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Cascadia: A Light in the Pacific (Mar. 1, 2012)

Started by canyonjumper, December 12, 2009, 02:33:35 PM

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It's time for me to try this out :D All the cities featured in this MD are fictional, and are based on ideas for Cascadia, a proposed nation made up of parts of the Western states and provinces. Cities may be entirely fictional, or they could be re-designs of actual cities, like Vancouver, Seattle, etc.

I downloaded the map TSC Lake Leman, which is based on Lake Geneva, Switzerland.

The blue square is approximately where the first city I will feature (Lakesyde), is situated in the region. This update is set in May of 2010, before the formation of the Pacific Nation of Cascadia.

Lakesyde was founded after some kayakers got lost trying to cross Lac Leman. Halfway across the lake, a vicious storm knocked them off course Having lost most of their equipment in the turbulent waters, the surviving kayakers sought shelter at what came to be known as Kayaker's Point. They thought it would be s good place to live, so they came back and founded the town.

Thirty years have passed, and the small town of Lakesyde has expanded along the shore, with plans for further expansion. The leader has decided to stagger zoning, and keep dirty industry out. He is trying to keep the town clean and efficient, so it can be leading force in the future.

The Lakesyde Town Hall is just across the road from Central Park. Central Park is the main rest spot on town. A replacement park is planned for May of 2011. Plans include an outdoor stage, man-made pond, a soccer pitch, and a plaza.

Here are some pics showing the development:

The Heights is a developing neighbourhood that the council is trying to clean up to eventually house high wealth residents. Expect more in the future.


What better way to dispose of garbage than to dump it over the side? Or turn it into plasma?

Well that's it for the first update of Cascadia. I hope you enjoyed it and please leave comments! Constructive criticism is also welcome. :)

Here are some links to the more interesting Lots and BATs...If I remember the links!

Garbage Disposal Chute
MTP Fire Station
MTP Sheriff's Station
MTP Urgent Care Clinic
UT Plasma Gasification Plant

JBSimio's School Packs 1, 2, 3, and 4
The BSC Parks Sets - There's too many to list :D.
matt325's houses - Again, too many too list.
Jeronij's Street Cul-de-Sacs, Street And Road End Functional Parking, Street Side Mod, Parking Lot Set V1


EDIT: Added image numbers
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Wow, I actually like this. Dump the garbage off the face of the planet! Muwahahahaha!!!

KoV Liberty

Good job! I do sugest downloading a tree mod so you can have trees along the landscape.

My new MD. Check it out if you wish.

Adrian, I miss you man.


Very nice start. Lakesyde is growing nicely. You've got a great map and have downloaded some good BATs. I'm anxious to see how you build Lakesyde into a booming city.

Where City and Country Flow Together


Cascadia is fascinating concept, it's one I'm pretty familiar with as a resident of the Vancouver region of BC.  I'm looking forward to seeing how you approach this region! 

Gotta love that garbage lot, it always makes me chuckle when I see it!  Looking forward to your next update. 

Tomas Neto



Cyclone1001: Thanks! Glad you like the dump  ;D.

Driftmaster07: Thanks! I have downloaded a tree mod, which you will see towards the end of the update.

Geoff (calibanX): Thanks! I hope you enjoy what I have done with Lakesyde.

Battlecat: Cascadia is an interesting idea, especially since I have this idea in my head about what it would be like. I'm trying to recreate that idea with this MD. Pegasus did an awesome job with that garbage lot, and I use it in most cities, it's such a space saver.  ;D

Tomas (Tomas Neto): Thanks!
Update 2

Alright, in this second update I figured I should give some history as to the formation of Cascadia, as well as a map of the major



In June 2010, the leaders of British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and California got together for an environmental meeting. During the meeting, Premier Gordon Campbell of BC suggested that he thought the best way to protect the forests of the Pacific would be to create an independent nation. He argued that the forest could be better protected if the same laws and bylaws were in effect along the length of the Northwest Pacific. The leaders of the American states could find no major cons about this idea. So in January of 2011, the Pacific Nation of Cascadia came into being. The new citizens voted in Rodyl Damor, a previous MP from British Columbia.

Cascadia is divided into 3 states, 1 province, and 3 federal districts. Washington, Oregon, and Idaho were able to retain their old borders, with the exception of Idaho, which lost a part to the US. Northern California was amalgamated with Oregon, the Alaskan Panhandle was added to British Columbia, with Juneau staying in Alaska. Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland were made into federal districts, belonging to no state or province.

And now to Lakesyde...

...where an underground mall is being constructed.

...and finished

There's an interesting story behind this solitary group of houses. A neighbourhood of Lakesyde had two groups of families. They fought over the stupidest things. "This is my half of the street, if I catch you on this side again...", "Your tree hangs over my yard, that gives me the right to chop it down.", etc. So eventually they snapped. One group left and built these houses away from the rest of the city.

Eventually, the city got alarmingly close to the small settlement. So the families erected a wall, hoping to avoid further disputes.

The families were horrified to learn of plans to develop the land around their enclosure. They fought the city, but eventually...

They lost, and the city prepped the land for development. The families fumed  :angrymore:

The new developments were less than pleased with their new neighbours, but time went on, and the grudge passed. Eventually. At least the trip to school was shorter.

The city decided to put a highway on the city limits, as an alternate route into the city. Construction began in the Spring of 2040.


And a city overview, taken in the Summer of 2042

Interesting Lots and BATs


c.p.'s Olympic Terrain Mod, Olympic Tree Controller
SFBT Allotments
SFBT Highway Bridge Construction Set
Jeronij's Residential And Rural Diagonal Walls Set V1


Subterranean Mall

Well, that's it for this update. I hope you enjoyed it and come back for the next one ;) Tell me what you want to see in Lakesyde, and please, recommend lots, BATs, and mods to me! Thanks!
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Hello from the neighbor to the west. So far everything is looking good. You managed to plan your highway ahead of development, so there's no houses to demolish.

Have you ever considered using the Street Addon Mod? You might need it if you plan on farms. Did you get Smalltown USA yet too?


Very interesting.  I see you've gone with the intermediate sized Cascadia!  The smallest I'm familiar with is an amalgamation of Washington and BC, effectively a return to the old territory before the Canada-USA border was established.  The largest I've see also includes the Yukon, Alaska and California. 

Interesting to see how Lakesyde is developing!  It's looking good so far, I like the way you're using the construction lots! 


Nice work on your MD Cascadia. There has already been plans for a Cascadia nation in this part of the world? I am asking as I am not familiar with the name.
And they certainly took a neighbour quarrel to the extreme :D



emgmod: Thanks. I do have the SAM installed. If you look at pics 2.02 and 2.10 you can see PEG's Dirt Road textures. As for SmallTown USA, I do have that installed, I am just saving it for a more rural city.

Battlecat: Thanks! I thought about the other configurations, but I decided this one would be more realistic. Those construction lots have really come in handy. I got the idea from Alex's (Tarkus) MD Tarkusian Cities.

kwakelaar: Thanks! No there is no plans for a Cascadia nation yet. This MD is totally fictional. I suggest reading the wiki article.

Unfortunately, I have run into 'technical difficulties'. When playing SimCity, the game crashes to the desktop irregularly. Sometimes I am on for an hour, others, a few minutes. Does anybody know what is causing this? Running Windows 7 Ultimate on a Toshiba Satellite (250GB HDD, 2 ghz, 1GB RAM, 32 bit).

Well until then, I have a teaser of the development of Lakesyde.

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Update 3

Today's update is set in Douglas Shores, 35 kilometers (approx.) from Lakesyde.
Here's an overview

The schools of Douglas Shores. Douglas Secondary is on the left, and J.H. Lemeuw Elementary on the right.

Hmmm. I guess it's not an ordinary farm. This was left over from when the US owned operated this land as a military base. It was left behind, and forgotten. With today's cutting edge research, we can examine the facility without getting too close...otherwise  &hlp  (the barn roof opens up to reveal a deep chasm)

Some development...


Morach Island, out in Douglas Bay. Developers have chosen it to build a small townsite, with a ferry connecting it with the mainland.

After development...


And the whole island again...

The waterfront...

Cascadia's initiative for clean energy means harnessing the heat from the mantle, with a geothermal power plant.

A town overview, after some more work. Please forgive the transparent window.

My little experiment with ploppable water...

And overall overview, including Morach I., my experiment, and Douglas Falls.

Now, before I leave you, a teaser for somewhere in the near future...  ()stsfd()


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Looking Great ,any plans to recreate Amtrak Cascades line? :)




Quote from: Nexis4Jersey on December 20, 2009, 04:05:12 PM
Looking Great ,any plans to recreate Amtrak Cascades line? :)

Or plans to build any passenger rail line?


Coming along very nicely here!  Your plopable water experiment looks quite good!  You're doing a wonderful job of capturing the feel of a west coast region. 

That teaser for the future is very familiar.  I think I see it every time I pull up google maps!  Looking forward to seeing your approach for this area. 


Nexis4Jersey: Thanks, and yes, wait til we get to Vancouver :D


emgmod:Yes, again, in Vancouver.....maybe sooner...

Battlecat:Thanks, that was my first try at ploppable water. As for that last part, I wonder why :D

Update 4

Meanwhile, In Douglas Shores...
A private contractor bought some land and prepped it for development. He thought the city needed more residents. What town doesn't?

Of course the contractor thought right, the developments were filled within months.

The same contractor bought this plot of land, after his succesful developments. He turned it into a mall.

The council decided it was time to upgrade Hwy 431 to 4 lanes. Construction started from the Hwy 401 interchange onwards into the center of town.


Areas along the highway were rezoned, and quickly redeveloped.

This is the commercial area of town.

This is the middle section of town.

This is the residential area.

And an overview...

And two region shots. I'm not finished rendering the region yet. Douglas Shores is first, then Lakesyde.


That's all for now folks...Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

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Looks good!  Quite the mix of housing in that new subdivision.


I like that zoom 1 view in 4.10.  The development is coming along nicely.

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