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March 21, 2023, 09:39:35 AM

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The Republic of Shagrin

Started by Moshi, March 31, 2007, 12:42:30 AM

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I will be posting my updates here as well on Simtropolis (where you can view everything from update one), though I may not be able to reply to all comments.  &mmm Enjoy!
Starting with the beginning of the Republic...



The District Capitol Building is complete. Towering over the city, It's not only an architectural nightmare but also casts a shadow over the waterfront and the sunken highway turnpike. Literally.:P

This is where it all begins...
A single unmarked limo rushes to an intersection.

But just then...

Papers fly all over the place. This is what the Daily Shagrin had to say:

Riots were all over the place, with more than half of Shagrin's 270,000 residents demanding an explanation for this. As the demonstrations grew in size, the *ahem*stupid*ahem* local police began losing control of the situation.

Thus, on that fateful 17th of June...

"We'll see how they like this! Muahahahaha"


People were terrified. They were enraged. And yet, "progress" was made in the city:

This state-of-the-art commercial aircraft carrier, Phoenix, is being leased to Shagrin in order to promote downtown growth until Shagrin International Airport is completed. Interestingly, this aircraft carrier's runway is longer than that of Shagrin Int'l 's completed runway, and allows larger planes such as the 787 to land.

The Shagrin International Ferry Terminal ferries people to Anchorage, Vladivostok, Vancouver, and more... while providing access to the Phoenix.

Tokyo dome:

As seen in the Daily Shagrin, this is the statue of "the ruler", under construction for many months. Overlooking the HSR line and plated with gold, it was built "as a symbol of progress.

How will citizens react to this? KGB radio will highlight the benefits of communism and the citizens' ignorance in the next... Hey! Stop pushing! Oh no the do


UPDATE SIX – Birth of Shagrin Republic

The District Capitol was buzzing with excitement. The President of the United States of America was going to have a top-secret meeting at the capitol on October 1.

The day had come.
The hastily constructed runway awaits the president:

Shagrin International's terminal partially completed:

And the Capitol with a new underground food court:

The time had come. Several months ago, some 1,000 residents of Shagrin joined together to form a resistance movement. Though small, the lot was full of engineers, spies, lawyers, demolition experts, and clever people that were capable of doing just about anything.
And so, they chose a location in the mountains, away from easy reach, with good resources and an excellent view over the City of Shagrin, to initiate their plan.

West Kuskowim Mountain Range

Everyone at the capitol was down in the 1-meter thick concrete underground food court "bunker". (that's a mouthful) They were ready.





The president and his bodyguards were able to get out in less than ten minutes, much less than the projected one hour. District official Rawlins soon followed.
But the people of Shagrin were ready. They surrounded the rubble by the hundreds and pointed their weapons, whether it was an axe or a semiautomatic rifle, at the wreckage.


The government officials put their hands on their heads, one by one. They all were expecting to be hostages for a criminal act. Instead, five men in black suits and sunglasses took the President to Windsor Tower.

Instead of going down, the men pressed the button to the top floor in the elevator. After climbing some further stories via a staircase, the President was led into what seemed like the highest room in the tower, with a panoramic view of Shagrin. %confuso

He sat on a chair with a small table in front of him. On that table was a smaller yet television set, a piece of paper, and a pen. As the President sat down, the five men exited the room, quietly closing the door behind them.

The President absentmindedly flicked the TV on.

After a short commercial that had a mentally challenged woman apply lip balm to her forehead, the screen showed Washington D.C. But instead of the serene sight he was used to, the Mall was full- rather packed- with a gigantic mob/crowd that wanted the "communist reign" in Shagrin to end. Then he saw random locations in the U.S. with similar sights. The reporter even commented on the UN wanting to remove the United States from their nations if this scandal is genuine.

Sighing, the President took a look at the piece of paper on the table.
It demanded that Shagrin be recognized as an independent country, including the City of Shagrin and the 250,000 square kilometers surrounding it.

The President looked out of the window, and saw a magnificent view of the mountains unfold before him.

Several silent minutes passed.

He reached for the pen and scribbled his name at the bottom of the paper.
The Republic of Shagrin was born.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Mr. Todd was elected to be the first President of the Republic of Shagrin, head of the former resistance movement. He lives in the Executive House:

Rumor has it that there is a person behind him, called Moshi, who oversees his actions.
Immediately after Mr. Todd's acceptance speech into office, he made sure Shagrin was a member of the United Republic of Sim City (URSC for short).

The Shagrin National Assembly's two parties regularly meet in the Capital Hall, adjacent to the (rubbles of) former District Capitol.

And who could forget Shagrin Supreme Court?

Federal Mint (Federal Bank of Shagrin):

(It's the neo-gothic building with the bluish roof. The building w/the white roof is the Shagrin Center of International Transportation.)
This place produces Five Unite bills for the Bank of the United Republic of Sim City, designed by the infamous artist by the name of Porter.

Burn baby Burn!!

What's Shagrin's main industry, you ask?
Well, tourism has been active since the days of the district, but Oil was recently discovered in the bay of Orofino.

To sum it up, a lovely waterfront shot.


UPDATE SEVEN – Beam me up Scotty. There's no intelligent life down here.

"Kansas Wildcats" by John Philip Sousa

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to welcome you to the unveiling of the new National Capital located in the Town of Marietta. Here comes President Todd now, he will give the speech next to the Tree of Life."

"Hullo chaps... erm... Citizens of the republic, it is my pleasure to announce that the work on the new capital of Shagrin has been completed. And now, for the unveiling:"



"Let's take a look at the individual islands."

"This island, closest to where I stand, is a quiet trail park exclusive to weary officials. It will be open to regular citizens annually on the first of October."

"On this island sits the Shagrin Supreme Court, the... erm... will be the topmost court of the nation, after the lower courts are built. Parking is available for those on official business only."

"This island, biggest of the four, contains the Hall of the Executives a.k.a. Le Capitol. It replaces former capitol hall in the downtown of Shagrin, and the two parties of the National Assembly meet here."

"The spacious green area in the back contains a statue of I, Todd and the memorial cemetery. The Yellowknife Monument has been moved here to fill in extra space.

"On the last island sits Meaningo fLiff manor designed by Doug Adams; my new residence and the home for presidents hereinafter."


Editor's script for the 7pm news:

This is channel 5 news, On Your
Side. Hi, I'm Michael Forman and here to tell you that the Shagrin Committee of Transportation or SCoT has approved the creation of a private enterprise called Shagrin National Railroads. The increasingly unpopular "Scottie", as referred to by the masses, confirmed the rumor that it was meant to lighten the heavy load on the government as the state-run trains sped into bankruptcy last month. Shagrin National Railroads, the [stock market] acronym being SNR, will take over the formerly government owned track and equipment, starting from there. Mystery already surrounds this company with a recent 50 billion [Unite] loan from the government. Recent press meetings have revealed plans for a hydrogen hybrid locomotive for intercontinental train services to Arbor Lake. More on this later.
The USA's NASA completed the 50th global mapping venture just this afternoon, and the first high-resolution 3D color images are coming in now.

There it is... wow... [...] Shagrin's space program is due to begin sometime in the next 3 years. Now, for the traffic report for Highway 2....

Photographs from Vu Baloon Corporation

Yup. That's it. Vote on which canal set you like for the capitol area.

Constructive criticism appreciated!


wonderful pictures and great region! Fantastic work! :thumbsup:


wow moshi thats a great start(continuation) it would be nice for the whole MD to be here as well.  :P great urban shots... but how did shagrin get to that? no small town to start with?  :P


This is a really big update you have started with, lots of very good pictures and interesting storyline. I see quite a few bats that are new to me, so it will be interesting to follow this MD


Lots of really good pics (full of really great custom content- must have a heckuva plugins file) and lots of coherent story.  The only off bit for me was the "blow-em-up" aspect of some of the pics and story, but that's just a personal tic.  It all fit in, and didn't seem gratuitous.

If your next updates are half of what you did to start, moshi, you're going to need to warn folks to pack a lunch at the start of the post.

I hope you can tell I like Shagrin... a lot.  I'm sure lots of other folks will, too.

Good luck!

D. Edgren

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This is one I didn't see over at ST, but I'm really glad I found it over here. The pictures are great. Have to take some more time to get the into the story before I comment on it, but it looks like a wonderful journal in the making. &apls

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 &apls Great start an great pics too  :thumbsup:. A lot of action in your MD.  $%Grinno$% Keep going


LOL great story line sometimes a bit difficult to follow but very enjoyable.  &apls
I wonder where all the molten gold has gone to after the fire accident of the statue.  ::)

Oppie's are quite and fit well in any city.
PEG's: good for industrial areas
JRJ: Good for commercial and residential area's and parks
SG: good for industrial area's as well as parks
Difficult choice good luck in your choice or just use them all.



Woow... what a start , right on!  Great pictures man. Interesting plugin folder you must have there.... I never read this CJ at ST, but will be sure to follow it here.
Check my MD:               

Shadow Assassin

Use Jeronij's canals. They fit in better with what you're intending.

Nice job, Moshi. You've got a wonderful city here.
New Horizons Productions
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Quite an impressive CJ. I look forward to following this one.


  :)  Fantastic.I shall,probably be tuning in on future updates!  :D
I'm back


Thanks for all the comments everyone! ;D
Since I'll be away from simcity for a while, a teaser pic of what's to come:

A second city, a simlympics site, a rapid transit system, and asiatown are completed/under construction.


Hello Moshi, great MD, full of energy  :thumbsup:

I specially liked to see my canals in use  ;D

I am currently not active - Please, contact Tarkus for any site related matter. Thanks for enjoying SC4D :D

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Wow........the congestion on that bridge is alot.  What's at either end? 
Great MD so far.  I'll be back for this one.

Robin   ()stsfd()
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Some transit-enabled gantries for peg's alternate texture mod:

A softer curve for this texture set might be useful for many of us :P

What could this be?:


Wonderful new pictures!! Great work! :thumbsup:


Great pics!, wonderful job on this !   :thumbsup:

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Welcome back, Moshi! The new pictures look great, can't wait to see more!