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Atrubia - Update 71: A Few Progress Pics

Started by KoV Liberty, June 14, 2009, 08:10:42 PM

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Tomas Neto

Nice city, very good suburbs!!! Great work!!!

KoV Liberty


Update 20 special. But first...

Why thankyou!

Thanks! And for the link!


That was the goal. Plus it adds a bit of difference than just plain ground level homes.

Tomas Neto:
Thanks! I like the suburbs too!


This update will again be about the Atrubian Empire Navy. Sorry but major advancements have been made on the Naval Base. Here are two sample pics...

But not just drydocks of course! The entire port (except for a little bit) has been replaced by SNM Military stuff. But some old things have been kept. Like PEGs Naval stuff.

A carrier in the first pic, and the AEN Battleship Riyadh in the second pic. It is in port for repair after a minor conflict with Somali pirates a long ways away about a week ago.

The Japanese Naval Ship the HMS Yamato is in port solely for tourism this week.

The AEN Bumpy Johnson is back in port as well.

This bridge here connects the new island with the old one.

This is the AEN Military car pool and headquarters.

Now to the city...

Here is the new Atrubian Empire Museum.

The new CCTV tower is looking great in the city.

Also the "Open Space" in Update 17 has been filled in with the Atrubia Recent History Museum.

Lastly leave you with a new region shot.

Please post replies, ideas, hints, etc...

About update 21... I heard a new (large) mall was built in Riyadh and the Abid Jakartin Airport Expansion is almost finished. It will come Friday.

My new MD. Check it out if you wish.

Adrian, I miss you man.


Very nice update. Great port shots. I love those SNM lots. Looking forward to seeing more.

Where City and Country Flow Together


yap nice updates the naval base is great  &apls


I love what you've done with the SNM naval stuff! I'll have to play around with that myself. Looking forward to more!

Feel brand new. Be inspired.
Nuclear City - 5/8


Very nice  &apls
I like that  navy really


The new Empire museum is awesome.. It really is.
Nice job on the navy.
Only in my personal opinion,  the japanese ship is ugly.  :P


Great navy yard pix!  nicely done!  &apls
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KoV Liberty

Hey everyone with slow connections...
Updates 1-3 (page 1) are now JPEG. Hope this helps a lot of people with a slow connection.

My new MD. Check it out if you wish.

Adrian, I miss you man.

KoV Liberty

Update 21: An early update. Riyadh Intl. Mall, and the Abid Jakartin Natl. Expansion almost complete. But first...

I like them too. But all the dependencies were a major time consumer.

Thanks! It took a lot of work. Especially the dependencies.

Thanks! SNM has some great stuff but watch out for the dependencies. They are a killer!

Thanks! The naval stuff is some of my favorite stuff on the LEX.

Thanks! I like the museum too! The Yamato is a bit weird but very futuristic.

Schulmanator :


Now... Onto the update!

First I could not fit all my pics into the update so the mall part is a bit short. Sorry! It will be showcased more in update 22.

So without further to do... Here is the mall (custom by me using Yoshiisland Modular Mall set so it might be a bit odd and bland looking).

It also has a nearby stadium (custom by me) (lotting not BATing of course!)...

It also has a underground connection to the Intl. airport.

Now we fly to Abid Jakartin Natl./Int. Airport. Where the expansions are almost complete. All that isn't completed is the new runway.

Where the excavators are hard at work. Now the new entrance to the additional terminal.

757s to the left of the taxiway...

While 767s and 747s to the right. To the right is also the Intl. terminals.

Now also on the topic of Abid Jakartin...

Atrubia also has a permanent capital building. Here are some pics...

And a new supreme court (which will soon be re-lotted). It goes back to the earliest days of Atrubia.

That ends the update! Hope you enjoyed it! Also I heard Atrubia has a new port and oil refinery. :-X Whoops! Let that one go.

Oh well!

Please post replies, hints, suggestions, ideas...

My new MD. Check it out if you wish.

Adrian, I miss you man.


Very great update  &apls
I love that mall I think I am going to download him too where can you download it?
very nice  :thumbsup:

Maybe I have a idea: You can make the palace of the sultan from hundreds years ago only for the tourism if you need a mosque look at http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm?id=4589


great update!  :thumbsup:

everything is awesome! i especially like the naval base. great job !!  ()stsfd()

Please visit my MD! Also, come over to the League of Nations and be a part of it! We'd love to see you there!

KoV Liberty

To all slow connection users... All images are now in JPEG. Thanks for your patience.

Update 22 will come tomorrow.

My new MD. Check it out if you wish.

Adrian, I miss you man.


Looking good. Nice stadium. :thumbsup:

Tomas Neto

Wow guy, great update again!!!  :thumbsup:

KoV Liberty


Update 22: Al Riya Port and Adder Oil Complex. But first...

Actually the mall was once on the STEX but was removed. I found it on my old computer and transferred it. Sorry! And I've never seen that lot... I might use it! Thanks!


Thankyou! I like your MD as well!  :thumbsup:

Thomas Neto:


Now, onto the update!

First we go to The Al Riya Port...

It is connected by a series of rails and one pipeline (shown in the third pic down)...

And one around the inside of the port.

This is the neighbor rail connection and pipeline.

The entire port is essentially surrounded by a oil refinery.

Now we go to the Adder Oil Complex... Here is one of the four refineries.

Oil is transported by this pipeline and some by rail.

It is also connected by a Highway here...

This is the freight station and oil checking ramps. Which help non-refined oil get sent back (which rarely happens, but hey who knows?).

These are the petrol overflow holding tanks.

Hope you enjoyed update 22!

Please post replies, hints, ideas, etc.

My new MD. Check it out if you wish.

Adrian, I miss you man.


Very great update  &apls
I also need a port. But then with sailers
And it's very nice to see your oil rafinery  :P


Nice!  :thumbsup:
Do you have a section in your port where the oil gets shipped in? Because that might add in a bit more realism to your port and oil rafinery.
Oil aint getting shipt in with containers.  ;)  :D


Beautiful updates!  I love that suburban residential development.  Ironically, that discontinuity between green, temperate trees and the desert is very common in the region you're trying to emulate.  I shudder to think how much water they consume!   

That port area also looks great!  You've used a beautiful mix of details there!  Keep it up!

KoV Liberty

To everyone: The next update might be about a spaceport! I don't know. And to Glowbal, there is indeed a oil dock I just didn't show it.  ;)

My new MD. Check it out if you wish.

Adrian, I miss you man.