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March 26, 2023, 03:08:45 PM

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The Neo Byzantinian Empire of Stropon

Started by Strechnitz, April 11, 2007, 12:09:54 AM

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This the Showcase for the Empire of Stropon. ;D

Villages, towns and cities will be highlighted here. And the exerpts of the Stroponian newspapres will keep you up to date with all the important things that go on in this gentile yet awkward European Empire.

The Empire Consists of 3 major parts

The Stroponian motherland which lies in Europe

Quitaniana the colony which lies in South America.

Nargoon the colonywhich lies in South-East Asia.

The Empire has diplomatic relations with:

The Imperial Kingdom of Atlantis by Belfastuniguy

The royal nation of Osturland by Yoder7652

The Royal nation of Nova Vesfalo by Nova Vesfalo

Furthermore, Stropon has the status of an observer nation at the SCJU. Hoping to expand that into a full membership in the future.

Table of Contents
First contact and the flag of the Empire.

General history of the Neo Byzantinian empire of Stropon
Part one The birth of a new Empire out of the destruction of the Byzantine Empire.
part two The System of dynastic succession and an outline on politics
Part three How the 20th century affected the Empire.
Part four A note on Stroponian government and the orders of knighthood
Part five The state religion, Simeonism, explained.

The visualised history of the Imperial Citadel in Strechnitz. See how it changed through the ages.
The year 1480
The year 1620
The year 1675
The year 1713
The year 1780
The year 1800
The year 1872
The year 1920

Grand tour of Stropon with Christine Blancmanger.
A visit to Burg Posernitz, a baronial Stronghold

A visit to Apollonerfeldt, the true rural Arcadia

A visit to Industriapolis, testament of the industrial revolution

A visit to Wörlitzen Badt, the Imperial Spa

A visit to Strechnitz, the Imperial capital. (part one)
With a guest appearance of Theodore Sprenklemayer.
A visit to Strechnitz, A night on the town. (part two)
A visit to Strechnitz, the city outside the walls. (part three)
A visit to Strechnitz, the 19th century expansions. (part four)

Sights and Seeings, a popular TV program with Alexandra von Hofenburg
The Imperial Residence of Kaiserbürgen
Kayserbürgen, the regimental town and surroundings
Kayserbürgen, the palace and imperial gardens

The 8th World wonder on the shore of Lake Zerlingen
Listerlunde Palace, The history, their Emperors, and the restauration.
&hlp NEW Listerlunde Palace, The Front Square, the Orangerie and the Stables. NEW &hlp

The Stroponian newspapers, important news on the present day affairs of the Empire.
The Stropon Times 3d of May edition
The Stropon Times 7th of May edition
The Stropon Times 16th of May edition
The Stropon Times 19th of May edition
The Stropon Times 4th of June edition

The Stropon Herald 1st of July edition
The Stropon Herald 17th of July edition

So Please enjoy, and don't hesitate to comment $%Grinno$%



Looks like the pic posting works. Since it seems you are using imageshack, I would suggest using the last option: "direct link to image." It will post it full size and wont have the little size tag at the bottom. Best of luck to you and I'll be back to see where this goes.


Looking forward to this! And I like the tagline: "Delicately Decadent!"  &apls
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The Neo Byzantinian Empire of Stropon is a central European Empire which seems to be overlooked by most cartographers. Little of what happens there ever makes the worlds headlines. Why? It isn't a very small country. It holds according to the most recent figures released by the Ministry of Public Health a sound population of 42 million souls.

It is bordered in the north by Austria and Hungary in the north, the former Yugoslav Republic in the south, Romania in the east and Italy in the west.

The Flag of the Stroponian Empire.

The flag of the Vice Royalty of Quitaniania in Latin America.

The Flag of the Vice Royalty of Nargoon South East Asia.

The Imperial Standard of his Holy Imperial Majesty, Jerome Victor IV.
Emperor of all Stroponians, Quitanianians, and Nargoonians.

The national flag consisting of white and blue with the emblem of the Imperial House. The colour white or sivler means in heraldy Peace and sincerity, and the blue or azure means truth and loyalty. (it sounds all very ideal and honest doesn't it? well ideals and the governing elites aspirations seldom coincide, as you will read in future updates. hehehe)

The Empire is divided in 12 principalities each with their own principal capital city.
The Empires capital city, Strechnitz is located in the sovereign district which belongs to no other principality. It houses over 1 million inhabitants.

The borders aren't shut like some totalitarian regimes in the world or in SimCity have. Yet the Stroponian Government does follow an isolationistic course when it comes to foreign politics. It has a lot to do with the history of the country which I will describe in imperially approved future posts. Some historians and political analysts point out that the Stroponians as a whole try to stay frightfully neutral and independent on the subject of international political or economical collaboration. Naturally they won't be granted any honors or privileges from the imperial court or academic institutions because of these accusatory remarks.

There is unfortunately, some truth in those accusations. The Stroponian government follows the doctrine autocracy, which states that state sovereignty is the highest good and that the Imperial crown may never be aligned as equal or minor party to any kind of treaty or collaboration. This doctrine is linked with the view of universal claim to hegemony over all other countries of the old Byzantine Empire which is the very root and core of Stropon. You understand that these political ideals are hopeless anachronisms in the 21st century.

But hey it has worked for them so far. And besides, many fortunes, legal or illegal, private or public, have found their way into the vaults of the Stroponian Banks who thrives on the rigid rules of impartiality and secrecy. Even more so than the banks in Switzerland or the Cayman Islands. An old proverb which is inscribed in marble above the entrance of the Stroponian Consolidated Bank reads: "When Thronen Wanken, hilfen Stroponezer Banken."  This translates thusly: when thrones topple Stroponian banks rescue. It refers to the fact that many Royal Houses or presidents who had to flee, when there countries enflamed in revolutionary turmoil were often saved from financial ruin by the gold bullion they had trusted into the vaults of the Stroponian bankers while they still were in power. The ex-rulers themselves were and are frequent guests at the watering hoses of the well to do like the Spa's in Bad Kaiserfels or the casino's in Frechelburgen. But those will be elaborated in future updates.

Well so far the first update. This should give you a general idea of the things to come. I hope to update this MD for at least once a week. and besides a bombardment of genral info I will also try to tell a story of deceit and intrigue, religion, politics, and some social values bringing out the worst of a deteriorated elite clinging to old privileges. a lot of big words actually.

but it boils down to the classic strugle between those who have power, and those who want power. so stay tuned, I guess.

M4346 Thank you, that tagline will become apperent in the forthcoming posts. (I hope) I will have to built a lot more palaces to say the least  ;D

Heinz I sure hope you'l find it a good one. time will tell. the regions? hilly I guess. you'll see.

threestooges thank you, and thank you again for the info about directposting. it sure does look better than the links.



Strechnitz, I must say this sounds very promising, I look forward to see what you have made and how this is connected to the Byzantine Empire.


It's looking better and better! Now let that "delicately decadent" work baby!  :P

LOL! Looking forward to a "pic update!" :D (I remember Jeronij's words after I started my MD here at SC4D. :P )
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Beautiful flag, Strechnitz! I can't wait to see some pictures of the city!


very nice story line! Cant wait for more!  ;D &apls

"Beethoven is known for writting the most daring music has ever known to man...DioAngel is known for writting outragous stories has ever known to a lady."
My new MD:


Not a problem. Always happy to help. Can't wait to see what you'll be showing us.


tremendous story. looking forward to pics!!  :thumbsup:

Come discover its mysteries...
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Kwakelaar Well here comes the byzantine connection. I referr in this MD to it as bizantinian instead of Byzantine because it is pure fiction based on historic facts. see it as a poetic liberty. ::)

M4346 Decadence is coming. be patient. you simply want it too much :D

thundercrack83 Thank you very much, it was quite some work to put it together. I'm glad you like it. :thumbsup:

dioangel Thank you I hope you enjoy the next story even better.

threestooges well I hope you didn't have to wait too long for it, but here it is :)

guurgkud Thank you, and yes finaly I've uploaded pics. ;D anda few more to be on the safe side :D

Well, you had to wait longer for the first pics than I anticipated. My apologies for that, but without further ado I present you with this update.

The Neo Byzantinian Empire of Stropon was founded in 1472 after a tumultuous period of exile. The Byzantine Empire founded by Constantine the great lasted for 11 centuries. It's long and tumultuous history came at an end in the Annus Horribilis of 1453. In that year the fabled walls of Constantinople fell under pressure of the relentless siege by Mehmet II the Conqueror. The Ottoman Sultan's artillery used cannons to succeed where countless armies in the past had failed. The walls where breached and the golden city was ransacked by the victors. The body of Emperor Constantine XII Dragasus died. Ending an impressive Eoque, that had lasted 1123. All was over and done with now!

Mehmet II plunders Constantinople.

Or was it? Of course it was not. While the Emperor and many nobles of the court perished in the last hours of the War, A group had managed to flee in time.

This group of Nobles, prelates, scholars and generals had fled in the nick of time to escape the bloodshed of the conquering armies. Amongst them was the younger brother of the Emperor, Heraclius Augustus. After the news of the fall of Constantinople and the death of the emperor reached the group they realized that in effect they were a court in exile with the only logical heir to the throne. On a Hilltop in the region of Belgrade, Historians today still argue which hill it has been.The 21 year old Heraclius Augustus was Crowned Basileus (King/Emperor) of Byzantium Autocrator (absolute ruler) of the Empire and God's one true representative on earth, leader of the Greek(Orthodox) Christian world.

It was a sober ceremony void of all the pompous rituals and ceremonies in the Aya Sofia. No lavish parties and a crown flung together by an artisan from a number of jewels rescued by some of the men and women of the group. Needless to say he was an emperor without an empire, without a palace, without a populace, and without any prestige or standing in the Christian or Muslim world. All he had was a court in exile which tried to maintain some of the splendor and opulence it once had when it resided in the Golden palace. A court with generals and governors who fled the capital in its most dire hour instead of doing there duty in defending it.

His Majesty Augustus Heraclius Holy Byzantinian Emperor in exile.

Nevertheless, a few months later they arrived in Rome. The eternal city. Residence of the Papacy and center of the LatinChristian World. Pope Nicholas V did not welcome them warmly like most local rulers hadn't when the court visited them. The former Capital of the old Roman Empire had no place for a defunct ruler. Pope Nicholas V aimed all his effort to his building Schemes. He dedicated his Papacy to the rebuilding of the Vatican and the Borgo district, and St Peter's Basilica, where the reborn glories of the papacy were to be focused. He got as far as pulling down part of the ancient basilica, and made some alterations to the Lateran Palace. So there was no time and money for the beggar/emperor from Constantinople. But Heraclius' court settled there for a while to do what Byzantine diplomats and Prelates did best. Intriguing plotting in the halls of the Papal Palaces, hoping to raise support and armies to re-conquer Constantinople.

His Holines Pope Nicholas V.

The Patriarch of Constantinople was spared by Mehmet and allowed to perform his duties regarding the Orthodox Christians. Finally freed from the emperors control, (Patriarchs where no more than palace chaplains while the emperors were the heads of the Orthodox Church before 1453) declared Heraclius Augustus an imposter and did not recognize his authority. He therefore declared himself the Spiritual leader of the Orthodox Community. So no help came from inside the Ottoman Empire. The rift between emperor and Patriarch gave the young Heraclius Augustus a big image problem in Europe. If his former subjects did not support him. Why would The Christians had to pay the bill for another's war? The German king Frederick III, the Holy Roman Emperor could not support his rival of the Eastern Roman Empire even if he wanted to. So there was little hope of achieving anything. Augustus Aurelius found himself between a rock and a hard place.

His Majesty, Frederick III Holy Roman Emperor

In the years to come many members of the defunct elite who fled Constantinople gathered to Rome to rally round there new Emperor. Hoping that history could be reversed. Over the years there faction grew in size and importance in the holy city which fueled many tensions already there. And that was a Godsend. The newly apointed Pope Sixtus IV wanted to get rid of them. A massacre was not the ideal solution. So they had to be payed to leave. Besides that in north Italy the rich merchant republic of Venice got into a high level diplomatic row with Frederick III and with the Ottoman Empire. According to the adage "My enemies enemy is my friend" the Venetians wanted to do business with the Byzantinians. So all of a sudden after years of scraping every penny together just to keep up some appearance of an illustrious court, Augustus Heraclius got huge loans offered from Rome and Venice. Gold in abundance to build up an army and wage war against Mehmet to reclaim Constantinople and at least parts of the lost Empire. Augustus Heraclius formed a huge mercenary army and also aquired every canon and mortar that could be found. He now knew how the walls of his Capital could be reconquered. So in january of 1469, sixteen years after the shamefull loss, an army united under the banner of constantine marched through Europe towards Constantinople wich by that time was already renamed into Istanbul.

His Honour Massimo Bracchio Doge of Venice.

After 3 years of tiresome war and many losses, victory was nowhere in sight. The victories were marginal. The generals were ready to give up and many troops were on the brink of desertion. The Emperor consulted his most trusted advisors and generals. There Augustus announced his plan to give up Constantinople and ordered his generals to send there legions to the lands around Lake Federn. These lands were over the centuries disputed by many but controlled by none. The local rulers and peasants weak of decades long wars, were easily conquered by the rather weak and inefficient Byzantine armies. So instead of reclaiming the old, Augustus Heraclius conquered a new empire. The conquered lands where roughly the same lands as the Stroponian Empire of today.

The battle of Kayserburgen, in the war of reclamation 1472.

In this war of reclamation the local rulers whose families had governed these lands for centuries were annihilated and replaced by the nobles who faithfully served Augustus during their exile. Augustus heavily wounded during battle was crowned again, but now as Holy Emperor of Stropon. Immediately he ordered a church to be built. A church dedicated to Divine Wisdom. A new Aya Sophia. Before the Church was finished, Augustus Heraclius died of his wounds sustained in battle. He was buried in the crypt of the unfinished church. The Church of Holy wisdom would become the Mausoleum of many Emperor and Empress that would sit on the Throne  of Stropon.

The Church of Holy Wisdom, Imperial Mausoleum.

The hill on the banks of Lake Federn was to be the site for the Palace and Chapel of the new Capital. But the Regency Council formed after Augustus' death, who died without leaving an heir, decided that the hill should be turned into a sanctuary for death, and not have it's sanctified surroundings be stained by the bad fumes of palace plots and court diversions. So the citadel wich would be built around the church and become the government center of the new Empire was built on the adjecent hill. The Regency council that stepped up to power after the demise of Augustus Heraclius Consisted of twelve of the noblest families who also happened tohave the largest private armies. Because noone was strong enough or tusted enough to seize the throne by themselves they construed a complicated government system. which will be elaborated in the next update.

The Strechnitz Citadel.

The Ministerial pavilions at the base of Citadel Hill.

The Square of Augustus Heraclius the Great. With on the background the Palace of Justice.

The Palace of the House of Peers.

Palace of the House of Representatives.

Well. I'll tell more about these pics and the political system they play a role in in the next update. So I'll leave you some room for guesswork here ;D

I hope You all like it. please feel free to comment.



wow.. amazing pictures!! Love the history :) I love the pictures that you used to depict it.

Tristania is considering your offer :).  Pretty soon I will upload my history as well as the beginning of downtown and the "government area"...  we could make some kind of union.

Come discover its mysteries...
Tristania // Revisited


Yep yep! Looking good!  :thumbsup: It's just that... uhm... those UDIs popping up here and there. :P (I just had to say that, but I'm guessing you will be scolded for that enough...  &mmm) They're not bad, as such, but tend to be rather distractive.  ;D

Still, patiently, waiting for that decadence!   $%Grinno$%

Only because I have something similar planned, well, decadence but on another level. ;)
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guurgkud thank you very much for liking it. I look forward to your history as well. who knows. perhaps we'll have to make embassies. would be fun. :)

M4346 this is probably a stupid question, but erm... what are UDI's? whatever they are, I don't mind being scolded though. I like some zesty discussions if need be ;D About the decadence,we are getting there. It involves the elite of Stropon who divide the cake between themselves while the populations pays the bill. SoI hope that won't interfere with your plans.



Not at all, refering to the decadence, of course. Mine is of a more modern nature, and I wasn't inferring that it might interfere, I was just curious. But as they say, curiousity killed the cat, or something like that. :P My decadence (under another name even) will not interfere with yours and vice versa, and mine's still a bit in the future. ;)

The UDIs (or U-Drive It icons) are those pesky blue bubbles with the helicopters, police cars, etc. in them. Easy to remove actually. ;)

PS. I love Non, Je ne regrette rien! But we have a local singer who sang that song, much better than Edit Piaf in my opinion. :P I love that song!  &apls &apls Let me know if you want Amanda Strydom's rendition, I'm sure I can organise something! :D
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Wow! Outstanding update! The history so detailed and interesting, but that's nothing compared to the pictures. The Citadel with the castle walls and cathedrals is amazing. Keep up the good work, my friend!


Interesting history and great city building. I just don't have the eye for royal constructions like yours.

Keep up the good work!



I always enjoy this kind of history rewritten, and I think you have done something quite imaginative. A nice twist to let the Byzantine Emperor move to Rome.
One small detail; the palace in Constantinopel was called the Golden Palace, the Topkapi is the Osman name for their palace built on the same spot. Most of the Byzantine palaces were destroyed during the fourth crusade.

Great looking pictures from your capitol, I think maybe the citadel could use some more work. Maybe try to make more of a park with some walkways, flowers, fountains etc, but that is just my humble opinion.
This is showing lots of potential for the making of a great MD. :)

Emperor Stormont

Oh that's just fabulous, I love these MD's, the history and the grand city planning. Love doing it myself and seeing others do it also.

Wonderful work, with great CJ's and MD's I invite nations to establish an embassy in Atlantis, we invite the Neo Byzantinian Empire of Stropon to engage in diplomatic relations and establish an embassy here in the Imperial Capital. We await your reply and more fantastic updates.  &apls

The Imperial Atlantean Empire MD <-- click to view
A new Beginning
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ahh a very interesting read. I too am a fan of rewritten history. It will be interesting to see how the future becomes impacted by this nation!

EDIT: Welcome to page 2  %BUd%