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March 21, 2023, 10:46:59 AM

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Olympus City: Evolutions... 8-15-2008: Turning Back the Pendulum: prologue

Started by Filasimo, February 24, 2007, 05:53:34 PM

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Hey guys,
some of you may know me from ST and my CJ Olympus City. I have decided to continue on my CJ here. I hope to have some new updates for you as I am working on some new things for my city. Please come back again and check out whats going on! thanks!
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great filasimo!! i love olyimpus city!!

i'll be waiting  &apls
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Welcome to Sim City 4 Devotion!, Olympus city is awsome, I cant wait for the first update


Hi! Looking foward to your updates!  :)


Hello and welcome aboard, looking forward to your city. :thumbsup:
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ok guys the CJ must go on. its been a very busy two weeks for me with RL stuff but i was able to manage to do an update and let you guys know whats going on at Olympus City.


Olympus City, Olympus. ( Olympus City Press O.C.P. )  After a weeklong of heavy rains and storms, Olympus City was partially washed out to the bay. The Mount Olympus Resevoir, which resides on Government Hill, gave way to flooding waters causing massive flooding in the central part of the city leaving behind a wide canal in the main center of the city. Heavy damage was reported with the city torn in half. Approximately 200,000 Olympians were washed out into the bay reported to be missing or dead. rescue and cleanup efforts are now to be reported to take years. With the opening of the new Olympus City C.B.D. weeks away, the Olympus City Republican Government are now planning to move all the Olympians to the newer part of the city which is the C.B.D. The new part of the city can occupy roughly 400,000 people. The C.B.D. Project was to double the City size and population. Now that Olympus City is severed in half, The C.B.D. is more likely going to be the new Olympus City for the damage is too significant that the damaged buildings still up would cause a safety issue. The soil is so weak that even the ground can't the full weight of a human. More news to follow once it comes in.

Some shots from the sky during one of the heavy thunderstorms

The collapse of the Mount Olympus Resevoir destroyed the central part of the city severing the city in half.
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LOL Nice first update!!!! Destroying the city! ack!

Loved the disaster, nice pics, again, nice disaster, original ;)  Nice to see u here too..... now where have i seen you beforrre.....? :P :D


Nice start, I love destruction.  But it looked like you had a great city going.  Why destroy?
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Great update! Fantastic start! Nice destruction! :thumbsup:


Man that was some SERIOUS lightning...remind me not to get on your bad side....

Neat update and am looking forward to the next.
Sometimes I go into my own little world....but it's ok, they know me there.


Brief History of Olympus City, its now in the year 1014 so its gone through 2 going 3 transitions. the second one occurred after it was 75% destroyed from the War of the Republics with Cherry Oaks, and now its going through a 3rd transition after the great resevoir collapse. I do believe this 3rd transformation will expand the city over 3-5 large city tiles depending on final region designs...The CBD was 3 weeks off and on work and will be unveiled in my next update so stay tuned!  For further reading if you would like to read history of Olympus City, please go to my CJ
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that was wounagaine striking the people of olympus city...i just know, i love olympus city, nice to see it, and you here at sc4d :thumbsup:
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Great storm Filasimo,  Great way to start.  But I do hope the government helps out quicker than in the US.
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Terrible storm...

Cali's got it right, I think.  Although I heard it happened when wouanagaine walked across a carpet on a dry day and touched a doorknob.

I'll be watching for the rebuilding.

Good Luck!

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For all that you've been waiting for:

Ok guys been a whiles since my last update...RL is hitting hard right now also since im starting to play more poker nowadays and stuff.....but dont worry you guys will be glad to wait this long for this update bc this is something ive been working on for the past month secretly and the flooding my last update opened up the door to my new unveiling of the new Olympus City C.B.D. the new Olympus City version 3.0 I still got a long ways to go with it bc my new project spans over 3 large city tiles aside from the C.B.D and a revitalization of the old Olympus City.  Here is a brief description of the CBD. the central mainland is the downtown area and the two islands are future development which i cant say right now bc its a secret project :P the city is on a dual level terrain with the lower levels along the natural canals which was a pain the shape bc since i used jeronijs seawalls they had to be perfect.... the islands are a lower level so there are  lower level transit connections connecting the lower parts there are two major bridge crossings where there is a tri-level bridge crossing linking the parts of the area together...... ok enough of me talking and more of showing pics:

Downtown Pics


One of the Tri-level bridge crossings

the other islands

Thats all for now!
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This is pretty cool. :thumbsup: I really like your Chinatown. And the big park. And lots of other stuff too.

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Cool stuff. great way to start a CJ. I myself am reclined to use the disasters so it is great tos ee some in action here.

Great city you've got. Grown or plopped? (of course the res cannot be plopped)
The central park looks very nice and the river side with the seawall  :thumbsup:



I love your Chinatown shot.     Do you remember who's buildings you used?  I know a few of them but not all.


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...dang , I wish I could remember the first.
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thats a very very very good looking city :thumbsup: great rebuild.
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Thanks for the comments guys! In replies to your questions:

Gaston: made a asian BAT set and so did the HK team. The Chinatown was a pain to grow manually and some didnt grow so i ended up plugging some holes but majority is grown.

niknik: majority of the city is grown cep what i mentioned above to Gaston.

Thanks you guys for the comments! And expect an even better update when im done with it....
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