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June 10, 2023, 03:05:37 AM

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New Devon - UPDATE - 28th May, Where'd you wanna go? - region shot

Started by JJ, April 10, 2007, 01:15:45 PM

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Welcome to New Devon, this is my latest region, this one I actually decided
to do the terrain by hand so I did. Currently it is 2x2 Large Tiles. This was made
primarily for my site, so here we go.

We are first going to introduce you to existing businesses within my city. First up we have Montanah Flags. After the loss of MoM, they have started their own little fairground in the city of Plymport in the New Devon region. Here you can see it in action.

The next Business was Entertania, the owner Leo, decided that he was going to build an olympic size swimming pool next to the fair ground as part of the complex.

The final business to join in on the scheme was Kylian Inc. This crazy tycoon decided to build the tallest building in the city a fancy hotel for the fairground and mainly for the olympic sized swimming pool.

The city of Plymport is welcoming it's arms open to First time buyers who can select from this collection of homes, Click the link to discover how you can purchase your home.

3 x Rented Homes at £250 a week
3 x Rented Homes at One time payment of £4000
One Rented Home at One time payment of £5000

We have a few homes for the richer people.

Home @ £250,000
Mansion @ £450,000
3 Homes at £1,000,000 for all three

There are also a few business oportunities throughout the city, where you can buy land and build whatever you like!

That £250,000 Home is available for this
An Auction for 4x3 Land, Starting at £2000
Another Auction but for 3x6 Land and starting and £10,000

Thanks for visiting New Devon and be sure to come again!


JJ first off i would like to welcome you to SC4Devtions and MD section by saying
what an awsome city you got there and great start to it. looking forward to
next update - pat

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 &apls  awesome!nice work!
I'm back


great start!! looking forward to more! it would be nice to see your region unfold


Very nice pictures, I'll be keeping my eyes on this MD  :thumbsup:


Welcome to back to the region of New Devon, we will be revisiting the city of Plymport. Today is an important day as the hospital in Plymport is celebrating 50 years. The hospital named Stoke Royal Hospital is located right next to the city hall and the greens in front. It is opposite of the fairground and recieves many patients each year!

The homes are still available and will be added to the system as soon as I can find time.

The Auction for the piece of land for newcomers is still on, here.

That is all for now!
Thanks for visiting New Devon and be sure to come again!


patfirefghtr - Hey thanks man, I'm glad to be here, seems like a great sim city 4 site  ;)
jayo - cheers
Heinz - I am interested to see it unfold myself
Thornton - Keep those eyes going  :thumbsup:




Here is my favourite part of my city so far, I just love the way the avenue flows down the hill.


JJ i totally agree with you on that slopping of the avenue that
is just sweet is done soo smoothly great work there.  I'm sorry
i didn't leave a comment yesterday with update 2,  i do love the
retaining walls there and the stone cold creamery that is sweet
little spot for it.  I will be looking for update 4 - pat

Don't forget the SC4D Podcast is back and live on Saturdays @ 12 noon CST!! -- The Podcast soon to Return Here Linkie


It's my favorite picture so far yet.  There is something I like about the fence that is on both sides of the avenue.



Click on Image to view Mosaic.


Nicely done again.  That would be a very nice neighborhood in which to live.



Very nice Mosaic, I also like how you placed that avenue.


 &apls lovelly work,i love the way the avanues forw down hill so nicelly  ()stsfd()
I'm back


very nice MD!  &apls &apls I love the hotel bat!! *droooools*  :thumbsup:

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My new MD:


very very nice cj. tremendous start. looking forward to more!  :)

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This is a fantatastic MD! Great start and pictures! :thumbsup:


A brand new update for the city of Plymport.


You've done a great job with this city.  The pictures are beautiful.  I have a request: could you zoom out a bit and give us a look at the city layout?  I'm amazed with the detail of your current pictures, so I'm curious to see what I could learn from seeing a bit more of your city's layout.  Thanks for sharing.


Great pictures again! Like the first picture!