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Started by manchou, December 22, 2009, 06:02:09 AM

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Hello everyone ! I create this theard to show you my BAT. I bigan the BAT since one year, nad i already put some of my creation on the LEX, it's my Village Pack. Iwork on the french's country because some of the BAT in the game are american . I would creates a big pack of this country to do a french village, For this moment 10 volume are in project and at the final maybe there are more than 10 volume !

I put four upload on the LEX for this moment, there are :

My upload are available on the website of TSC !

And sory for my english !

My BATs or here but it is in french ;)


Here is two last BAT i make :

See you for some pictures  :)

My BATs or here but it is in french ;)


Hi, Manchou ...
I like all Your BATs   :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
This is very useful for me ...
Thank You very much  &apls &apls &apls


C'est bien que tu es créé un sujet ici , maintenant je peux trouver tes créations ici  :thumbsup:

Great job  &apls
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 &apls &apls Excellent as always mate


here is a station for a small village, the view is on the platform side of the station.

My BATs or here but it is in french ;)


You have a great eye for detail and your textures are truly excellent, and it is great to see that you have opened a thread here--welcome!


some really nice work, love that station :thumbsup: look forward to seeing more.


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Hello every one ! A big thanks to you for your comments ! :thumbsup:
Today i do a W2W commerce ( CS$ ).

My BATs or here but it is in french ;)


Wow, these w2w buildings are magnificent! Great work! &apls
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these buildings are fantastic, are all you releases going to be HD like your farms....?
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Thanks a lot  ()stsfd() But excuse me mightygoose but i don't understand your sentence  &mmm ! If you speak about my pack of farm it's already in HD !
My BATs or here but it is in french ;)


Great work, as usual..  &apls

mightygoose veut savoir si ce batiment sera aussi en HD, comme tes fermes.   ;)


Ah exuse me, my english is not good, as tou can see  :P ! For answer, yes all of my BATs are in HD it's more beautiful in HD than is SD is better for me and for you  ;)
My BATs or here but it is in french ;)


The last building is excellent and very realistic. One thing that I find odd is that the floor inside the building is too visible. Are you done with window textures, yet?

Je vais essayer en francais: excellent bat, mais j´ai l´impression que le plancher dans le batiment est un petit peu trop visible. As-tu déjà finis les textures des fenetres?


Manchou, j'aime bie cet petit gar, ça resemble beaucoup de gars que j'ai vu en France et c'est aussi tres utiles pour des chemin de fer en Allemagne (tu sais je suis allemand et mon MD est situé quelque part d'Allemagne.

Je me rejouirais de l'utiliser dans mon MD.

Mancho, I love that station building, it looks like a lot of stations I saw in France and is also very useful for German railway lines (you know I am German and my MD is situated somewhere in Germany)

I do really look forward to use it in my MD.

Hopefully I haven't made too much mistakes. My French knowledge is a bit rusty these days ....

Salut, mon ami!

Bernhard  :thumbsup:


Thanks you very much !

alj : Several people think the same thing as you ! In the sreen textures about window are finsigh but i can change  ;) and i have change, the texture of window in an alpha texture. And your translatio in French is very good better than me in english  :thumbsup:

Nardo69 : Your French is not very bad but you are forgot some capital, but is not grave i understand  ;) ! For the station she will be in exchange but not now she is in the vol.06 of my pack and i have not put in the LEX the vol.05 ! And i have some problems with 3ds max to create light she they don't appear in the previex  :(  and i don't know do the export.
My BATs or here but it is in french ;)


Every time I see your bats I remember Tours.

Good Job my friend !

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Thanks kelis !

I have a problem : when i do a preview withe BATMax in night view i have an error message, see : (excuse me for the size of image  &mmm )

And i d'ont understand this message, can you explain me please ?  :)

I have two pictures for you, it's a night view about my station !

My BATs or here but it is in french ;)