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Looking for PropFamilies of trucks

Started by FrankU, October 05, 2009, 01:38:10 AM

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Dear friends,

Of course I could dive into the deep and try to make some desired propfamilies myself, but maybe someone has done that already?

I am looking for prop families of trucks. I do already have some by Simgoober, CSX and Gascooker. I also have Cogeo's Logistics Pack.
I do hope there are some famlies around that contain JeStarr's beautiful trucks, especially the angled ones.

Do they exit and if yes: where? Are they maybe part of someone's custom lots?


Well, now it's two days later and I have not received any suggestions.  :'(

So maybe the best I can do is give some suggestions myself, because in the meantime I found out that it is really easy to make prop families myself. So I did.  ()stsfd()

When I finshed them I will try to upload them to a place where everyone can find them. Of course I mean to add them to some lots, but if I am going to publish these is hidden in the mists of the future...


Sorry Frank, didn't see this. Yeah, the best option is to make families yourself, although ensure you get a range off barby so you don't end up adding your props to someone elses family.  Also, make sure to create new Prop Exemplars if you are uploading them as editing existing exemplars can lead to the Pox.



Barby gave me already some iid's.
When making my families I follow the instructions from the tutorial "Creating your own prop families (extended version)" http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=211.0
I did not edit existing families, I built my own form scratch. It is really extremely easy, and it is fun!
I presume this procedure will not end up in pox? Because I would never want to release Cityviruses.
So if this tutorial is not ok, please let me know and ask the writer to edit the tutorial!

In the meantime I have been fooling around and produced four families of JeStarr trucks (from his megaprops vol.6). Four families of eight trucks each: Straight, 22.5L, 22.5D and 45 degrees diagonal. Are you interested? It is always easier to download than to edit yourself.
And now I am working on families with mixed props for industrial and warehouse lots. I think they might be versatile for other users.
I have some questions about things I encounter, but this is not the right thread for these.


Those sound very useful, Frank, please offer the exemplars for upload when you have finished. Pox, so far as we can ascertain, only happens when you edit Maxis props without changing the IID. It could possible happen if editing existing custom props without changing the IID but that is less likely.
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Ok, so if I use the iid's you gave me there is no poxdanger?

I'll play around with my propfamilies a bit further. When finished I'll send them to.... yes, to where or whom? Some scrutinizing will be done, I guess?

Please also consider my questions in the thread "creating your own propfamilies"


You can email to me when you are ready and I will get the scrutineers to have a look at them. I have answered your questions in the other thead.
Inside every old person is a young person wondering what happened. TP

Barbypedia: More alive than the original