructing 26 medical facilities around the country to help make sure all of Berania's people have proper access to healthcare.

All health facilities in Berania are owned by the government.  It is currently illegal to operate private health practices or clinics, with the law stating that all health personnel are required to be employed by the government.  Healthcare is also not free in the country, although it does come at reduced costs, with several types of facilities open for potential patients to negotiate with the government.

3) President Berdasso was at the opening of the first official hotel in Berania, the Grand Hotel, which is 100% owned by the government of Berania.  Situated opposite of the Berania Government HQ Building, the five star hotel will cater to all diplomatic and VIP visitors to the country, as well as tourists who have a bit of money to spend.  There are 433 rooms, which include 16 suites, and 2 presidential suites for the super wealthy.  Other facilities include a rooftop pool covered by glass, a 24 hour state of the art gym, 3 restaurants, a casino, and the first nightclub to begin operation in the country.

The Grand Hotel also features a huge conference hall which will host the first ever Berania Trade Forum, with dignitaries from 26 different countries expected to attend.  Potential trade and investment opportunities will be discussed, with hopes that the Berdasso administration will be able to forge some permanent deals that will help stimulate the Beranian economy.

The Grant Hotel cost approximately $24 million upon completion.


Volta Construction and Development

The VCD is the biggest and oldest construction company in Berania and the main contractor of the government, having constructed and developed both the Berania Government HQ Building and the Grand Hotel.  It has also taken the contract for what will be the biggest project in Beranian history, the Borsa General Hospital.

The company was founded in 1988 by Sam Beard and 4 other employees, and some of the first projects Beard received were the construction of personal housing and land development.  Since then, VCD has grown into the elite construction company in the country, employing a total of 237 people.  Its main office is situated on Barren Road in Suqara.


The Rise of the Royal Family

The Henayya family rise to power is traced back to the early 14th century, when they led a campaign, at times bloody, the united most of Berania under one banner.  With help from Muslim explorers who arrived from Northern Africa, the Henayyas were able to accomplish their mission, proclaiming themselves as the royal family of Berania after it was all said and done.

When the Muslims arrived in Suqara, their religion was embraced by the Henayya family, which at the time were a small but influential family in Suqara and the surrounding area.  In the name of Islam, the Hennayas began spreading the religion, and most people willingly and happily converted.  Before Islam came to Berania, it was mostly a land filled with Pagan beliefs.  In the span of a few short years, word has spread of the religion and the Henayya family through Berania, but not all were happy with the situation.

The biggest battle fought was against the Killari family of the north, which had built its fortune capitalizing on certain pagan rituals, of which it was believed only they could perform.  The Killaris sabotaged and attacked a neighbouring village in hopes of scaring off the Henayya family, but it only served to further fuel them, and in response to the attack, they formed an army that attacked the village of Killari.  It is believed that over 2000 people died in that battle.

After most of the country had converted to Islam, the Henayya family was proclaimed as rulers of Berania, with their base in Suqara.  Although most of the population are Muslims today, Beranian society is very open and accepting, as witnessed by the availability of alcohol, as well as the presence of casinos and bars.


Wow, this is great. I love the detail in your writing. Your pics are quite nice too. The color enhancement gives a very nice effect. What is it you are changing regarding the color if I might ask?

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Hey !! Your back, I was seeing your last MD at the moment, its truly impressive.
As for these updates, they looks splendid, I like your way to built suburbs. I'm very amazed by the first night picture, it's awesome !
Looking forward to more !
Take care,
-Arthur. :thumbsup:
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Wow, way to start with a bang! Your city looks amazing! My favorite image in the last update was the second one, it just looks so perfect... though the only part that isn't perfect that I just noticed is that the road has a double yellow line at intersections, but a white dotted line everywhere else. Otherwise, amazing job!  :thumbsup:


Wow! Its great to know some of you guys still remember me from my old MD, Qumma, and its equally nice to know that others are impressed! It honors me, honestly. Its great to have an MD back up.  The reason Qumma wasnt continued had everything to do with RL...its been a rough year and a half.  Im enjoying myself with this new one, and hopefully everyone will too. Thanks again.


oops!  thatre are trees plopped on your soccer field!  hehe

Very nice photos though


Really nice backstory and the pics are amazing  :thumbsup:

Looking forward to more.  ;)



I still remember you!  I'm sure we all do.  You have een greatly missed, if not by everyone, at least by most and me especially!!  I am super happy to see you back again and you are off to a fantastic start.
I hope you are here for a while.
Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Great MD so far , i like the beaches :thumbsup:


wow, you really got excellent city building skills! Keep up the fantastic work!


Nice start!  You've got some neat looking lots tucked away in there! 

Tomas Neto

Wooowww, a resounding start of MD! I was impressed with the realism of the images!


Nedalezz, what a joy it is to see you  back at SC4D and playing the game once again! Hope things are going well for you.

Berania is beautiful – I really like the white houses with a touch of red among them. Your night shots have always been pure eye candy, and I see you're already placing some wonderful BATs in strategic places. Definitely looking forward to following your MD in the weeks and months to come.

Welcome back...


Fabulous work, my friend- it is so great to see you back.  I was really sad when Levante bit the dust- keep this up for a year or two and I'll get over it.  I'll be watching for B. Yunos.

Masterful residential pics, that's for sure.

D. Edgren

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That's great to see you back nedalezz!  :thumbsup:

Beatiful photos and a great story  &apls

Quote from: calibanX on June 21, 2009, 08:37:48 AM
(...) The color enhancement gives a very nice effect. What is it you are changing regarding the color if I might ask?


I'd like to know it too  :)

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moin nedalezz,

what a nice little city, it must be lovely to live in! can't wait to see the settlements around it ...



Welcome back to the MDs! And a fine new one you have for us. I like the variety of interesting BATs you use in a very appealing way. Very nice start!
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