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Getting Brown Boxes - SimGoober Update: 11.07.2022 for Project Zip

Started by commjack, December 25, 2022, 05:59:35 AM

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I upgraded all my SimGoober Lots & Models (Update: 11.07.2022 for Project Zip).  I am now getting Brown Boxes on some Growable Lots.  Two examples are "Pussy Cleaners" from "BSC SG Commercials Models Medium Shops.zip" & "Sainsbury Sava Centre" from "BSC SG Commercials Sainsbury 1099.zip".  I followed all the instructions on the installs.  I also checked the Forum to see if anyone is having a similar issue but I didn't find any.

Thanks, Jack


Hi Jack,

I freshly downloaded both the BSC SG Commercial Lots Medium Shops and BSC SG Commercial Models Medium Shops and the BSC SG Commercial Lots Sainsburys and  BSC SG Commercial Models Sainsburys uploads and the listed dependencies.
I checked the lots and I didn't get brownboxes (see attached image). I would recommend you to download the files again and install them.
Regarding these files one of the differences comparing to the older versions (which came with the installers) is that I moved all the building exemplars from the Model packs into the Lot packs. If you had brown boxes that means that some of the models would be missing, but if you installed the model packs (after the last update) that should not be happening. Since the model packs are containing all the models (I double checked them) they should not be producing brown boxes. In my test following your report, I used the building plop cheat, but still it shows no brownbox. So if you have all the dependencies, than you should see the same.
Make sure that you install all the listed dependencies. Both the download page (even without the Dependency Tracker) and the provided readmes containing the right links to the right dependencies.

SG Lots no box.jpg

- Tyberius06
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I started doing what you suggested then I realized I goofed.  I was removing all the old SG files & installing all the new ones ... I guess I missed those new model files somehow even though I checked (possibly removed them by mistake).  Sorry I made you do extra work on your already great work.
Here's hoping your holidays have been spectacular & you have a great New Year!!
Thanks again!