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Started by Yoder7652, March 31, 2007, 12:01:33 PM

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Like the rest of Osturland, your airport is amazing, my friend! And I love the map that shows where Osturland Airlines flies to. Great job!


 &apls Great work your airport is very well complete. Great job.  :thumbsup:


Hello Yoder,

That is a very nice update. The airport looks very good.
I am fiddling at the moment with the Strechnitz International Aerodrome. but at the moment it is not half as realistic as yours  :D  good job my friend.



How about a few replies to your comments?  :D ;D

@Sebes - I'm glad you liked the airport...I hated doing it...I think that airports and seaports are so hard to pull off that I always dread doing them...this is especially true now that there are so many different puzzle pieces for making both. Anyways, I'm happy that an airport guru likes my work. As to the parallel runways...thanks for the insight, the error has been corrected in-game  ;D

@Snorrelli - Well, I always feel a bit of excitment when I post an update and wait to see if anyone will comment  ;D :D I'm glad you liked the airport, thanks for you comment.

@Rooker1 - I agree, airports are very hard to make...I really dread making them. I'm glad you liked the result of my frustration working on it. Thanks for your comment and for stopping by.

@Bat - Thanks bat...I'm glad you liked it!

@Thundercrack83 - I liked making the little map, thought it would be a nice touch...I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for stopping by my friend.

@Kimcar - Thanks! I try to be complete...I'm glad you liked it.

@Strechnitz - Thanks for stopping by, my friend....I'm glad you liked the airport...I'm looking forward to seeing the Strechnitz International Aerodrome...good luck making it (they are not fun IMO) ::) :D

Well all, I'm planning an update for next week...till then, cheers!


yoder im surprissed i missed that last update on the airport wow that is looking really great and i loving that airport great job there - pat

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nova vesfalo

I've missed this update !!!!!!! Well Bravo really nice use of illtonsko 70s building they fit quite very well there.The airport itself is great looking (like the map :) ) and your world map and customized airplane are Wow-ing :)


Wow an amazingly huge airport!! Very realistic! :)


Nice work on the Payens Airport. I like the simple map you have made at the beginning of the update, also the layout of the airport it self is very clear.


What a pleasure, Ryan!  Osturland is not only a great MD, it is the very first one to work its way all the way up to our Classics category.  You've got it all here: great pics, great content, and an amazing take on SC4 that shows through in everything you do.

So, I'm going to hit the post button and welcome our first home-grown Classic,  Thanks for sharing this fantastic MD with us.

D. Edgren

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excellent airport! the pictures are top-notch!!! :) congratulations on becoming a 'classic'!


WOW! Our first "home-grown" Classic! Congratulations, my friend! You've earned it!


Yoder...I'm incredibly excited to have come across your stunningly beautiful diary here! Fortunately, for me - but, not for my work - I have spent the better part of the last hour catching up in the pages.


How about some replies....

@Patfirefghtr - I'm glad you were able to get caught up Pat...it is good to hear that you liked the airport update

@Nova Vesfalo - Well I'm glad you found the update!  :D ;D Good to hear that you liked the customized maps of the airport and some of the non-stop routes...as always, thanks for stopping by and commenting!

@Pipishere - Welcome Pip! Glad you like the airport I've been working on...thanks for stopping by and visiting....

@Kwakelaar - Well I'm glad you liked the map I made...I've seen it done in other MDs/CJs so I thought that I would have to do it when I got around to showcasing the Payens International Airport...as always, thanks for stopping by!

@Dedgren - Glad that you were the reply that put me over the edge, David! It is an honor to be the first MD to work up through the ranks to get to the Classic category...I'll try not to disappoint the title in my future updates  ;D

@Iamgoingtoeatyou - Glad you like the airport pictures...the update was fun to work on...thanks for your congratulations it feels good to be classic  :D

@Thundercrack83 - I'm honored to be the first Home-Grown Classic...hopefully my future updates will not disappoint the readers! I'm not sure that I earned anything...there are many really good MDs around here that are more deserving, but time was on my side  ;D Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

@Threeswept - Well...I'm glad that you've stumbled across Osturland and like what you see! Sorry it took an hour to get through, but hopefully it was worth it! Thanks for stopping by and commenting...don't be a stranger in the future!

Well everyone, I'm working on an update that will probably come later this week...until then enjoy today's newspaper from Payens talking about the upcoming Simlympic Bid that will be showcased in the next few weeks or so....till next time, Cheers!

BACK THE BID!!!! &hlp &hlp &hlp

Emperor Stormont

oooohhhhh how interesting and fabulous.

Love the logo and that arena looks fantastic, from what I can see.  :-\

Edit - Many congratulations on becoming a classic, so deserved  &apls &apls

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Hello Yoder,

Another wonderfull newspaper. And a very good looking stadium. :thumbsup:
And how could I forget it &mmm congratulations with your promotion to this category(for real this time  :D
You fully deserve it!

BTW Stropon backs your bid for the simlympic 100%

(where do I sign?)  ;D



wow...i missid out a lot!!!!!
i'm so glad your among the classics now!! the right place where Osturland belongs!!  &apls

the last few updates ( those that i missed!!) are amazing!!
i love the airport, it looks very cool!

good luck with the Simlypics...i hope you gonna win!!

Greets Ferry
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Yoder - gosh, I have missed a bucket-load! I'm amazed at all of the work that's gone into everything - I particularly like the television coverages you did - very creative! Great stuff :thumbsup:


Yoder do my eyes decive me you are bidding for the simlympics woohoo... If thats the case wow i cant wait to see what you do for your bid - pat

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Welcome to page 14!
Wonderful newspaper, Yoder! Great picture of that stadium!


That newspaper looks outstanding, my friend! Good luck on your bid!