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Started by nedalezz, January 16, 2007, 05:49:53 AM

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Hey! I currently have a CJ going on Simtropolis by the same name, and I've been thinking of moving it over here. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to do that...I figured I would test the waters here, see the response. I'll post old pics and, for the final picture, an overview of where the CJ should be currently. So without further ado...

The Tallehton Seaport, constructed in '06.

East Brixton at dusk. ('06)

Tanvelle Shores, the most luxurious neighborhood in Southport. ('06)

Industry Park at night. ('08)

Tops Supermarket, the largest retailer in Southport. ('08)

The Audobon Building in Downtown. ('11)

Bronkstone Road, north of Tanvelle Shores. ('11)

Dover Road, Brixton. ('11)

Downtown Southport. ('11)

Overview shot of Downtown, Tanvelle Shores, and Brixton. ('11)

An aerial shot of the developed part of Levante, in the Year of '12.


Oh wow! That is amazing. Great city. I love your suburbs, so vivid and realistic. Also, great photoshopping, the pics turned out very well. :thumbsup:

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hmmmm, very griddy and that is a good thing, this city has a nice organized look to it.  I would suggest one thing and that is to provide some type of transition between zones, instead of just a sudden line and change of zoning.


Good start you show us. A little griddy, but still looking forward to see the progress. &apls


Nice pics- interesting Photoshopping.

Looking to see what comes next.
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Griddy may not be pretty...but it's pretty realistic.

Nice work. I'm looking forward to more.


Great start! wonderful pictures!


Thanks for the comments! As for the gridiness, what you see now will potentially be the central district of a much larger city (hopefully). At this point, as this city expands, it will do so in a much more random fashion.

I also didn't bother with farms just yet because, as stated above, this is to be the center of a larger city, so I didnt see the point of building farms I was just going to run over. Having said that, I will be developing farms from this point forward.

I wanted to have a realistic 50,000+ town going as quickly as possible, and I feel I've accomplished that for the most part. The tallest building is 10 stories, with a small but growing industrial area around the seaport, to the immediate west of downtown.

As for the direction of the CJ, I want to not only focus on the general view of the city, but also the everyday happenings. That includes characters, companies, certain highlights on some of them, little soap opera angles, etc..

I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoy presenting it to you!


I think griddy is not at all bad and can certainly be pretty. I quite like the way you have done your downtown on the seafront with a few streets extending into the surrounding neighbourhoods.
I look forward to see the development futher.


Lovely work you've done here. I really like the feel of this with the walls you've used behind the beaches! :thumbsup:




I don't understand why some are so opposed to grids.  Many, many beautiful cities in RL are based on a grid.  It just happens to be an efficient way to plan a city.  I love the work you have done with your pics!


Very nice pics. I love those beaches.

eeeh, could it be that the pic of Tops supermarket is mirrored?



The pictures are great, the effects are a nice addition, and this grid people are talking about fits the area perfectly. I hope to see more of this soon and I'm sorry I haven't found it sooner (here or at ST).


Looks really nice. The "Downtown Southport. ('11)" picture is my favourite.

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Great Pictures Nedalezz. The beaches are my favourite again! But also Bronkstone Road is wonderful. :thumbsup:
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Nedal ... nice to see you here! I just decided to sign up because of Alek's tutorials, but I notice there's quite a bit of good stuff here! Looking forward to more!


Great stuff Nedalezz   &apls some of those pictures sorry all, were very pleasing to the eye and i have to agree with Mattb about the beach with the retainer wall and rocks very well done. Even the wife commented and mate believe me thats saying something.  :P
Oops better post before she reads what i said  ;D
Look forward to more
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Yeah the grid works.  Even farms from an overhead view are griddy, it's just plain easier to build and plan from right angles.  Love the photos, keep up the good work.
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Its been a dozen years since N.Kafra has taken over the helm as President/King/Emperor for life of the island of Levante, the success has thus far been far beyond expectation. With a population of 160 (!!) at the beginning of the Year of '00, the island now has a total population of nearly 80,000, all living in the vicinity of town of Southport.

Several reasons could be given to justify the growth of the island, including the construction of the Tallehton Seaport, the Free Zone Areas around Southport, and the phenomenal natural and physical beauty of the island itself. Much of the focus of the next couple of updates will be of whats going on in Southport after 12 years of official Levantian independence.

Today's focus will be on one area: Twin Lakes. This specific area can be found in the northenmost part of Southport, and it is also the newest developed area of the city. It is made up of 2 small lakes; Jullen Lake to the west and Istara Lake to the east. The land around Jullen Lake, which was approved for development in '10 by the Southport Council, was bought by Icon Real Estate, the first (and currently, only) development company in Levante.

Concern about ruining the natural habitat and beauty of the lakes subsided when Icon Real Estate presented their project to the SC for final approval. Not only did they maintain the standard of cleanliness required by the SC, but also took it a step further in stressing further beautifucation of the Jullen Lake. The results were outstanding.

Currently, there are 3 models of houses for sale around the Jullen Lake. Icon Real Estate call the project "Lakeside Villas", and it is their second after Summerfield Apartments in eastern Southport (which has been completely sold out). The first model, and biggest, features 5 bedrooms, 2 living room spaces, and 4 bathrooms. The second model has the same, but only 4 bedrooms, and the third model has 3 bedrooms, 1 large living room space with a smaller one upstairs, and 3 bathrooms. The respective starting prices are $250,000 - $220,000 - $195,000, respectively.

Do enjoy the shots of the Lakeside Villas Complex:

Afternoon at Lakeside Villas.

The sun sets over Lakeside Villas.

The serenity of the night at Lakeside Villas.

NOTE: Residential expansion to the northwest and north of Southport.