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Orleans County - A Burgmania! MD

Started by Ryan B., May 01, 2008, 09:59:17 PM

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Ryan B.

Orleans County, New York
A Burgmania! MD

Table of Contents

Inaugural Showing | Ontario Shore, Version 1:  Below, Post # 1.
Update # 2 | Ontario Shore, Version 2:  Below, Post # 7.
Teaser # 1 | Lake Ontario State PKWY Sign Teaser:  Below, Post # 14.
Update # 3 | Ontario Shore, Year 25:  Page 2, Post # 22.
Reply Post # 1 | Page 2, Post # 38.
Update # 4 | Murray:  Page 3, Post # 40.
Update # 5 | Roadgeekery, Part 1:  Page 3, Post # 54.
Update # 6 | Murray, Part 2:  Page 4, Post # 61.
Update # 7 | New York State Police:  Page 4, Post # 68
Teaser # 2 | Murdock RD Overpass Signage:  Page 4, Post # 78
Update # 8 | Ontario Shore, Version 3:  Page 5, Post # 85
Teaser # 3 | Highway Improvement:  Page 5, Post # 91.

Update # 1 - Ontario Shore, Version 1

I've just started building Ontario Shore tonight.  So far, I've got the transportation networks, power, water, and some civic services done for the residential & commercial area.  The industrial area will be on the east side of the tile.

Here we see the northernmost main east-west route across the county - the Lake Ontario State Parkway.  This is Exit 1 - a basic diamond interchange with State Route 63 (Ontario Street).

That'll do it to start - you'll see more very soon from me here!

*Note:  Where you see the Open Grass Area - and I realize there's a lot there - that's just a place filler for me until I figure out what I want to do with that area.


Hi, Ryan!

Welcome to the MD game, my friend! You're off to a great start here, and I'll definitely be following along to see how your region develops!



Hey Burgsabre, I just read your comment in Rhenen, NN,  and see you started a MD about your home county....  In fact we are almost neighbours. The funny thing is that in "my" virtual world your county is part of Nieuw Nederland, so names and highwaynumbers are somehow different... 

Well. it's good that so many dimension can exist at the same time at the same place  ;)

Good luck will this MD and be assured I will follow it closely.

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Good luck with your MD.  I always find it interesting to see how people develop their region.  You seem to do a lot more zoning that I do at the start.  I tend to let a small area develop before zoning the next but, so it's nice to see the difference.

And I'm interested in your avatar. I work for HSBC, and see our logo and name there.  Is that an arena and team in Buffalo? I know Buffalo is home to many of our US operations.

All the best,



Ryan, it's fantastic to see you jumping into the MD arena as well!  This is a fantastic start--I love the RHW you've built there, and the neighborhoods have an interesting layout as well.  And it sounds like there's going to be some serious roadgeekery. :thumbsup:  I will most definitely be following this one here. :)



Move over Alex (Tarkus).  I'm sure this will be a roadgeek MD to end all roadgeek MDs.

Good luck, Ryan!

D. Edgren

Please call me David...

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LoL David that seems like some fighten words, Sorry I gotta stick up for Alex as he is the orginal roadgeeker here lol....  Sorry Burgs I know you will do good, who knows maybe you might over take Alex in that aspect  ;)

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Ryan B.


Dustin / thundercrack83:  Thanks for taking an interest!  I'll try not to disappoint.

sebes:  Maybe our two MDs can co-exist peacefully.  I'd rather be a good neighbour than a bad one.

paroch:  See the PM I sent you.   ;)

Alex / Tarkus:  You won't be disappointed.

David / dedgren:  This will be EPIC.   :P

Pat:  Are you offering to make odds?   :D

So, yeah - I decided to re-think Ontario Shore.  The first try was a bit helter-skelter, so I have refined my concept a bit more.

Update 2 - Re-Thinking Ontario Shore - Pre-Development Pictures

2.1 - The West Side Residential District

2.2 - A Closer Look at the West Side

2.3 - Ontario Shore ISD (Independent School District) - Yates High School & Athletic Complex

2.4 - Industrial Complex Overview

And now, for the part you've all been waiting for . . .

A closer look at the Lake Ontario State Parkway!

2.5 - Exit 1 (Ontario Street)

2.2 - Exit 2 (Prospect Avenue)

2.3 - Weigh Station (between Exits 2 & 3)

2.4 - Exit 3 (Route 63, Lake Shore Road)

2.5 - Exit 4 (Point Breeze Road)

More to come soon!


Perfect exits - I love them......!  I'll be ashamed to show mine in Rhenen, but nevertheless will pretend like if I never have seen yours.... ;)

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Wow, Ryan!

Your work with the RHW / MIS is extraordinary, my friend! I love your interchanges and how you have them set up! They look very realistic. I'll be looking forward to seeing more of your work here!



I must concur with Dustin and Sebes here--those are some extraordinarily well-built exits (I like that you numbered them :)), and it looks to me like you've generally planned the city out quite logically beyond that.  This is all very excellent! :thumbsup:



 $%Grinno$% Ryan we can't wager as dat is a no no lol....  Great update and I too love your MIS RHW workings here and where did you find those weight stations at???  till the next update!!!!

OK honestly I would say a 10 - 1 chance that you are going for alex's position of road geek... lol

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OK - just a question from Europe: I get the feeling this road-geek gathering spot is the best place to ask : what are weigh stations for? I have seen many of them in the USA but never figured out why they are there... 
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You draw your roads in a very realistic manner!  Nice work! ;D

Ryan B.


More comin' very soon . . .  ;)


Nice work with the RHW, but I would love to see some development.

Some railway would be nice, too (hey, it's me, Nardo ...  ;D )

But PLEASE turn your PNGs to JPGs - your PNGs are just too huge and eat up bandwidth like popcorn. Your last pic is 800*498 with not less than 486 kb - a good compressed jpg of this size without a noticable loss of quality would have less than 200kb ...

Take care and don't forget to make backups!

Bernhard  :thumbsup:


Ryan I cant wait for more!!!! Hopefully sooon that it is...

Don't forget the SC4D Podcast is back and live on Saturdays @ 12 noon CST!! -- The Podcast soon to Return Here Linkie


I love that sign, Ryan! You are the man when it comes to the road signs, my friend! Can't wait to see it in the game!



Why did it take me this long to get here? Nice work Ran!  I see some good use of RHW and diagonal streets!

Keep it up, I will be back!



I'm going to have to watch this one, considering I'm from Chenango County in New York! Looking great so far, keep up the good work!

Jason :thumbsup: