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Reginam da Domena Lorella [Last Update: 10/11/07]

Started by Dark_Jedi06, August 23, 2007, 08:48:16 AM

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After a crash during a save in which my capital city was lost, I have decided to move Domena Lorella from Simtropolis to SC4 Devotion and begin anew. Some of you may recognize the initial update, however, a few minor changes have taken place. In addition, I've taken a whole new approach to city building this time around.

Book 1

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8

The history of Domena Lorella is one of conquest and culture, revolution and regents, victory and defeat. From the confluence of Germanic and Roman traditions to the cataclysmic events of the early 20th century, Domena Lorella has played a part in many of the most monumental events in European history. Historians have classified these events into nine eras, which are listed below and linked to a more in-depth analysis.

I. The Roman Empire
II. An Emerging Kingdom
III. The Great Collapse
IV. The First Lorellian Empire
V. Napoleonic Wars
VI. World War I
VII. World War II
VIII. The Cold War
IX. The Modern Era

Nestled in the Alps between Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Lichtenstein, Domena Lorella is a beautiful nation. Because of its position, the Lorellian culture is an assemblage of a variety of traditions and beliefs from its neighboring countries, however, this has led to the emergence of a distinctly different society unlike any in Europe. In addition, Domena Lorella is the only remaining European government in which a monarch is able to exercise some forms of absolute rule, unlike the royal family of Great Britain which has devolved into a ceremonial position. Below is a map of the nation, with city names as well as major natural landmarks.

(Click for full image, 6100x3236 and 16,243 KB)
A big thanks to jplumbley for making the map; Invermere Valley.

The map below shows the location of Domena Lorella in relation to the rest of Western Europe. Dark green is Lorellian territory, light green nations are members of the European Union and gray nations have no affiliation with the European Union. In addition to the central territory of Domena Lorella in the Alps, the Lorellian government holds a province in the Netherlands, known as Egaingrad, that was acquired during World War II; this is shown on the map as well.

Summary of Domena Lorella (est. Dec 2006)

Full Name: Reginam da Domena Lorella
Short Name: Domena Lorella
Conventional Name: Lorella
Government Type: Monarchical Plutocracy
Economic Orientation: Corporatism
Official Languages: Romansh, English, Swiss, German, French
Religion: Roial Catholicism: 37%, Lutheran: 31%, Protestant: 25%, Other: 7%
Currency: Toc Aur
Capital: Ossian
Largest Cities: Brigs sin Rain, Ossian, Laurel
Population: 7,579,302
Area: 5,132 km²


The flag and seal of Domena Lorella share the symbol of the lion. Dating back to the nation's Roman roots, the lion symbolizes the power of the Lorellian monarchy. The color green is indicative of the wonderful natural beauty that is often associated with Domena Lorella, considering it's location in the Alps. The Lorellian motto adorns the seal, which reads "Fermezza tras il Retg. Lung star il Reginam." Translated from Romansh into English, it means "Strength through the King. Long live the kingdom."

The government structure of Domena Lorella is complex, combining the power of an absolute monarch, heredity royalty, religious morality and economic impact. Many nations have criticized what they view as a lack of democratic process in Domena Lorella, however, the system has been carefully implemented and changed over the decades to strike a perfect balance that has proven to be overwhelmingly successful.

The Federal Parliamentary Chamber is the main organ of the government structure, responsible for proposing laws and amendments to the constitution. There are a total of seventy seats in the Chamber which are held mainly by three major political parties. They are Royalist, Green and Communist and symbolized below.


The parties are divided in the Federal Parliamentary Chamber as follows:

...this space to be filled soon...



Built along the Rhine river, the Altstadt, or "old city", of Ossian is centered around the Zubriggen Church shown above. The church was one of the first places of worship dedicated to Roial Catholicism, the state religion of Domena Lorella that was derived from a break with the Catholic Church. The Altstadt is massive, expanding along the coast of the Rhine and deep inland towards Stgir Bay.

Several bridges span the Rhine at the point of Ossian's Altstadt, including one rail truss as well as three road causeways. These are major arteries that connect Ossian with one of it's sister cities, Orellia, on the other bank of the Rhine.

Though all of Domena Lorella's cities are connected by a raised, high speed rail system, an expansive line of ground rail cuts through nearly all cities as well. The line that runs through Ossian, and its two sister cities Orellia and Olassan, is known as Viafier Vegl. It is shown here running north towards the modern downtown of the capital city.

Gervosa Geiger is the most popular beer brewer in Domena Lorella as well as surrounding Switzerland, Austria and southern Germany. The companies first brewery was constructed in Ossian by entrepreneur Hans Geiger in the late 19th century but was unable to satiate the demands of the people who quickly came to love the hoppy beer the company brewed. Within a few years, several more breweries had been built and in 1893 Gervosa Geiger was declared the official beer of Lorellian royalty. Shown above is the first brewery.

The Ossian Galaria is the central library and museum of the capital city. Many of Domena Lorella's most historic artifacts are housed in the Galaria, including the ancient fresco showing the alliance between Domena Lorella and the Eastern Roman Empire and the memoirs of King Vitus Rohr III before he was slaughtered by communist revolutionaries.

Another shot of the Ossian Galaria as well as more of the sprawling Altstadt.

August 23rd, 1940

A year early in 1939, after the Nazi Blitzkrieg of Poland, Domena Lorella entered into the Munich Pact with the Third Reich. The pact was a military and political alliance that was signed by Adolf Hitler and King Vitus Rohr III in attempt to save Domena Lorella from a potential catastrophic invasion. The alliance, however, would lead the country to ruin as well as one of the shameful events in Lorellian history. About a year after signing the pact in 1940, construction was completed on August 23rd of a concentration camp in the small town of Farid, just south of Ossian. The camp had been ordered by Adolf Hitler as he sought more means to implement the Final Solution. King Rohr was hesitant to comply with the demand but realized that defiance would lead to harsh repercussions from the Luftwaffe. Over the course of a year half a million of Domena Lorella's Jewish population would be murdered as well as an untold number that were moved in from Germany. The camp ceased being active when a communist revolution swept through the country. Today, the remains of the camp still stand as a reminder in addition to a memorial that was built on the site.

The ruins of Campadi Farid still stand outside the small town.
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Absolutelly fantastic  &apls Great idea, Ossian looks wonderfully completely.


Dark_Jedi06, very awesome start.  This looks like it's going to be a good one.

Robin   :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


I love those alpine houses :P
Welcome over to the MD section here too ^__^


Your map rules!

Glad to see this one. The use of seawalls as embankments really works well, especially with the euro aspect of your building style.

Great history snapshots as well.

Overall, this is destined to be a classic!

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Emperor Stormont

So pleased you have restarted this. I loved it when it first opened and I love it yet still, the quality is fabulous and Ossian is stunning, so beautiful and well managed.  :thumbsup:

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Dark_jedi very great start here and very detailed at that too!!!! i soo cant wait to see more - pat

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WOWWIE!!!  What a start!!  You have made some simply stunning pictures of this city.  And thank you for showcasing this map.  I cannot take all the credit as Beskhu3epmn did give me the base map as a template.

I cannot wait to see more of what you have done to this map.  Jimmymac has done an awesome job in his MD and yours has a much different feel and story to it!  It will be interesting to see the differences between the two MDs and how you guys utilize the different terrain features.
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Good luck with the new Domena Lorella, DJ ;)
I really like it.. Great work!!  :thumbsup:  ()stsfd()


How does he do it? I dont understand, everytime DJ starts a CJ he manages to blow me away, Id thought I'd seen perfection after the first start on Domena Lorella, but WOW, much more realistic also, CALs new canals work to perfection for you also, that last shot with the train moving over the bridge just amazed me.


fantastic illustrations and history to go with the pics, really thats what makes SCJU md's a lot of fun to browse
War Kittens !?


Great start, that's a nicely laid out town. :thumbsup: Love the theme and the use of canals.

If the brewery is still operating, wouldn't mind a tour, and a wee taste of the product.




I loved Rauheim, I loved Domena Lorella I and I sure as hell LOVE Domena Lorella II! It's absolutely beyond words! I love the over-all effect of the old Euro buildings, CAL Canals and Marast's embankments!

The background information, the rich history and the attention to detail makes this a treat to read, view and follow!

I'm most definitely keeping updated on this one!

Sorry to hear about the loss though, but I can see it turned out for the best!  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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A really fantastic start there! Great pictures of that city which is looking wonderful! :thumbsup:


Very good start you've made here. Your use of canals is especially interesting because they fit in with the overall theme so well.

Until next time...


This is a very impressive first update, obvious that this has taken some preparation. I have not seen your CJ at ST thus this is all new to me.
Your history was interesting to read, seems Lorella has been on the loosing side a few times, expanding and then retreating back into its alpine valley. I am very curious to how the country managed to keep this Dutch province after the 2nd WW.

The images from Ossian Altstad are quite charming, this part of the city is still looking very spacious despite its old age. I very much like the use you have made of Marrast embankment set, fitting very well here.

A great start for this new MD here on SC4D :thumbsup:



Autostrada 5 cuts through the center of the Ossian Altstadt as it meanders toward the cities central downtown. The Lorellian highway system is named with numbers divisible by five, with odd integers denoting north/south and even representing east/west.

Another image of Autostrada 5 as well as the single crossing of Viafier Vegl over the Rhine. It is among the most congested bridges and plans were made to extend the line with a second span, however the proper funds have still not been allocated even though it was approved nearly two years ago.

Autostrada 5 continues north away from the Rhine river and closer to Ossian's downtown. At this point it crosses over Viafier Vegl, which is forced to descend under the highway.

Staziun von Schwaller, shown here on the right side of picture, was the first station constructed on Viafier Vegl when the line was begun in 1842. It was named after the railroad tycoon Bernhard Schwaller whose company was the first to invest in Lorellian railroad construction.

Chastè du il Rain, which translates to Castle of the Rhine, was once the largest fortress in Domena Lorella, overlooking the Rhine as well as what was once Ossian's city center. All that remains today is the castle's central keep.

Danthe-Thanks alot! :)
rooker1-I'm glad you liked it. ;D
Xiziz-The correct term would be "fachwerk" houses silly. :P Nothing more then semantics...regardless, I'm happy I've made the switch to SC4D, which was inspired by you and Krim. ()stsfd()
beskhu3epnm-A classic, eh? I sure hope so. ;D
belfastuniguy-Haha...I wouldn't say it's well managed. I pretty much place the buildings at random to achieve a "natural" feel. However, it's difficult to avoid obvious repetition. ::)
patfirefghtr-Well I hope this second update was up to par. :-[
jplumbley-I'll have to change the map credits when I get the chance...the terrain is definitely unique and difficult to work with, however it has presented an interesting challenge.
CarmineHilton-Thanks alot, Carmine! :satisfied:
Yoman-You give me more credit then I deserve Owen... :-[ Your comments are encouraging and serve as an inspiration as I continue MDing. :)
Zaphod-I'm glad you mentioned the history because that's one of the most time consuming parts. I put hours into writing up Lorellian history and ensuring it's accuracy with other events, and after all that it's still not finished.  $%Grinno$%
tooheys-Lol...yes, the brewery is still open. :D
M4346-Oh M, that's really not nescessary... &ops I hope this and future updates will continue to be a treat! ;D By the way, I must give you credit for inspiring me to use the sandstone sidewalk texture after seeing your re-lotting thread over at the SCJU forums. :thumbsup:
bat-Thanks alot! :)
Jmouse-I do love the perfection with which CAL's canals fit in with the city. I was hesitant to use any plopped canals at all until I discovered CAL's wonderful remastered version of SG's canals.
kwakelaar-I still haven't finished writing up the history, so I'm still unsure how Domena Lorella will be able to keep the territory in the Netherlands. The old version on Simtropolis is much different, using Porkie's Paris set instead of your amazing W2W BATs. ;D
...this space to be filled soon...


Darn this horrible connection, I can't see the pics in the new update, but from the decription I can tell I'll be impressed, hang on while I kick my laptop.

EDIT - Seems the kick to the screen worked :P And I was not disappointed, I think your problem is that you don't award yourself enough credit, not that I award you too much, I just cant wait for the downtown now :D

Emperor Stormont

First of all, I love the fact you have used David Healy, he has been such a fantastic player for us recently.

Anyways, another fabulous update, I love those small iron rail bridges, so lovely. In fact everything is just a pleasure to view. May I also thank you for stopping by Atlantis, so pleased you love the unreal and monumentalness (my new word) of it all. I do love making my cities.

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