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Amsterdam. - New Update: Artis!!!

Started by FissileBread, July 19, 2007, 07:07:20 PM

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Hello, I'm FissileBread and this is my first MD, entitled Amsterdam. I'm pretty new here, but I've been lurking around for some time and got inspiration to start my own MD after reading others.

First of all, I have never lived, nor travelled to Amsterdam. Thus, my MD is only a somewhat accurate recreation. I simply had the idea to recreate Amsterdam, and I kept adding more subtle details until I thought about making it into a MD.

My recreation is not to scale, unfortunately. This is because when I first started out, I did not take the project seriously, and afterwards, it was too late to restart. Another problem for me was the layout of Amsterdam itself. Amsterdam is a city filled with vast networks of angled roads and canals as you can see from this picture:

Finally, I hope you enjoy reading this MD. If you have ever been to Amsterdam, or live there, I would greatly appreciate feedback to make my MD more accurate.

Here are some shots of my work so far:

That concludes my first update. Hope you liked it and please comment.


 :thumbsup: That's a great start, all the canals, boats and the dutch houses: just wonderful arranged &apls

probably the best tropical forests Pat Riot
the jungle and the seaside resorts are looking spectacular kwakelaar
such stunning and natural tropical sceneries iamgoingtoeatyou
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Wonderful start! Great pictures of that city! Fantastic work! :thumbsup:


Great couple of buildings, subtle and tasty photoshopping, care about textures, good planning  :thumbsup:

You can establish a fanclub, I will register myself immediately  &apls
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Hi, i have to agree your MD has really a wonderful dutch atmosphere with these wonderful buildings and the canals.
I haven't been to Amsterdam yet (although it's actually only a small trip from here with only about 300 Km) but i have already been multiple times in Groningen (a bigger city in the Northern Netherlands and compared to this it looks also pretty real). :thumbsup: &apls
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Well just seen your journal on simtropolis.Anyways great CJ :thumbsup:
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Well I can't deny it, That looks véry Dutch for a Canadian who claims never to have set foot in Amsterdam! :thumbsup:

It looks very good and promising from here. So please spoil us with your next update. ;D



Mokum, my hometown!  And so realistic that I cannot believe either that you have never been here. This is gorgeous. What I like the most is the right angle parking on the canals (it should be queer of course, like anything else in this city  ;)

It's very nice to see that you build a sunken road, the city is lacking those in real as they would probably be flooded most of the time.

Looking forward to your next update very much  &apls &apls &apls
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urban: Thanks for being the first comment! I'm glad you like it, I look forward to seeing you again!

bat: Thanks bat!

Ennedi: Thanks for dropping by Ennedi! lol, sure you can be I be fanclub, I guess. :D

Vario80: Thanks! It's nice to hear from someone who lives in holland!

Jayo: Thanks for commenting again, Jayo!  :)

Strechnitz: Thanks for commenting!

Sebes: Hey Sebes! Thanks for checking it out! lol, those cars took me forever to do in the lot editor! I'm glad you like them! Hmm...Amsterdam has no sunken roads? hahah, oops...I thought it would be ideal because that is the avenue that leads to the ij tunnel. Do you think I should change it?

Update: The Montelbaanstoren

The Montelbaanstoren is one of the few pieces of Amsterdam's Medieval walls that still stands. It was a sentinel from which guards could look over the plains for attacking armies. This was often necessary, as Amsterdam was a center of wealth and power at the time, and the frequent target of jealous outsiders. It was the sea that made Amsterdam rich, and this tower guards what was once the greatest shipbuilding complex in the world.

It was also a gathering place for sailors before they would go on their long voyages to far-off lands. The tower is located at a canal called Oude Schans.

Today things have changed drastically. Ships are still built in the wharves here, but they're much smaller and don't go very far. Still, the Montelbaanstoren retains its historic link to the sea through its use as office space for the Amsterdam water works.

It now serves as a lonely clock tower, in the heart of the city's historic centre. It stands much as it was in 1512, when it was constructed, except for the addition of a decorative spire and clock in 1606. Rumor has it that after the clock was added, the tower garnered the nickname "Silly Jack" – Malle Jaap in Dutch – because the clock's bells were rather unreliable and rang at strange times of the day or wouldn't ring at all for days on end.

And finally, here is a region shot of my work so far.

I restarted the terraforming many times, in order to make it accurate. Idecided to terraform as I expand the city, as this will allow better interaction between the landscape and the urban layout.

That concludes my update. Hope you liked it and please comment!

nova vesfalo

WOW-ing that's really nic, one of the most clever and wonderful looking use of the ducht BATs !! Like the narrow canals they are hugely great looking ! And you've made quite great city views, the tram is wonderful there !!


I believe that I have of concerns to be made with your city!  $%Grinno$%
It is really ... fantastic  :thumbsup: &apls


Brilliant work - of course Dutch buildings are beautiful (especially Montelbaanstoren), but the most important are your composition skills  :thumbsup:

The way you use details is really great, they add a lot to the general view  &apls

You are right about terraforming, I also think it must be an interactive work - nobody can provide every consequence of using various objects  :)
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Your progress is really brilliant and also the layout is really well done. And the same goes for your terraforming skills, it looks really like it should (using a map).  :thumbsup: &apls

However i have to clarify one thing: I'm not from Holland, (i live in a town in northwestern Germany), but the dutch border is not very far away from here, so i visit the Netherlands quite often.  $%Grinno$% ;)
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QuoteAmsterdam has no sunken roads? hahah, oops...I thought it would be ideal because that is the avenue that leads to the ij tunnel. Do you think I should change it?

Are you kidding? It's wonderfull. And you are right: the IJ-tunnel entrance indeed goes down before the tunnel actually starts... just not such a long strech. But I love your pic  :satisfied:
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Though I've never been to the real Amsterdam, I must admit that if it is half as beautiful as your recreation, I'll be heading there soon! Great start here, FissileBread. I look forward to following along to see how your Amsterdam develops!


Really cool. Maybe it's more like Amsterdam in spirit than a re-creation. Who cares if the real one doesn't have sunken roads, you can show them how much cooler it is. That's right, make those Dutch jealous they didn't think of it earlier :)


Like i aid on ST...I LOVE IT!!
good to know that someone enjoys VDA's buildings as well :)!!

awsome job!!  &apls
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So sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really love Amsterdam.  ;D
it's a little, a town of vice... but it's a superb city!
And your work is splendid.  :thumbsup:


A fabulous CJ! I love it!! Dutch done right. :-)
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WoW a very good MD here im surprissed i missed the start of this one... FissileBread you have yourself a very good MD here and i'm loving it, keeep up the hard work... see you soon - pat

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