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The Neo Byzantinian Empire of Stropon

Started by Strechnitz, April 11, 2007, 12:09:54 AM

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Strech wow its been awhile since i was last here and man wow im impressed with the new blood of the story line.... Its still classical and yet deadly lol...... wonderful job here and see you soon - pat

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Stormont Thank you, well in such a colourful cast La Saunders could not be skipped now could she?

Bat Thanks Bat :)

Kwakelaar Glad that you aprove my choice of characters. perhaps even more so as the story enrolls

Sebes hmmm I see, but aren't cliffhangers the name of the game? :D

Serkanner Devious? who told you my middle name? :)

CapoThank you for your wonderful comment Capo. You are most welcome to thiscorrupt little Empire. I am not a professional writer no, I make too many typo's to be one ;D but my imagination usualy works overtime. that sometimes comes in quite handy with regards to the law  ::) BTW if you have dificulty with anything in the story. PM me and I'll help you in dutch anytime :thumbsup:

Pat Great to have you popping in Pat. :)
BTW I lóve this little line so much.
QuoteIts still classical and yet deadly
perhaps i'll use that in the story. thanks :thumbsup:

Strechnitz, the glorious Imperial Capitalcity is buzzing with activity. Today even more so than on other days. For today is the ceremonial opening of the new Parliamentary year. After a summer recess of 3 whole months. The government ought to get back to lunch...er I mean work.

The ceremonies that accompany this event are almost the same as they were in 1858 when Jerome Victor I, the great grandfather of the current monarch took up the reigns of government. The only real change is that since Jerome Victor found carriages too bumpy and uncomfortable they use limousines instead of horse drawn carriages. First the lord high Chancellor and the Lord High Ministers gather in the Citadel in their ceremonial robes and knock on the doors of the Imperial wing of the Citadel palace. They implore the Emperor to come down Citadel hill and show himself to the masses in order to tell the joint houses of the realm (The house of representatives and the house of Peers) to start working again and present them with his wishes. (law-proposals for the next year)

Along the route thousands and thousands of cheering spectators watch the imperial car go by followed by the cars of the ministers and chancellor. When they arrive at the Palace of the house of representatives (the only democratic chosen part of the entire Imperial government) the Emperor and his government are saluted by a detachment of the Imperial guard keeping the Stroponians away who want to get closer to their holy Emperor than would be practical for the ceremonial proceedings

The doors of the building where the joint houses of peers and representatives await the arrival of the emperor are closed and locked however. As tradition has it. The Lord High chancellor walks up the stairs and knocks on the doors with his ceremonial sceptre. "Who is it, that disturbs the peace of this high house" comes from the other side of the door. And the Chancellor outside replies the age old formula. "His Holy Majesty the Emperor. Jerome Victor von Fleigelreuth. Holy Byzantine emperor of Stropon, king of Quitaniania, king of Nargoon, protector of the grave of Saint Simeon, et cetera et cetera. Open the doors of your house to your lord and master for he wishes it."
And the official reply that follows says.  "All hail the Emperor our rightful lord and master. Let him be welcome in this house, for it is his."

Than the doors open and they enter the building. The Emperors address to the joint houses are televised and watched in every house, bar, or club from the hills of Quitaniana, and the cities of Stropon right to the jungle of Nargoon. Jerome Victor stands up from his Throne and looks at the statesmen and peers in front of him. An assistant has laid his speech on the cathedra in front of him. He coughs and begins his annual "State of the Empire"

"My right honourable, and honourable lords and ladies. It is our whish that you commence your duty serving the empire as of today. Stropon has dealt with a lot of changes in the past parliamentary year..."  Here the emperor mentions every change. From opening up the borders after 90 years, establishing diplomatic relations with other countries, joining the SCJU, et cetera. He then makes the proposals for some legislature that he wants his government to formulate and the houses to approve. They are guidelines and not direct orders. It warns them of what is to come for the emperors will is already the pre-figuration of law set in stone.

When after two hours the right honourable and honourable ladies and gentlemen get sleepy and the viewers at home have lost their attention to other things they don't notice that the Emperor lays down the papers that contain the government approved speech. His ministers however start to get nervous.

"We have seen that the Empire and its population have dealt with these big changes admirably. Therefore we wish to present before you our wish to broaden and enlarge the democratic base of our holy government..." A shudder went through the ranks of peers and representatives. More democracy? More rights for the proles? What about the elite's privileges? Was their Holy Emperor becoming a socialist? "It is our profound wish that the government will investigate the possibilities to modernise our political system from the current Absolute monarchical system into a Constitutional Monarchy like the Western European models. We believe it is adamant for the legitimacy of government in the long term that the people at the base of society deserve and get a bigger say in the political process..."

Jerome Victor stopped because of the cacophony that had erupted in the Assembly room. Nobody was paying attention to him now. Aghast with the possibility to loose their many privileges to the proles was too much for the joint members. They had talked and discussed with and through each other with frightened faces no longer paying attention to their Holy Monarch who was not used to being interrupted. An angry glance at the lord speaker who seemed to be frozen in his chair. Was enough to let the latter jump up and hammer and shout for silence. Remembering the right honourables of the presence of their Monarch and their un gentlemanly behaviour. The rumour died down into a tense silence. Softly the emperor concluded his speech which now had everybody glued to their televisions or radios. "It is óur wish that áll these proposals are discussed and put to law by your lords and ladies. We hereby declare the new parliamentary year opened!"

And with these words the buglers blew the National anthem and as zombies the baffled peers and representatives stood up from their benches to bow for their ruler and cheer. Although the cheers and applause were remarkably feeble compared to previous years. Against tradition Jerome victor did not stay for the traditional buffet and drinks. He left the building cheered by the bystanders who knew nothing of what happened inside and was returned to citadel palace. The mood inside the palace of representatives of the Realm was dark and glum. Nobody uttered a single word.

This was a sharp contrast with every newspaper or radio/television network in the empire. They were franticly trying to grasp the fullness of the last proposal. More democracy in Stropon? How? Why? When? Anastacia von Reigen almost exploded with anger inside her office. The previous night she had approved to print an article commenting the official pre released text of the Emperor's text. With not a word on the landslide announcement the Emperor had just made. Her editors were franticly searching for constitutional law experts to tell them what the scope of this speech could be.

Whatever it meant, dark clouds gathered over the elegant capital city

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Oh boy - I can feel the tension. It's a brave speach of HHM Emperor Jerome IV, but wonder how the Holy Monarchy can be transferred into a Constituational one in a nation that worships their Emperor. Imagine the plebs having a say in Matters of State and disputing with His Holy Majesty  &Thk/(   How would they know what's good for them ?
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Why my dear Sebes, you honestly sound like one of Stropons Ministers. I didn't know you held a high government post in the Empire. ;D

but yes, you are very near the mark my friend :thumbsup:

Your favorite "deliciously deviant" Empire is Back after a 2 month pause

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I am very much impressed with the ceremonial opening of the new Parliamentary year. That picture of the entrance of the Emperor is just perfect. The limousines parked at the road, the security guard, the people cheering and an actual looking emperor making his steps towards possibly a new future...

what a most excellent update this is..

The complete history of Evergem ->My Mayor Diary <-
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I, of course, support the Emperor's move. "Workers of the world unite!" :P

I'll refrain from saying anything more lest I become über socialist and anarchical. :D

Good on the Emperor!  :thumbsup: $%Grinno$%
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Dear, oh dear ... yet another great dictator falls to the perils of democracy. What has the world come to?


Oh, the poor, poor upper classes, whatever shall they do!

Long live Aristocracy and Plutocracy!


The plot thickens. Nice update, and Anastacia should just sack them all. :bomb:


Like always a great update! Wonderful work! :thumbsup:


my my my dear Huebert wow!!! I have no problem with you using a little tag about "classical and yet deadly" its a great honour my friend.... What about the elite's privileges? so whats going to happen with the Blue Bloods, I wonder so deeply??? see you around my dear friend - pat

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Emperor Stormont

As I said at the SCJU, the thought of allowing the Proles to vote is simply horrendous, but somewhat expected in a nation moving forward.

Of course the more esteemed will 'quide' them in their choice of political representative, I'm sure of it.

I wonder how the colonies feel about these, will COLONISTS also be allowed to vote, even more horrendous. LOL LOL  :D

Loved the update, wonderful work with LE as well as a superb selection for the main chamber. I await more.   &apls

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sebes True words my friend :)

capo thanks. I am glad that you've liked it  ;)

M naturally you support the emperor :) And some socialism can't hurt a society fixated on titles and coronets. But the opposition will be strong. the establishment won't give up their privileges so easily...a role for you as revolutionay leader perhaps...? $%#Ninj2

Serkanner Serkanner please! his majesty is not a dictator! he may be omnipotent and practically infallible but he has a working government and does not use the army to keep things quiet. He is rather loved by the people as well. So please refrain from calling him a dictator. Or perhaps the Stroponian Secret Police should start a file on you... $%Grinno$%

GrizleyIndeed my friend. Welcome to Stropon. And it is so good to find a kindred soul who understands the plight of the poor upper classes. :thumbsup:
Kwakelaar Thank you. perhaps she should. but not dear Amaranta...or I'll loose an entire storyline before it even started :P

Bat thank you Bat.

Pat thank you for the consent my friend. Indeed. The blue bloods are shocked by this unexpected change in the Emperor. I don't know what will happen to them in the future (ok that's a lie lol) but they won't go down without some resistance I think. but they usualy don't fight their own battles. that's not the Stroponian way  :D LOL

Stormont yes, Horrendous isn't it? however the Proles seem to be happy with the idea. :)
Well they are still referred to as the colonies but in fact Quitaniania and Nargoon are integral parts of the Empire. similar to overseas provinces and have in general the same constitutional rights as the Stroponians. There is a big difference in wages however. they are at the same level as their neighboring countries. which means that they are considerably lower as the wages payd in the Stroponian Homeland. :satisfied:

However, not everybody was paying attention to the happenings in the Palace of the Representatives of the Realm. A government car stopped in one of the most posh districts of Strechnitz. Very close to the Lord High Chancellors official residence. This was the exuberant dwelling of  the Prince Electors of Beckenstein They were the oldest ruling family in the empire. Before the founding of Stropon, their predecessor fought alongside Augustus Heraclius the Great. And before that, they were high ranking nobles and dignitaries in Constantinople. It was even rumoured that their family roots could be traced back to the days of Emperor Septimus Severus of Rome. Unfortunately the longest even most glorious reigns must one day come to an end, for Lady Ottoline von Strasslomirov von Beckenstein was the last and childless descendant of this glorious bloodline that was even purer than that of the emperor himself.

But let us not drift of with romantic pour parleys. Out of the car came Aaron von Streifen. His mission to find out what the prince electors were up to prompted him to start with the most senior of the bunch who also happened to in her Strechnitzian residence by chance. He was let into the house and 'parked' in an ante-chamber to wait until it pleased her grace to receive him. The double staircase leading to the private floor was guarded with four guards dressed in the traditional Beckenstein uniform. Oh yes, the old lady upheld traditions. This was his lucky day for after a mere half hour the doors opened and a lackey with a powdered wig entered the doorway and bowed deeply for Aaron.
"Her most illustrious grace wishes to see you know m'lord von Streifen. Please care to follow me hither m'lord." Aaron stood up and followed the lackey through the palace to a small salon with gild furniture and walls covered in apple green silk.

There stood a frail old woman draped in fine silk and satin. With a hand extended towards him. Aaron walked up to her and kissed her hand without touching it with his lips. A civil conversation started about her health and that of the emperor. He did not discuss his mission nor touched the subject itself. He first wanted to get to know her a bit through observation and conversation. But he was not the only one. She was observing every little detail off the Emperors personal private secretary. Observing and interpreting was her secon nature, besides she was a very clever woman. Familiar with plots and secrets since she was a little girl. She did not know for certain but a simple baron requesting an audience for nothing but small talk with a lady of her stature was very strange indeed. So he had a hidden agenda, that much was certain. Only she could not yet place her finger on what it was that broaght him here.

When she noticed he would not reveal his true purpose, she rose from her chair to bid him farewell with an enchanting  smile. She had no more time for him, but he should come again very soon. For she had enjoyed their conversation very much. Blah di blah. Aaron bowed deeply and retreated. As soon the door closed Lady Ottoline said, "He seems like a nice young man don't you think?" 
A curtain hiding a secret door to the adjacent room shoved away to reveal lady Ottoline's lady in waiting. "Indeed he does your illustriousness. To bad the nice ones usually don't make it in the end."
"True. I wonder why he became his Holy Majesty's PPS. He is so young...so naive almost... find out more about him Elisabeth, I am curious."

Later that day the Emperors speech was thé topic of the day from the docks of Sankt Augustine to the manicured lawns of the Aristocratic mansions. What was the exact meaning of the Emperors words? In the Lord high Chancellors offices in the Citadel palace the Chancellor has gathered with some of the ministers.

It is simply outrageous. Proles can't govern! The bourgeois selected as representatives of the realm have difficulties enough to do their job as expected. And they are successful entrepreneurs!" Lord Renkelstein (foreign affairs) uttered gesticulating heavily while trying to refill his sherry. His emotions however caused him to spill more sherry over the tray than in his glass.
"Quite right, although I do not oppose the idea of more rights to the proles in 'principle'. There are however some practical concerns why it is not advisable to have them here in our...high halls of power." Von Paufenfels added (treasurer)

"Oh yes, 'in principle' I agree with you wholeheartedly. But be honest. Proles in power? The whole thing's just unnatural! We were born and bred to answer this higher calling. To serve the Empire...the common good! Yes that's it. Our noble breeding and education simply makes us better equipped to face up the burdens of government. To serve the common good instead of seeking personal gain I mean."  Von Rittersteig (war department) replied in his tuba like voice.

" You mean to say that we've filled our pockets generations ago?" riposted Von Paufenfells.
"Yes.....erhm...no of course not! You fool. I simply mean that a government should consist of trustworthy men, and loyal, and wise, and....Well in short, sound men!"
"Sóund men" the ministers repeated while raising their glasses in the air.

"What are we to do Frits? If we tell the old battle axe hat we don't want to do his bidding we spend the remainder of our miserable lives watching the seasons change... exiled away to our country estates!"
"The damn thing is that he stands above law and regulation. As Gods anointed one he is the law! But that has not stopped us before altering his wishes so that they served us rather than him when they were presented to both Houses. And now because of his onorthodox action they... and indeed the entire empire know of these plans. We are left without any leverage to resolve this matter behind closed doors. What are we to do Frits?" Lord Renkelstein implored the Chancellor. Hoping for a miracle.

"Well..." the Lord high Chancellor said  interrupting the self pitying of his cabinet. "I agree with you all gentlemen. And 'in principle' I agree with a reform of our system in order to broaden the democratic base of it."
If it were physically possible the jaws of his ministers would have fallen on the floor in astonishment. They simply looked dumbfounded. Then the sly smile covered the chancellor's face and the ministers dared to breathe again.
"You have a plan Frits? A ruse to win both ways?" Lord Blancmanger asked shakily (economy & trade)

"Yes I do. We won't affront his Holy Majesty by defying his wishes, oh no. By the way, the emperor has used pretty vague terms. He never said implicitly how or what he meant by it. So! Tomorrow at lunch I'll tell him that we will install an interdepartmental commission to investigate the matter close to his majesties heart." Von Rittersteig was the first to grasp the full extent of the message and started laughing. "Interdepartmental?" von Paufenfels muttered between two salvo's of laughter. "Oh that's simply marvellous Frits. With a mandate to explore áll  possibilities? That will take them years!" von Renkelstein said with tears from laughterin his eyes.

"And when we tell them to travel to other countries to study their systems we can add a couple more. If they ever bring out there report his Holy Majesty has long been laid to rest by that time." The Chancellor added with a beaming smile. Glasses were filled with the amber coloured sherry and raised in a toast.
"But what about the expectations of the people? here and in the colonies?" von Paufenfels suddenly asked.
"The people? dear boy, when did we ever have difficulties muzzling the great unwashed?" von Rittersteig replied
"No, it's always the emperors who are most difficult to controll." The cabinet roared with laughter again.

Somewhere in southeast Asia. A man walked up to a shed amidst the famous rice paddies of Nargoon. He removed the locks of the door but dared not enter. He waited. some rumour indicated that whatever was in there, was awake. a person came into the doorway with blinking eyes, not used to direct sunlight. He was Caucasian, naked, heavily tattooed and had fanatically glowing eyes. as soon as he saw the person that had opened the door he dropped on his knees and folded his hands. "Mmmaster"
"You are pure now Simeon. Go. Leave heaven and go into the mortal world. And stir the sinners conscience. For we are pure and they are with many. Do the good works for which the highest one has chosen you." the other spoke in an electronically scrambled voice.
"I I wwwwill servvvve the hi hi highest one, master." stuttered the young man still on his knees.

"I expected nothing less Simeon. you are chosen to perform good and holy deeds, you will truly be a worthy angel of Vengeance." he handed Simeon a pair of sunglasses and a set of clothes. "Here is all you need, cover your nakedness and fulfil your destiny. your means to do so will be provided to you on the way." The man turned around and walked away. Simeon stayed on his knees with his eyes closed in reverence. Not until there was absolutely no more sound of the other man audible, stood Simeon up and dressed himself. In his pockets he found identity papers, a map and money. He knew what to do. He was trained well. He went on his way.

Will be continued...
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Quote from: Strechnitz on November 14, 2007, 02:12:47 AM"Here is all you need, cover your nakedness.."

But why?! :P Methinks the ladies would protest too much.  $%Grinno$%

You are taking the conventional, worn out storylines that have become MDing in general and chucked it out the window only to replace it with a tantalizingly refreshing and iconoclastic approach. Deliciously deceiving and downright decadent! I like!  ;D

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Quote from: M4346 on November 14, 2007, 02:22:21 AM
Deliciously deceiving and downright decadent! I like!  ;D

I promised you decadence in the very first page of my MD didn't I? well here you have it Marius :P :thumbsup:

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Next fantastic update there! Also great work on it! :thumbsup:


Very sexy dekadence...  &apls

This IS not an MD anymore - if this was a TV show, entire nations whould be glued to the screens. The suspense is killing me. Can't wait for the next episode. &hlp
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Emperor Stormont

Quote from: M4346 on November 14, 2007, 02:22:21 AM
But why?! :P Methinks the ladies would protest too much.  $%Grinno$%

Or some of the men of Stropon and Nargoon either. lol

Another truly fabulous update in what has become a most tantalising story. I have many thoughts on what may happen, but I will not know until they do indeed happen and I await those updates greatly.  :satisfied:

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mmm Huebert i just dont know what to say here but ummm wow!!! Im hooked again

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This post will act as a new table of contents since i can't update my old posts. This will cover the entire thread's updates up to now and from here on. So you can easily find the many different types of updates. And for those who never been to Stropon Before I'll start with a little introduction.

The Holy Byzantine Empire Of Stropon is one of those classic Imperialist empires where the sun never sets. This is due to the fact that the Stroponian Empire, apart from the central-European mainland, still has 2 large colonies in Asia and America. Quitaniania and Nargoon are no longer real colonies but integral parts of the empire with the same rights and obligations as the motherland. The Stroponians however still referr to them often as 'the colonies'.

This is the Flag of the Stroponian motherland which  as said lies in Europe. The Empire was conquered in 1472 by a mercenary army under the command of Augustus Heraclius the Great. The self proclaimed heir to the Byzantine throne in Constantinople that had been vanquished by the Ottoman armies in 1453. THe could not recapture the old empire and settled for the lads bordering the Ottoman Empire. This became Stropon the 'new' Byzantine Empire. This flag is also the standard for the entire empire.

Quitaniana is the name of the eldest Stroponian colony. It was acquired in the second half of the 17th century under the reign of Emperor Victor Augustus II. Quitaniania lies in South America. and holds remnants of the mayan civilisations. large plantations were constructed to harvest colonial crops that made fortunes on the European markets. the forced labor of many of the native peoples there is a black page in the history of this Opulence driven Empire.

Nargoon is the colony which lies in South-East Asia.In the second half of the 18th century stories of the richess of the lands of India and Sout-East Asia reached the greedy ears of the Stroponian Government. following the British foodsteps in India they conquered the Kingdom of Dagang wedged between Jansipur and Siam. It was renamed Nargoon and explored for gemstones and prescious metals. which the Nargoonian soil willingly released to the Stroponians.

The following links give an insight in the general history of the Stroponian Empire.

Stroponian history, part 1 The birth of a new Empire out of the destruction of the Byzantine Empire.
Stroponian history, part 2 The System of dynastic succession and an outline on politics
Stroponian history, part 3 How the 20th century affected the Empire.
Stroponian history, part 4 A note on Stroponian government and a full color oversight of the Stroponian Imperial Chivalric orders.
Stroponian history, part 5 The History of the ruling Imperial Dynasty. their defeits and triumphs.
Stroponian history, part 6A The Stropo Ruritanian War of agression of 1807, the history.
Stroponian history, part 6BThe Stropo Ruritanian War of agression of 1807, the battle.

Stroponian Religion Stropon has freedom of worship but also an official state religion, Simeonism. In this update it is explained and illustrated.

The Stroponian Cities are showcased in the Grand tour of Stropon with Christine Blancmanger with a guest appearance of Theodore Sprenklemayer. The Imperial Bureau of Tourism thought it to be a good idea to show the Empire to you in a controled way. Since the Empire has just opened up to the world again after almost a century of seclusion things are taken step by step. So don't be afraid and join her and discover the Cities of Stropon in a way you would not if you went alone :)

A medieval baronial Stronghold.
A visit to Burg Posernitz,
The true, rural Arcadia.
A visit to Apollonerfeldt
Testament of the industrial revolution.
A visit to Industriapolis
The Imperial Spa.
A visit to Wörlitzen Badt
The Imperial capital city.
A visit to Strechnitz, part 1
A night on the town.
A visit to Strechnitz, part 2
The city outside the walls.
A visit to Strechnitz, part 3
The 19th century expansions.
A visit to Strechnitz, part 4

Sights and Seeings is a popular TV program with Alexandra von Hofenburg as the presenter. This lady takes the viewer along to see the magnificent architectural highlights in the Empire. This season also features the unique Listerlunde BAT by Debussyman. So grab a bag of crisps and tune in :thumbsup:

The Imperial winter residence in Kaiserbürgen.
Kayserbürgen, part 1 The regimental town and surroundings
Kayserbürgen, part 2 The imperial residence and their surrounding gardens

Listerlunde Palace, the 8th World wonder on the shore of Lake Zerlingen.
Listerlunde Palace, part 1 the history, their Emperors, and the restauration.
Listerlunde Palace, part 2 The Front Square, the Orangerie and the Stables.
Listerlunde Palace, part 3 The splendour of the main building.
Listerlunde Palace, part 4 The grand pavilions and the Imperial appartments
Listerlunde Palace, part 5 The lustre of the formal upper garden and the baroque terraced garden.
Listerlunde Palace, part 6 The grandeur and Intimacy of the lower garden.

Dampotzen Palace, the grand summer residence surpassing Hadrians Tivoli.
Dampotzen Palace, part 1 The early history and first glimpses.
Dampotzen Palace, part 2 The exotic Water Palace and the Four Seasons pavilion.
Dampotzen Palace, part 3 The New Palace, the kitchengarden, Imperial Guards barracks and the hoach house.

The visualised history of the Imperial Citadel in Strechnitz. The citadel was the first Imperial residence when the Empire was conquered in 1472. And has been in function ever since. Every Imperial dynasty that sat on the Stroponian throne has added and altered the Citadel making it a meltingpot of styles and tastes. See how it changed through the ages. click on the banners underneath to go to the update on that particular period in time.

Do you care for intrigue? snobbery? or scullduggery? Do you have a weakness for secrets? suspense? or splendour?
Then Royal Blood & Regalia is just the thing for you! If you've had enough of the regal facades and imposing churches of Stropon. The endless nepotism and selfglorification of their upper classes, and the seemingly docile downtrodden masses. Than you'll be relieved to know that behind the fake flegmatism and order churn and twist all the good and vile emotions that exist in YOU! and here they come to light in an ongoing story of everyday Stropon.

Characterlist This list tells you who's who of the main and other important characters.

Season One.
RB&R episode 1 The Holy Emperor returns.
RB&R episode 2 Shady deals & arranged marriages
RB&R episode 3 We don't print the news, we make it!
RB&R episode 4 The predicted and the unpredictable.
RB&R episode 5 Where angels of vengeance dare?
RB&R episode 6 Portrait of a Lady?
RB&R episode 7 Power to the Proles!

Season Two.
RB&R Synopsis Recapitulation of what happened in the first season of RB&R

For an Empire that spreads over 3 continents and with such a comlex history it is natural to have diplomatic ties with other nations. All were severed during the age of Doctrine of Autocracy when the borders were closed. They are reestablished now one at a time. sometimes openly in the MD threads sometimes in the seclusion of PM's.

The Holy Byzantine Empire of Stropon is a full member of the S.C.J.U..

The Idealistic Imperial Empire of Atlantis by Belfastuniguy

The enlighted Kingdom of Osturland by Yoder7652

The Renewing Kingdom of Nova Vesfalo by Nova Vesfalo

The Plutocratic Kingdom of Reginam da Domena Lorella by Dark_Jedi06

The Turbulent Kingdom of Ruritania by Revol

The Stroponian newspapers,bring the important news on the present day affairs involving the Empire.

The Stropon Times 3d of May edition
The Stropon Times 7th of May edition
The Stropon Times 16th of May edition
The Stropon Times 19th of May edition
The Stropon Times 4th of June edition

The Stropon Herald 1st of July edition
The Stropon Herald 17th of July edition
The Stropon Herald 25th of september edition The Temple for the Regime of Bliss is inaugurated.
The Stropon Herald 25th of October edition Life coverage of the Stropon Atlantis State visit.
The Stropon Herald 3d of December edition The Stropon-Ruritania commemoration special
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