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Started by Yoder7652, March 31, 2007, 12:01:33 PM

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That is stunning! &apls &apls &apls

I don't even know where to begin... but I think the tenniscourts where what first made me drop my jaw. The look... WOW! And the swim arena, just beautiful. Well, everything is pretty much as close to perfect as it can get. :thumbsup:

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WOW....... :o .............i loved the .....and .....oh...and that was......and...and...tennis courts........stadium...and the.....oh and the swim pool wih diving board........and the .....and.... the torch tower. 
The whole update was absolutley incredible, great work!!!


Robin   :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Awesome first part of this, Yoder! Excellent pictures of that very great looking area! :thumbsup:


amazing work....simply amazing...... :shocked2:
"Dear Prudence wont you come out and play..."


I'm at a loss for words. Breathtaking! Incredible! Amazing! I...I'm speechless.


 :o :o :o :o etc.

:blahblah: Osturland has knocked all other Simlympics out. There is only one mistake, and it is commerical advertisments on stadium. They aren't allowed during Olympics, but maybe Sim's have their own rules  :blahblah:

&apls &apls &apls


It is the first time I see someone hosting the Simlympics, and you have done a terrific job of it. So many things have been taken care of I can't think anything else than that the Simlympics comitee should be very pleased with their choice of nation to host the games.
The park with the fountain in the middle will be a great remembrance spot for these games, and I really like the design that you have made for it.
And as so many have already said the bats are amazing &apls


Well...how about some replies since I'm so far behind on them  &mmm &ops :D

Replies from Reid's debut...

@Snorrelli, Pipishere, Bengt, Vester, Bat, M4346, Schulmanator, Thundercrack83, Shadow Assassin, Toxicpiano, N1_2888, Iamgoingtoeatyou,      - Thanks so much for the warming congratulations and well wishes, it is much appreciated!

@Dedgren - Reid will be a great SC4 player I'm sure of it. I've already started the indoctrination process  >:D Thanks for your comments it truely is an adventure...hopefully we'll survive  :-[ ;D

@Patfirefghtr - Thanks Pat...your photoshop of the pic was great! Thanks for the congrats!

@Fledder200 - Yeah he is sweet...well except at 3:00am in the morning  :D then I have to keep telling myself, this too shall pass  :D ;D It has been great so far! Thanks for you comment.

@Mickebear - Thanks Mika, there are never enough good smilies around when you need them. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on the new bundle of joy!

@Kimcar - Thanks, I'll try to savor each moment...even the unsavory ones  :D ;D Time is running fast, he is already more than 3 weeks old! It is unbelievable. Thanks for stopping by!

@Mattb325 - Thanks for the congrats on the Simlympics...hopefully you like the opening ceremony. My wife didn't mind labor after the epideral.... :D she was feeling really good with the pain medication she was on...however, before the epideral she was cursing me  :D ;D Thanks for your congrats and for stopping by!

@Rooker1 - Thanks, I'm glad you liked the pictures. I think your right about life only getting better...even though it has been stressful it has really been alot of fun and satisfying.

@Eddie - Thanks both for the congrats on the Simlympics bid ( I hope you enjoy the opening ceremony) and on the newborn. That is an interesting idea...I'll have to remember to show him my Osturland thread with the well wishes when he gets older....assuming Jeronij keeps it all running that long! Thanks for you comment and for stopping by.

@Filasimo - Thanks! I'm glad you like the custom content for the bid. I apperciate your kind words on the birth of my son! Thanks for stopping by.

@Yanyan - I'll be sure to tell him bonjour! He has had many international greetings and gifts from our friends in Kenya, England, and France. When he grows up he is going to want to do a lot of traveling if his mother has anything to say about it. Thanks for commenting, I appreciate it.

@NikNik - I am glad you got out of lurker mode  ;D I recall seeing pictures of you sons somewhere around here. I intend to enjoy as much of it as possible. It seems he is growing alot already and he is not that old! I can easily see getting out of bed someday and he will be a grown man...time does fly. Anyways, I'll extend you congrats to my wife...thanks for stopping by as always!

@Badsim - Hello my friend...our nights are short  :D ;D and often interrupted! Everything is going well here...I actually submitted these pictures on this site before I sent them to some of my family  &ops  :D...but as you know, I love this community! Thanks for your kind words about my bats, lots, etc. I am sure that you are ready to get ahold of some of these...I plan to investigate at the BSC soon to see if any modders are available to get these together for release...so hopefully it won't take too long. I do intend to release about everything for everyone who wants them to enjoy. I hope to see some of them grace future Simlympic bids from other members in this community, but we'll see. I passed your kiss on to my wife and son  ;D

@Serkanner - Thanks for stopping by....I hope his prospects are bright and that he is healthy and happy, I know I'll do whatever I can to see to it. Thanks again for your kind words.

@Jonnie - I'm glad that you have read Osturland and posted your first post here at SC4D in my thread. Welcome to the site! Well the Citadel was fun to make and the walls were a particular frustration for me...they are subpar (actually just the diagonals are) for my standards so they are not likely to get released...but I may see that the straight sections make it onto LEX...we'll see. Thanks again for stopping by.

@Thundercrack83 - Thanks for your patience!  ;D

Replies from Simlympic Opening Ceremony...

@Filasimo - Thanks, I hope to release them in the future...not sure how long it'll take for them to get ready, but rest assurred that they are on their way! Thanks for your comments!

@Patfirefghtr - Thanks Pat, I'm glad you liked the update. I hope to have an update ready for around the last day of the games that again will showcase some pictures taken around the venues during the games. Thanks for your comments!

@Fantnet - Well your going to have to wait  :D :D :D ;D Seriously, I hope to get everything released in the future so don't worry! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

@M4346 - Thanks M, I'm glad you liked the opening ceremony....a bang was what I was going for, so I'm glad you thought that was what it was! ;D

@Emilin - Thanks, I'm glad you liked it...the Tennis Center is my baby...I had the most fun putting this lot together and making these buildings. I guess it was because tennis courts are sorely lacking in the game. Anyways, I'm glad you liked the update, thanks for commenting!

@Rooker1 - Thanks Robin, I'm glad you liked how it all came together. It took quite awhile to get together, but it was fun to do it. Thanks for you comments, I always appreciate them.

@Bat - Thanks Bat, I'm glad you liked the kickoff to the Simlympics!

@Oyd - Glad you like my work...thanks for stopping by and commenting!

@Thundercrack83 - Well I hope you get your words back! Glad to hear you liked the update, it was alot of work, but I truely enjoyed putting it together!

@Bengt - Ahhh yes, you caught a snafu that I forgot about...the advertisements! I did intend to leave them out, but ultimately forgot and the stadium took about 24 hours for me to render so I decided to leave them  :P Anyways, I'm glad you liked the update!

@Kwakelaar - Well this is actually the 5th Simlympics in the organizations history, however it is the first one here at SC4D. The others can all be found at ST...I've tried to be detailed with the bid and ceremony so I'm glad that you've found it thorough. I hope that the committee likeds what Payens has accomplished with its bid and implementation of the bid. Like I said earlier, there will be one more update for the end of the games showcasing some random pictures of the venues during the games. I will also post all the results of the events here in this thread. I'm glad you liked the fountain...that is actually a model that came from Ripptide. It is the globe from his Atlas statue found on the board, I've just made it much larger and put a fountain underneath it. I thought it would be nice way to mark the 1 year anniversary of the Simlympics. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Emperor Stormont

OMG How simply fabulous, I died when I saw the Simlympic park with the earth model, truly fabulous indeed Ryan.

This was certainly worth the wait and the effort you put it has also paid off, everything looks stunning, many congratulations.  &apls  &apls   &apls   &apls   &apls

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Ok...I want to update everyone on the games....

Today was the first day of the games and we now have results for the 800 meter Middle Distance race and Polo competitions.

First for the Middle Distance race...the winner of the Gold was Eureka, the winner of the Silver was Trent, and the winner of the Bronze was Linden!

Second for Polo...the winner of the Gold was DeKalb, the winner of the Silver was New London, and the winner of the Bronze was Avery!

Congratulations to all of today's winners  &apls


Brilliant update. The opening ceremony was amazing. I really love that swirly paver you are using on many of your lots - very eye-catching!

Shadow Assassin

Very nice work!

The stadium during the opening ceremony seems to be a wee bit empty... :P
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Well Yoder words almost fail me. your opening ceremony update is truly stunning!

Spectacular fireworks my dear friend. I do hope that Osturland has the honor of winning a lot of gold medals! :thumbsup:

Last but certainly not least, how is the little one doing? already sleeping through the night lika a little angel or is he still testing your ability to wake up in th middle of the night? ;)

take care.

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very nice that Olympic update. great buildings and I just love that Unity through Athletics monument. Great work. Nice also to see that the texture (as matt325 also stated) of all buildings is the same, it makes the whole area much more unified.

Congratulations with the winners of 800 m midle distance race and the Polocompetitions.

One tip if you allow me what I seem to miss in some of the Olympic towns I have seen over the past years at ST and here at SC4D is the area for the rowing regatta (I believe I have seen it once) and the sailing competition (never seen before). Did I miss it in Osturland too?

Take care and give a big kiss to the little one (you will become more and more behind in the replies I swear  ;) ).



Hi Ryan ,

Of course , of course , all is brilliant considering the time that you allow youself on LOTting .... so many things to do , so little time .
I think I would have suggest you the use the excellent olympic props ( a banner and a fountain ) coming the Olympic Tennis Stadium by jtportland ....
I guess that's too late . &mmm

I remember that FOX ( which I consider as a master ) have created a wonderfull avenue design with them ... ::)

Can't wait to see what's next my friend ...

... and take care of your little Leo ...( I'm fom the 13 of August  ;D)


°   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °


Update time....

Today was the second day of the games and we now have results for the Shot Put and Judo competitions.

First for the Shot Put...the winner of the Gold was Lloyd, the winner of the Silver was the United Nations of Movia, and the winner of the Bronze was Eureka!

Second for Judo...the winner of the Gold was Avery, the winner of the Silver was Casanares, and the winner of the Bronze was Sutherway!

Congratulations to all of today's winners!


Geez What an openning . Super work and pics you show us. First time that i love Olympic games  ;D


Looks like the games are going well! Congrats again on hosting them, my friend!


Update time....

Today was the third day of the games and we now have results for the Pole Vault and Tug-of-War competitions.

First for the Pole Vault...the winner of the Gold was Aosta, the winner of the Silver was Osturland, and the winner of the Bronze was Domeston!

Second for Tug-of-War...the winner of the Gold was DeKalb, the winner of the Silver was Nova Vesfalo, and the winner of the Bronze was New Rhodesia!

Congratulations to all of today's winners (especially Osturland  ;D )!


Wow Ryan - am soo glad that you decided to bat Reid... and having "only" 3 days = 3 pages updates on Osturland during my 3 week vacation. At least I got a chance to read them all now. Imagine I had to go throught 21 pages of these quality updates   &Thk/(

1st: congratulations with your great son!
2nd: congratulations with winning the Simlympic Bids
3rd: those tennis courts are freaking me out... absolute top
4th: good choice on the recurring black-white texture in the Simlympic Area
5th: that Swim Center is just unbelieveable  :o
6th: fabulous opening ceremony - the King running with the tourch -  :thumbsup:
7th: and hittting the 400th posts - you deserve a medal yourself now!  :thumbsup:
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