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Started by Yoder7652, March 31, 2007, 12:01:33 PM

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A few quick replies....

@iamgoingtoeatyou - purely unintentional my friend, purely unintentional :D :D :D glad you like it though!

@Snaper - Thanks for your kind words, I thought the overview shot of the 1st Ward would provide some perspective for the mosaics, again I'm glad you liked the update.

@JJ - Thanks! I appreciate your kind words.

@Thundercrack83 - I'm pleased that you liked my efforts, I try to be creative and draw inspiration from the work of others. Thanks for you comment.

@Bat - Thanks bat, I'm glad you liked the update.

@Shadow Assassin - ***covers ears from scream*** Thanks SA! I'm pleased that you liked the update...hopefully I can keep up with your expectations  ;D

@Kwakelaar - Thanks for stopping by! I rebuilt the 1st Ward a couple of times to get it into its current state. I constantly see things that I do not like and want to re-do, but several parts of the city I have decided that what I've acheived is good enough...this is the case with the 1st Ward...so I'm glad you like the finished product! I'm glad you liked the last of the ministry seals....with respect to the Ministry of Information, the regulation doesn't have anything to do with the content of the media, but rather with the technical side of Osturland communications...(like overseeing the quality of the technical infrastructure of Osturland media outlets...etc.) so not so much censorship...

@Pipishere - glad to hear that I correctly remembered your first CJ! I'm glad you liked the pics...that bridge had been a source of frustration for me. I designed the bridge in LE and transit enabled it, but when I plopped it and connected it, the maxis props for the avenue kept overwritting my new bridge...finally I got lucking plopping it once..it worked..and I immediately saved the game  :D Anyways, thanks for stopping by, Pip!

@Nova Vesfalo - Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you liked the layout of the 1st Ward...Transportation is a major concern for the people of Payens...our transportation network includes the GLR, subway, and bus system...I have a transportation update planned for the future! Thanks again for you comments!

Thanks for the comments everyone...I'm planning my next update for later this week. Till then, Cheers!


I'm speechless! Beautiful, one of the best MD / CJ ever  &apls espically those canals and trams..oooh..


Yoder7652, awesome update.  The tram line looks great.  I have finally tried it out in my city and the sims seem to love it.  I have very high commuters, what about you?  I ran mine trough my DT only though.  Do you run yours through DT and Res.?
Anyways.....great work once again!

Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Hello Ryan ,

Sorry to be late with you ...  :P
Awesome mosaics of the city of style & grace , like said Kwakelaar ... I noticed your use of some MAXIS' buildings , good choice , some of them are really beautiful . You give me regrets with your great GLR network . I gave up with it after too much game crashes before I learned the trick to use it correctely . Now that's too late for me , this would request too much changes ... ::)
About T Neu building , strange news ; I downloaded it some time ago and have forgotten it because I didn't find it in any menu . After have checked my plugins and have had a look with LE , it seems that I only got the Model & Desc files ... no Lot . ()sad()

Anyway , " Long Life to Osturland !" , from AntiGone , where Osturland's embassy has been just inaugurated . ;D

To the next . ;)

°   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °


amazing, Osturland sends out a sereen feeling and everything looks so in order!
i realy like the way your handeling the LE...truely amazing!!
Your amazing Buildings are in Liaane aswell, i just love the perfect look of them!!
i say "amazing" a lot do i?  :P
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Ahh, yoder - one day I will be able to emulate such elegant precision in my cities.  :-\  $%Grinno$%

The overviews of the city and the avenues over the canal are just top-notch  &apls

BTW - wasn't able to get the parking lot, but it's not to worry As the saying goes, membership has its priveledges  ()stsfd()


Hi Yoder.

The first ward is very impressive. I like the way you have arranged the buildings and the excuisite mosaics. The Jubilee Dome is (apart from a great millenium dome bat) a wonderfull 'temporary' addition to the city. And a perfect location for the celebrations. One could say that the 12 masts could be regarded as a stialised crown of Osturland.



A few quick replies.....
@Bengt - Thanks for the compliment...I'm glad you like my MD. I love the canals by Oppie and the tram textures are top notch IMO...thanks to the creators of custom content!

@Rooker1 - Thanks Robin! I'm glad you like the tram line...I hope to do an update about the transportation system in Payens in the near future. My sims tend to love GLR too. I also have very high numbers of ridership on the tram lines. My GLR network is integrated with my subway system so between the two, they cover much of the city of Payens. The GLR tends to be downtown and in the historic distric and the subway runs everywhere else. Thanks for your interest  :)

@Badsim - Better late than never  :P :D I'm glad you liked the mosaics. Ahhh the GLR...that was a source of frustration when I was implementing it. Now with the draggable GLR in Nam, it is a snap! The biggest problem with putting it in my city is that I had to plan far in advance what I wanted to place where so that the GLR and roads would not get in the way, it made my game experience to be more calculated than I like (I like to just build where I feel the urge :D ). I'm glad you found the T Neu building...I remembered after your post that when I downloaded it, there was no lot for it...so I made my own. I actually forgot that I had it in my plug in folder until I saw an update by Sepsis when he used it in Rodina, and then I decided to make something out of it. I'm sure that making a lot for the building will not be a difficult feat for you  ;D I look forward to seeing what you come up with for this great building. I saw the new embassy and must say that the leaders of Osturland are very pleased with such a handsome looking facilities! Thanks...always!

@Fledder200 - ahhh you don't say amazing too much  :D I'm glad you like Osturland and like my feeble attempts at the LE. I've been learning much by admiring the work of Badsim and Antigone. I'm glad to hear that some of my buildings are in Liaane...I'm gald you like my handywork ;D Again, thanks for the comment!

@Mattb325 - please...elegant precision...you're crazy! :P I'm am working on Osturland countryside and I'm trying to emulate the level of nature found in your MD. Your use of seasonal trees, rocks, mayor mod plops...is amazing! I'm glad you liked the overviews of the 1st Ward...I hope to show more of the city in the comming weeks. Couldn't find the parking lot?...or is the link dead, if it is pm me and I'll send it to you! Again, thanks Matt.

@Strechnitz - I'm glad you liked the 1st ward Strech. I had alot of fun making the Jubille (millenium) Dome...it actually was one of the fastest bats I've ever made. During the celebrations I'll hopefully have some fireworks overhead so I look forward to sharing some more pictures of it with the community. Come to think of it, the masts do look sort of like a crown :D I would've never thought of that...that is what makes you so creative Strech!...thinking outside the box ;D Thanks for your comment.

Well everyone this weekend I have several updates planned for the Jubilee Celebration of HRH King William Gardannes. I'm planning two updates one on friday and the other on sunday. Most of the materials are together now, but I do have a few things left to make/take pictures of so I'll keep this short. Below is piece that Time put together in honor of King William and his anniversary bash. I hope you all enjoy it!


Hi Yoder,

That is a very tastefull article. Time magazine has a very nice background article on King Gardannes. I look forward to reading the rest of the article. and the rest of the jubilee.

Good luck assembling everything :thumbsup:



That's a nice title page of that newspaper! Also great article! :thumbsup:


Oooops ... I think it's time to prepare my luggage ... (I'm the personal adviser of president Eniaux , so he never travels without me ) .

See you next at Payens itself . ;)

Excellent teaser papers . :thumbsup:

... and congratulations for your first challenge at "SC4 Pictures Competition" , though I'm a bit annoyed you posted it against Snaper ... ;D

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Great newspaper update Yoder....the article made for a nice little read.  :)


A few quick replies....

@Strechnitz - Glad you like the Time Magazine piece...I have more text planned, but I haven't finished the article yet. I think it will be rather short as I have to finish the weekend updates and I'm running short on time (this is finals week at my university and I'm grading my students exams :thumbsdown:, but this weekend marks the beginning of summer and I'll have a little more time  :thumbsup: ). As always thanks for you comments and your input into the weekend celebrations!

@Bat - Thanks, I'm glad you liked what I worked up for the commemorative issue. I had alot of fun making the layout and "doctoring" that photo of King William  ;D As always, thanks for your comment!

@Badsim - YES! you do need to get your luggage together! I have a special chariot to bring your delegation to Osturland that I've pm'd you about  $%#Ninj2 Thanks for the congrats on the picture competition...I love the picture by Snaper, but I thought it was one of the only opportunities to place a parade pic v. a parade pic...and I had just finished working on Patrick :P

@Pipishere - Thanks for stopping by! Im glad you liked the article...be sure to check in this weekend as I'll have a couple of updates that I hope you'll enjoy!

Well everyone, I'm still on track for this weekend...I've been making some new lots, doing some new bats, and dabbeling with photoshop! Till then.....Cheers!


New lots and BATs?? [insert expectant drool here!]

Can't wait!  ()stsfd()
See the all-new National Capital Region!:http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=15118.0


Very much looking forward to this weekend then.


It's true that I 'm owned by your very beautiful image  ;D
But like we say in french : C'est de bonne guerre  :P I hope that you can translate this phrase  ;D

10-0 it's a little severe  :P no ?


The first ward pictures were a pleasure to look again Ryan, so much style as you capture there, just amazing. The newspaper is very promissing.... looking forward again to the next update my friend!

Check my MD:               


a few replies before the 1st of the Jubilee Celebration updates!

@Schulmanator - Yes, a few new lots and Bats...although I'm not sure what/if any will be upload worthy  ::) but they will make for some interesting pictures at least.  ;D No need to wait any longer, the first of the updates is here!

@Kwakelaar - Glad to hear it...wait no longer, the first update is here **runs off to finish taking pictures for the second promised update so Kwakelaar isn't disappointed**  ;D As always, glad to see you around.

@Snaper - I wouldn't say owned...I think my picture just had a little shock value. I was able to translate and my response would be that you were a most worthy opponent!  ;D I do hope you will resubmit your picture again in the future as I would like to vote for it again! Thanks for stopping by.

@Sebes - Thanks Sebes! I appreciate your comments and I'm glad you like what I've recently put together. After all the Jubilee stuff I'll have another set of mosaics of the government district. Till then....everyone will have to make due with this update! ;D

OK....now that those have been addressed, let's get on to the business of the day (or evening depending where you are on the globe :D ).

***cue theme music***

Welcome everyone to our ongoing coverage of HRH King William Gardannes' Jubilee Celebration. I'm Catie Kouric and you're watching Today's News on the Osturland Broadcasting Network. Isn't it marvelous that only a short 50 years ago our most admired monarch took the throne in Osturland? Of course I guess I can't remember it since I wasn't even born yet then *winks to the camera*. Throughout the capital city of Payens, celebrating and rejoicing abound. The federal government has a flurry of activities setup for King William and many public demonstrations for people of all ages to enjoy. We now go live to our man on the ground covering the first of the major public events in Payens, the Jubilee Parade. Latt Mauer....Latt are you there?

Latt: Yes I'm here Catie...you are coming through loud and clear! Hello everyone! Welcome to the Jubilee Parade! The parade is currently taking place in Payens 4th Ward right on Gardannes Avenue, how appropriate right? Parade officials tell us that there are many new parade balloons made specifically for this event. We go now to aerial pictures of the first float and I'm joined by my colleague Veredith Mieira. Tell us Veredith what is the first float coming our way?

Veredith: Well Latt, the first float coming down Gardannes Ave. is that lovable skateboarding kid...Oscar from the OBN morning cartoon lineup. Always getting into trouble with family and friends, this rambunctious kid loves to hang out, have a good time, skateboard, and of course eat alot of pizza. Coming up right behind Oscar is the melodious stylings of the Payens University Marching Band.

Latt: My 7-year old son just loves that Oscar...and how marvelous does that band sound? Top notch, really!

Veredith: That's right Latt...next up is a lesser known character from Disney's Finding Lemo...did anyone say cowabunga? Yes it is Mario the surfing fish!...Followed directly by the animated star that everyone loves from the Fox network in America...Bart Simpson! The Simpsons have now officially been on the air for almost as long as King William has been on the throne of Osturland, hahaha!

Latt: Hahaha, great one Veredith!

Catie: Not too much of a fun time you two! Veredith what do you see next?

Veredith: Well...It looks like, oh yes it is...it is Mr. Potato Head. Mr. Potato Head is the oldest balloon in today's parade. He has seen years and years of faithful service to various parades around Payens and really around the whole of Osturland. His last appearance was just this past year in the Annual Founders Day Celebration here in Payens. On a personal note...this was one of my favorite toys growing up...in fact, I still play with my Mr. Potato Head, but you didn't hear that from me, Latt!

Latt: I know what you mean Veredith. Mr. Potato Head was very impactful during my formative years...Although I haven't picked one up in at least a year or two.

Latt: Anyone else hear music?

Veredith: Oh yes, that is the Herrington Military Academy Marching 280! One of the most renowned marching bands in Osturland, they are known throughout the world just for their size!

Latt: I think I spy a new float! Yes...yes I think I do...

Veredith: La la la la la la la la la la la la....That's right, Latt...the next float is a new one to Osturland parades. It is one of the Smurfs. The fun loving Smurfs have a merry time although I've always wondered why there were so few girl Smurfs? Huh, well it must just be one of the mysteries of nature.

Catie: My kids just love watching the Smurfs, although now there are only on the Cartoon Network, I wonder why it took the organizers of Osturland parades so long to come up with a Smurf balloon? At any rate, it looks like there is another new balloon coming up behind the Smurf.

Veredith: Indeed it is Catie. It is another balloon based on Disney's Finding Lemo. Stuart is the lovable fish Lemo finds to protect him from the shrimp in the movie. Stuart is actually the largest of all the balloons in today's parade. Next up is the Osturland Military Drum and Bugle Corps. These guys and gals play private concerts with HRH....of course in the context of their larger ensemble, the Osturland Military Band.

Latt: Well it looks like another Disney character is making its way down Gardannes Avenue. Is that...oh yes, it is Flik from Disney Pictures, A Bug's Life. Flik is one of the smallest balloons in the parade, even still...he has to always be on the lookout for those grasshoppers! Watchout FLIK!

Veredith: Right you are Latt...right you are. Moving on, we have a rodeo wrangle. Masters of horse and stage...and stage coach! These are actors from the hit musical "Annie Get Your Gun" the Annie Oakely story currently playing right here in Osturland at the Palmer House theater...which, for this evening will be home to the Annual AIDs Research Benefit, put on by the Osturland Opera & Dance Co.

Latt: What is that ugly thing...oh yes it is Furby! Ugh, I never get over how goofy and ugly it looks. Furby is being followed closely by emergency response vehicles from Payens own Metropolitan Fire Department. These heroes put everything on the line to protect the safety of the citizens of Payens....maybe they can do something about that Furby.

Veredith: Good one Latt...you have me rollin!

Latt: I wasn't trying to be funny Veredith!

Veredith: Oh, well...moving on....next up we have glimpse of Donald Duck going on an undercover mission...cover duck! Followed by another new balloon in this parade...Patrick from Spongbob Square Pants. Oh my kids just adore that show! I wonder if I can get his autograph?

Latt & Veredith: Back to you in the studio, Catie!

Catie: Well, welcome back everyone. Thanks again for tuning in for the Payens Jubilee Parade. Today there is more activity going on than just the Jubilee Parade. Several hours ago a delegation of representatives from Antigone arrived at Payens International Airport to join King William in another special event taking place later tonight. Among them were: Mr  Richard Eniaux, President of Replublic Of Antigone & Federate Territories, Mr  Christian Serre, Prime Minister of Antigone & Federate Territories, Ms  Anne Boiveau, Foreign Affairs Minister of Antigone & Federate Territories, and Mr Geoffrey Bremer Mayor of AntiGone city and Grand Master of Antigone's masonic lodge. All of them plan to attend the Annual AIDs Research Benefit tonight at Palmer House and then they will make a special presentation to HRH King William Gardannes and the people of Osturland tomorrow. They are not only in town to celebrate Jubilee, but also as apart of the recent diplomatic relationship between Osturland and Antigone. Tomorrow morning another delegation will arrive at Payens International Airport from Stropon. The Emperor recently assigned Lord Francis Dragomirov Blauheim as ambassador from Stropon to Osturland and he will be joining the festivities tomorrow. I'm told that he will have a special presentation for the king at the Jubilee Ball tomorrow night.

Catie: Besides the Annual AIDs Research Benefit, which will begin shortly, HRH King William Gardannes presented the people of Payens with a gift from the government. The Payens Eye was unveiled in Payens Metropolitan Park. It serves as an observation wheel with magnificent views all around Payens. Directly across the Molay River is the Citadel. Views of the 1st and 4th Wards from the Payens Eye are amazing.

Catie: We now go to a live shot of the Payens Eye and get a first glimpse of this mechanical wonder at night. I can't wait to take my first spin on the wheel.

Catie: As our broadcast comes down to a close, we are going to go live to the Annual AIDs Research Benefit that has just started in the Payens Government Center District at the Palmer Theater. Tonight only the opera, Carmen, is playing to raise funds and awareness for AIDs. The opera is a collaborative effort between the Palmer Theater house, the Osturland Opera & Dance Co., and the Osturland Foundation for AIDs Research. Seats at this one night only event range from $500 to $3,000. We now go live to some shots around the Palmer Theater House.

Catie: Well this concludes our broadcast for tonight. I want to thank my colleagues Latt Mauer and Veredith Mieira for there help with the parade coverage and I want to thank all of you for tuning in. On behalf of the Osturland Broadcasting Network, we would like to extend our congratulations to King William on his Jubilee Celebration. Lastly, I wish you all a fun and happy evening.

***cue theme music***

Tune in Sunday for the rest of this continuing coverage! Cheers


Wow... I'm stunned! What a great update! :o

The balloons and parade stuff look fantastic and the overall presentation is very realistic. I thoroughly enjoyed it... :thumbsup:
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Waaaw  :o Your parade is amazing  :o

It's very complete, there are all that it is necessary to have a parade worthy of this name  &apls

And excellent work with the LE ... I love your Panyes Eye Unveiled  :thumbsup:

Bravo my friend  &apls &apls