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December 05, 2022, 04:27:02 PM

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Republic of Jiesan

Started by dizflip, July 22, 2009, 10:17:55 PM

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Jiesan is a country located in the Korean peninsula sharing borders with China to the north, North Korea, Isporos, and South Korea to the west. The Sea of Japan seperates Jiesan from Japan. It is a founding member of the League of Nations, a democratic union.

Jiesan was founded after the fall of Silla in the early 10th Century. It remained in power for only a brief period until the emeperor was overthrown by the Goryeo Dynasty in 935. It remained annexed with the Goryeo Dynasty until its fall in 1392.

In 1392, King U sent two generals, Yi Seong-gye and Seo Hwa-gye on a campaign to capture Liaoning of China. However, Yi Seong-gye stopped at the border and rebelled, causing the fall of the Goryeo empire. Upon learning about the rebellion, Seo Hwa-gye staged his own rebellion and captured the city of Jindo, present-day Hwagye.

After killing the last three kings of Goryeo, Yi Seong-gye established the Joseon Dynasty and sent his troops to defeat Seo Hwa-gye, but failed. Eventually, the two generals declared a truce and the Jiesan Dynasty was re-founded.

In 1910, the Japanese Imperial Army invaded the Korean peninsula. Despite the "forced occupation", the Japanese government constructed much of Jiesan's raiways for the purpose extracting the land's natural resources. Following the Japanese defeat in 1945, the Republic of Jiesan was founded while the Koreas were ultimately divided.

During the Korean War, North Korea invaded Jiesan. The Jiesanese government immediately allied with South Korea and its allies shortly thereafter. In the summer of 1953, near the end of the war, Jiesan regained its territory, however, the two Koreas failed to unify following cease-fire armstice.

As of today, civilian border movement between North Korea is prohibited and is under heavy military supervision due to threats of invasion by the North Korean government. However, South Koreans ans Isporosans enjoy border control free entrance into Jiesan.

Thanks to the massive infrastructure development by the Japanese during WWII, Jiesan's economy prospered after the war. During the 1980s, Jiesan's economy transitioned into a manufacturing-based economy much like South Korea's. It became the third fastest growing economy in Asia after Japan and South Korea. As South Korea's economic success was dubbed the "Miracle on the Han River", Jiesan's was called "Another Miracle on the Song River".

Official Name: Republic of Jiesan (제산민국) (pronounced Jeh-sahn)
Capital: Kilgeo (길고) (pronounced kil-go)
Population: 46,304,400 (est. 2007)
Official Language: Korean
Geographical Location: Northeast Asia
Area: around 110,000 sq km

Type: Republic
President: Park Jae-shin (박재신) (2008-incumbent)

Stock Index: Jiesan Composite Index (제산종합주가지수) (JCI)
GDP Per Capita: $20,935

Military Population: 2,324,107
Minimum Mandatory Service: 2 years


Kilgeo CBD
North Kilgeo
Songgang Bridge
Kilgeo close-up

Please visit my MD! Also, come over to the League of Nations and be a part of it! We'd love to see you there!



Kilgeo is the capital and largest city of Jiesan. It is special city that has provincial self governing status known as the Kilgeo National Capital District and is home to the national government.

Jiesanese Parliament

National Museum

Kilgeo Central Station - built during the Japanese occupation

Please visit my MD! Also, come over to the League of Nations and be a part of it! We'd love to see you there!


Beautiful start  :thumbsup:
Your business district is awsome  &apls


Hello, dizflip!

Wow! What a start you are off to here, my friend! Excellent work! If this is what we'll be seeing regularly here in Jiesan, I will be following along for sure!

One quick question for you, too: Where can I find the building that you've used as the National Museum? Seeing your work with it, I'm inspired to play with it myself!

Can't wait to see more!



this is a very nice start dizflip. a good history and some nice pics. i like the captions below each pic to explain its function.
nice use of the korean language too. im heading back to the land of the morning calm in the next month or so, so i can use
the practice! my region is also related to korea, i use a busan map.


Just excellent, excellent, and once again, excellent &apls

Guillaume :thumbsup:
L'atelier d'architecture
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 &apls &apls Excellent start. I really enjoy what i saw. Great lotting too. :thumbsup:


Impressive City & Lotting  :thumbsup:

Tomas Neto



Dino007: Thanks, glad you like!
thundercrack83: Thank you for the warm welcome. Pity how it has only recently come to my attention on how truly awesome this site is! However, better late than never, I say. I'm glad you like my MD! The lot you are looking for is called Shanghai Science and Technology Museum.
jmdude1: Thank you! I'm curious though. Can you actually read Korean?
Sciurus: Merci! hehe..
kimcar: Thanks! I hope you stick around for more!
Nexis4Jersey: Thanks! Nice to see you here lol
Tomas Neto: Thank you! Let's hope I can follow through. hehe

Not much of an update today. Just a portion of North Kilgeo where many of the low rise housing, equivalent of American suburbs, are located.

Please visit my MD! Also, come over to the League of Nations and be a part of it! We'd love to see you there!


Wow, those suburbs are amazing. Also, the previous downtown update was truly impressive, and (sorry) where did you get the ANZ building in the first and third pictures? (ANZ stands for Australia New Zealand (Bank) - btw)(Found it!)
I can't wait to see more.
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Quote from: joelyboy911 on July 24, 2009, 03:51:46 PM
Wow, those suburbs are amazing. Where did you get the house BATs? Also, the previous downtown update was truly impressive, and (sorry) where did you get the ANZ building in the first and third pictures? (ANZ stands for Australia New Zealand (Bank) - btw)

I can't wait to see more.

Hey Joel its on the stex, got it myself. Search it and it'll probably come up.

Dizflip, beautiful city there and am loving the theme in the suburbs. &apls &apls


that was a nice little update. nice use of the canals and sunken highway. im looking forward to more.

actually, i can read korean quite easily, its the speaking and understanding it that kills me.  i lived in
korea for a few years in the early part of this decade and i also studied korean at university. 
unfortunately my skills are poor due to lack to practice and studying. im sure that will all change when
i go back next month.

keep up the good work.


 &apls &apls Excellent work once again. It`s look so real. It`s amazing. :thumbsup:


Wow!  Your downtown core looks wonderful.  You have an impressive array of buildings and the landscaping detail is very nice.  Those suburbs look wonderful too.  The multi-colored roofs add a nice feel.

This is great.  Can't wait for the next update.  :thumbsup:


Really a very interesting idea for a MD.   I love the "suburbs".   I'd love to know a bit more about them.   I've been trying to make a city that is entirely one theme, in it's residential construction.   Something along the similar lines as you have here.     Are the buildings grown or plopped?     Where did they come from?     
Very kool indeed.


They say that the memory is the second thing that goes....
...dang , I wish I could remember the first.
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Great to see Jiesan here, ally! North Kilgeo looks terrific; your choice of residential BATs is perfect. Looking forward to more!

Feel brand new. Be inspired.
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Looking good. That's for sure! :thumbsup:


I love Asia, now we have finally another Asian MD! Very nice looking!



I like North Kilgeo "suburbs" and the pics from update 1 are awesome, the way you placed the Arena apart from everything and near the sea is great!