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Ofalla : The rebirth of Desert Ofalla.

Started by Air6, December 15, 2007, 02:45:25 AM

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Here's the rebirth of my old project : Desert Ofalla. I would like to keep the same style, the same atmosphere of my old MD.
There will be many custom elements and some one of my BATs  ::)

Update.01 - SC4 Terraformer... My hero. The region. (p.2)


The same area after the first clic


Since several years Santa Claus live in Ofalla Valley  ;D
Here are some pictures taken of his house in november before festivities.


Great! I love your city in autumn  :thumbsup:

Excellent work  ;)


Great to see you back!

And a wonderful start there of your new MD! Looking forward to more...


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awesome pics...really like the road layout plan first...then the development looks good!! its really great when you added the trees...!!


Nice! Great details and I love the festive holiday stuff!  &apls
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Welcome back to SC4 Devotion , R6 , I was following secretely your work at TSC ... and I love what you're doing . :thumbsup:

Yeah , that's a great new !  &apls &apls &apls

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This was a good surprise just before christmas! Welcome back and all that stuff. ;D

Excellent slope work in the first updates and really interesting selection of BAT:s too. &apls

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Thanks sauron620, bat, warconstruct, suplado!, Schulmanator, Badsim, and emilin your comments are greatly appreciated.


Today, I have a special update. I would like to show you some pictures of an old city : Méditerranéa. These pics show the developpement step by step of that city.



awesome pics...really cool slope area..and the town looks nice of the base of the hill!!



Air6 you have a very beautiful MD here wow!!!

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Shadow Assassin

I like this place.

Whatever happened to Desert Ofalla? I quite liked the work you had done on it.
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Really great work on that area!
Very nice pictures of it! :thumbsup:


Thats an excellent update!
I like the Mediterranean theme!  :thumbsup:


Pat : Thanks.

SA : I lost Desert Ofalla due to many problems with my game  &mmm Thanks.

bat : Glad you like it. Thanks.

cameron1991 : Thanks. There will be soon other pictures of Méditerranéa  ;)

Here's the second update of Ofalla Valley and the last of this year  ::)

Merry Christmas.

nova vesfalo

wow really nice update ( and the depth effect is awesome !!) Btw , you still developed Mediratenea ??


I like this last update and the urban city you've created. All of your updates have a lot of custom content. Good Show!
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A great last update there for this year!
And I wish you a Merry Christmas, too!


I like it! It's like a blend of.. well.. everything. Great work!  :thumbsup: