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The Imperial Atlantean Empire - An Empire of the stars

Started by Emperor Stormont, April 02, 2007, 05:30:17 PM

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Emperor Stormont

This CJ has been in existence since February 2007 and is currently hosted on Simtropolis and SC4D. It remains my single greatest expression of my unique creative style and striking attention to detail.

There are several things I would like to say before we start. This is not meant to be a realistic CJ, firstly it's set in the future, we use advanced technology but not in an absurd OTT way, but in a subtle way. I have also attempted to create an almost ideal nation, poverty does not exist, there is no crime and living standards are extremely high. City layouts are not meant to be real either, but grand in scale and showing detailed masterplanning.

I. Introduction, Imperial Capital, Simlympic Bid, Imperial Guards & Imperial University
II.Collin Glen & SCJU World Wonder Bid,
III.Atlantis International Commerce Zone, SCJU Union Day & URSC/SCJU Sim Calcio Final
IV.Atlantis from Space/IASA & Atlantan-Irish Tunnel Project

Early History
World War One
World War Two
The Fall of Caledon and birth of the Imperial Kingdom

The Imperial Kingdom of Atlantis was born out of war and poverty. A once powerful and great nation was left devasted by war, after countless economic depressions the people wanted, the people needed change. The National Movement for Reconciliation and Prosperity was formed and after election victory their leader Michael James Stormont went about creating a new nation.

Today the Imperial Kingdom is a highly advanced and wealthly nation. Located off the western coast of Ireland this island nation has regained its place as one of the most powerful nations on future earth. The people live under the Imperial Rule of Emperor Stormont III in a rich and crime free society where advanced technology maintains and continues to develop society. The Imperial Kingdom and her Colonies have once again found their place within the elite of global nations. This power is displayed by means to foreigners by means of wealth, technology and the masterplanning of the once war devasted cities of the island.


(Left to right - The Seal of the Imperial Kingdom, The Atlantan Flag and the Seal of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Stormont III)

Capital - Atlantis
Head of State - His Imperial Majesty Emperor Stormont III
Form of Government - Tricameral (Imperial Parliament, Congressional Senate and Colonial Congress
Head of Government - His Imperial Majesty Emperor Stormont III
Deputy Head of Government - The Rt. Hon Andrew Mountbatten
Official Languages - English, Gaelic (Irish), Latin, French
Area - 700,000 sq km
Currency - Imperial Daran
GDP - ID 30,000 trillion
GDP Per Capita - ID 556,000 ($1.1million) 2nd in the world after Ireland
Average exchange rate to USD - 1.89
Average Economic Growth - 15.7%
Annual Population Growth - 5.6%
Average life expectancy - Men = 95 / Women = 99
Adult and Child Literacy - 99.9%

Flag of the Imperial Capital

The capital was established after the formation of the Imperial Kingdom and was built on the former city of Queenstown which was devastated during the war. It is located in the south-west of the region and lies along the Mourne River which starts life in the Mourne National Park and ends in the Atlantic North Channel. It is the seat of Imperial Government, the National Parliament, Congressional Congress and Colonial Congress all meet here. The office of the Emperor, offices of government and the Imperial Palace are also located in the city. One of the most important aspects of the city is the large financial and commercial sector, the stock exchange is based in Atlantis and corporations from around the world also have based their corporate headquarters in the city, the city offers reduced taxes for such businessess.

Today the city is the largest and most important city in the country as well as being the political, economic, cultural and social centre of the empire. The city has a total population of 6.5 million and is split into 6 disticts.

It is also home to some of the most important cultural attractions in the Kingdom, the National Gallery and Imperial Museum reside in the capital. It is also the site of the most important war memorial in the Imperial Kingdom, the Caledon Memorial is located on the site of where the first missile landed during the surprise attack that started the Europa Larisa war. It is deciated to the civilian dead of the Kingdom and on the National Day of Remembrance this is where the Emperor commemorates the ending of the war.

In the east of the city is the large international airport as well as the newly constructed hypersonic passenger jet terminal.

The capital extends to the southern coast by means of the exclusive Malone, Glebe and Collinbridge comminities. This area also features the entrance and exit to the Atlantis Tunnel, this links the Kingdom to the island of Ireland by road and maglev trains and completes the Europa road/rail network connections.

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I've seen you CJ at ST...glad to see you here! Very interesting history/government organization...it is all very detailed  &apls &apls


This looks really good. A lot of details, and a good background story too. Some very interesting diagonals that look far better than anything I've been able to achive (these days most of my streets are just straight to avoid jagged edges). Also, good work with the trees.

All in all: &apls

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Michael- A really fine start.  Very comprehensive, leaving the reader ready (if not anxious) for more.

Atlantis looks like a worthwhile stop on anyone's MD tour.

Good luck!

D. Edgren

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This is a massive undertaking. A very nice first update with lots of facts and history about the Kingdom of Atlantis.
You have obviousliy gone for the grand city planning in your capital. I think the areas for the palaces and government buildings has turned out very well. The modern areas (especially the stadium area) look a bit like nice buildings put together without much interconnection.

There is so much to see here and I hope you will also show some closeups of the different areas of your capital.


Very nice start, the different monuments and parks are really awesome  :thumbsup:

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great work! comprehensive and inventive! would love to follow this MD unfold. welcome and enjoy!

Emperor Stormont

The Imperial Atlantean Empire MD <-- click to view
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2007 & 2008

Emperor Stormont

The Imperial Kingdom bid to host the Forth Simlympiad, unfortunately we did not win, in a surprising outcome Nyhaven got to host the games. All is not lost however, the Atlantan Site is now an International Sports City and some areas are under re-development for new residential districts.

The site was chosen to site the games due to the presence of the national maglev line in the area as well as being near the national high-speed rail network.


GAMES MOTO – "Imagine the possibilities"


A new maglev station has been built linking the site with the entire country including the large international airport as well as Ireland and the rest of Europa via a network of undersea tunnels

A high-speed rail station has been built to provide quick travel between all major cities as well as the airport. A bullet service will operate from the Atlantis International Airport to Atlantis Central Station and then to the games site.

The Kingdom operates a smart guided motorway network; the games site will be linked to the Atlantis Central District by means of a dedicated high-speed guided motorway.

The entire games site is served by light rail, all venues, the media village, athlete village and hotels all are linked together by the system.
Terminal 4 of the International Airport will be dealing with all Simlympic flights. The national carrier Poseidon Airlines will be the official carrier for the game.

Free Travel for all athletes, visitors and guests on all rail/shuttle/maglev and subway services.

The Games site will not host all the games. Fencing, equestrian, archery, mountain biking and sailing will all take place in other locations and will be detailed also.

Main Stadium – Opening/closing ceremonies and athletics
Molton Arena – Boxing, Judo, Taekwondo,
Aries Aquatic Centre – Swimming, Synchronised Swimming, Diving, Water Polo
Alberg Arena – Gymnastics, Table tennis
Simlympic Tennis Park – Tennis
Edison Rowing Lake – Rowing
Azure Arena – Indoor Cycling
Neptune Arena – Basketball, Handball, Volleyball, Weigh lifting
Bounty Field & Actim Stadium - Baseball
Simlympic Football Stadium & Eton Stadium – Soccer
Clarendon Arena – Hockey
Modern Pentathlon and Triathlon will be hosted in several of the above venues due to the nature of these sports.

This site also features a massive above-ground parking facility as well as under-ground provision in the Media and Athlete Village. The games site will also feature a large open plaza beside Arena Park with high-mast lights and big-screen televisions. These televisions will also feature throughout the site.

Corinth Imperial Palace – Fencing
Corinth Imperial Park – Archery, Shooting and Equestrian
Mourne National Park – Mountain Biking
Neptune Bay – Sailing
The Atlantis Imperial Palace Gardens – The Marathon will start from here and finish in the Main Stadium on the games site.

The park will host the vast majority of all the venues; it will also host the athletes in the Athlete Village. The village will not only provide homes for the athletes but training facilities, shops and an open air concert park where world class acts will perform on a nightly basis for the athletes, visitors, delegates and families.

The Media Park will also be the home to the Simlympic Team in a purpose built HQ for the duration of the games, we have also co-operated with several hotel groups and have constructed extremely high-quality hotel for all visitors and delegates.
The Media Village will provide accommodation for all national broadcasters and will host a newly built HQ for our national broadcaster ABC (Atlantis Broadcasting Corporation). ABC will also provide access to all broadcasters to the advanced silicon optic transmission infrastructure that Atlantis uses.

The games will be beamed to European homes via the Quartz Ultra High Definition service, outside of the Europa Broadcasting Union where technology is not as advanced, High Definition Blue will be used. All major national broadcasters will record the games for their respective audiences.

Atlantis has a dazzling array of attractions and historical places of interest for all visitors, many painstaking rebuilt after the Europa war. The city is one of the most cultural advanced in Europa if not the globe. With countless landmarks, galleries and museums across the entire country to theme parks, breathtaking landscapes and modern cosmopolitan cities we have everything for the visitor.

The entire country is a peaceful, crime-free and beautifully maintained. The people live in immense prosperity under the rule of their beloved Imperial Family and His Majesty Emperor Stormont III.
This city is one that would warmly welcome the athletes and delegates.

Here's to the Fourth Simlympiad.

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2007 & 2008


Good luck with your Simlympic bid Belfastuniguy and your newspaper is fab! :)


wonderful start and great newspaper! :thumbsup:

Emperor Stormont

Update Deleted....

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woah! shocking turn of events my friend. love your updates and the way you go about sharing your MD. and what is URSC?

Emperor Stormont


Yoder7625 – Many thanks for stopping by, I'm glad you like the detail I am trying to achieve something more then just loads of pics. So again many thanks

Emilin – Happy you like, diagonals can be difficult to pull off yes but just spend some time with them, line them with parks/trees and they will look good, hopefully get to see some of your work soon and good luck.

Dedgren – great to have you visit and your comments are greatly appreciated, many thanks

Kwakelaar – I'm very happy you like how the city has taken shape, I'm very pleased with the government areas. The sports site above was the first one I created and yes I see what you mean about lack of interconnection, I do see that. My Simlympic park does look better and hopefully you can see the difference. Your comments are greatly appreciated and hopefully see you around again.

Wouanagaine – Thank you, so pleased you like. I would also like to thank you for the DAT packer, has made playing this city fun again.

Heinz – Thank you for the welcome and comment. I look forward to seeing you return
Pipishere – Hello my friend, you certainly get around don't you, lol. Great to see you here and thank you for the comment. My I also congratulate you on your successful membership to the SCJU.

Bat – Thanks mate, and glad u like it all so far.

Heniz – Yeah a big change in direction, the Imperial Kingdom is not at war itself yet, just our military ally The Arabian Kingdom. The URSC is a new site for people to establish their CJ's and take part in various discussions. Have a look for yourself, http://www.hostmybb.com/phpbb/portal.php?mforum=ursc

May I also announce that I am creating a wiki page, It's progressing well so far, so when complete I'll post the link


Mount Stewart is the home to the Imperial Guard, one of the aspects that make up the Imperial Armed Forces. It is also home to the Europa Missile Defence Shield which protects Altantis and her European Allies from any missile attack.

Mount Stewart is not a newly placed town, during the days of the Caledon Federation is was home to the elite training academy of the Royal Household Guards and Caledon Army

After years of neglect Emperor Stormont II declared that the former prestigious town would be the new home of the newly created Imperial Guard. The south wing of the former academy was rebuilt and restored to its magnificent glory and serves as the Imperial Guard Headquarters as well serving as an advanced training academy.

The town also provides homes for the guard while being trained as well as permanent homes to those live here. Officers and the family of soldiers also had homes built for them. Once finished their training the guardsmen are then posted to specific duties. The most successful are promoted the Imperial Household Calvary, these men protect the Emperor while in residence at all palaces and when he travels. Others go into the many divisions for the army and are then posted to wherever they are needed.

The Flag of the Imperial Guard(The yellow represents the Emperor, the red the willingness to sacrifice oneself for the Emperor and nation and the seal of the Guards)

The Imperial Guard
Active Troops - 1.8 million
Reserve Troops - 900,000
Total Troops - 2.7 million
Annual Budget - ID300 trillion

Official Military Alliances
The Republic of Ireland
The Europa Defence Forces
The Royal Britannic Empire
The Arabian Empire
The Atlantic Defence Alliance

An Overview of Mount Stewart

The Europa Missile Defence HQ

The Imperial Atlantean Empire MD <-- click to view
A new Beginning
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2007 & 2008

Emperor Stormont

Updated Deleted....

The Imperial Atlantean Empire MD <-- click to view
A new Beginning
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Woah! You really have put some speed into this now. I missed several updates. It's looking better and better. And extra credits for actually managing to make the angel statue look in place. :thumbsup:

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woah. with that complex just for the imperial guards, who wouldn't want to sign up? the residences and general vicinity is wonderful. no wonder you have so many guards. war! well,

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hope you have a lot!

Emperor Stormont

Below a teaser from the town of Collinbridge, the location of the Atlantan Imperial University, so stay tuned.

The Imperial Atlantean Empire MD <-- click to view
A new Beginning
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2007 & 2008

Emperor Stormont


In 1715 the Caledon Royal Court declared that a new school of higher learning would be established to educate the princes, members of the royal court and children of the Caledon aristocracy.

The town of Collinbridge was selected as the location for the new university. Lord Collinbridge provided the lands required and his son William, who had successfully completed the construction of the Queenstown Corn Exchange and City Hall was awarded the distinguished honour to design the central building for the new university. The central building was placed in a beautiful landscaped parkland with a water cascade surrounding the building.

This new place of learning was to be named Kings College and was opened by His Majesty King Charles Eglantine IV on August 29th 1750

What was created was an architectural wonder for Caledon, the beautiful use of stone, arch ways, buttresses and a magnificent central buttress supported dome completed this beautiful expression of Caledon academic superiority and power.

The university not only attracted the royals and aristocracy of Caledon but the stone and marble halls were filled with European princes and the children of some of Europe and Asia's greatest families

In 1850 women were for the first time educated at Kings College. Throughout the history of the Caledon Kingdom and later Caledon Federation the university attracted academic staff and students from across the world. With the fall of Caledon and the creation of the Imperial Kingdom the university once again has become a global centre for academic study and research. Kings College was renamed the Atlantan Imperial University and the main building was named the Collinbridge Building in recognition of the architectural marvel Sir William Collinbridge created for the benefit of his nation.

Every Caledon and Atlantan royal since 1750 has been educated at this great establishment and the university now enrols over 100,000 students

The university spans a huge site and has some of the best schools of learning in the world. The School of Economics, Medicine, Technological Development and Law are in the global top 5.

The Imperial Atlantean Empire MD <-- click to view
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