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Started by Yoder7652, March 31, 2007, 12:01:33 PM

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The stadium is looks very nice and I'm glad to see there is plenty of parking (something I tend to forget)

The layout and style of the campus is obviously well thought out, the chapel is a nice touch.

But I think the central grassed area just needs something a little extra to break up the symmetry just a little, like those fountains in front of the chapel, or some plopped water, or a garden.

Apart from that I agree with everyone especially emilin about the scale, something for me to try to keep in mind.


I looked over this entire CJ again, It still continues to amaze me. Great updates Yoder! :)

From one of your past updates, There's a spinning road that seems like a parking garage in the bottom of this picture: http://oak.cats.ohiou.edu/~ry133003/Osturland/Update%205/TR1.jpg

Is this one of your creations or is it available for download? Thanks and Cheers.


Payens Official Simlympic Bid
September 2007

Welcome Message
On behalf of the city and people of Payens, Osturland, and the Payens Simlympic Exploration Committee, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the official launch of the Payens Simlympic Bid. This message and informational packet is designed to give members of the Simlympic Committee, media, and general public an overview of what Payens has to offer the September Simlympics. Included in this packet is an overview of the Payens metropolitan area; financing the games; how to get to and get around Payens; attractions and accommodations in the city; the existing venues in Payens that will be used for the simlympics; new venues and facilities that will be constructed to meet simlympic needs if the Payens bid is successful. Hopefully, you will find this information informative and helpful as you select the next host of the future Simlympics.

Albert Bontrager
Lord Mayor

Payens, Osturland
With a metropolitan area population of approximately 3,000,000 inhabitants, Payens is one of the largest cities in Osturland. The nation was founded in 1320 A.D. and shortly after that date, Payens was founded and selected as the seat of the Osturland federal government. Osturland has a proud and rich heritage that comes from the Templar Knights, Osturland's founders, and the Crusades. Today, this heritage can be seen around Payens in its plazas, parks, government buildings, and people. European history comes alive in the city with its mixture of old and new architecture as well as diverse architectural styles, which combine the best Europe has to offer. Payens is divided into several wards or districts. Each has something different to offer. The Government District is the home of the Osturland Parliament as well as the home of the Prime Minister, Payens Citadel, and numerous other government buildings. The 2nd Ward is home to the Ministry of Finance and the Jubilee Dome. The 3rd and 4th Wards constitute the bulk of the Osturland finance districts. The 7th Ward is the planned home of the Simlympic Park.

While Payens is the government center of Osturland, it is also one of the leading commercial and industrial cities in the nation. As a city of international prominence, the city officials of Payens know how to accommodate large scale events. Most recently, HRH King William Gardannes Jubilee Celebration was held in the city. The event attracted spectators, diplomats, and heads of states from many of the nations of the world.

For the Simlympic Bid, the Prime Minister Bernard W. Rigaud sought the permission of the Osturland Parliament, the Office of the Lord Mayor of Payens, and the blessing of HRH King William Gardannes to form an exploratory committee for the feasibility of a bid. After careful consideration it was the recommendation of the committee that Payens develop a formal bid for the Simlympics. The proposed financing for the Payens Simlympics includes multiple sources. The largest sum would come from the Osturland Government. The federal government has set aside 3.75 B euros of tax money for the construction of new Simlympic Venues throughout the city. The city of Payens is prepared to spend 1.25 B euros in the form of support cost for the event. This includes a new subway line designed to connect several of the planned Simlympic Venues, increased security and fire protection services, and the creation of new green spaces around the Simlympic Park and Payens. Finally, several Payens investment groups will provide an additional 0.75 B euros to develop and construct a Simlympic Village for the games.

Getting to and Around Payens
Payens can be reached by air and sea. As an island nation, Osturland boasts many seaports; many constitute some of the finest in the world. Payens has a principle seaport that accommodates several ferry services from the United Kingdom, France, Spain, and Portugal.

For most, the best way to arrive to Payens is through the Payens International Airport. The airport is the 3rd largest in Osturland and is serviced by most major air carriers around the world travel. The airport boasts two terminals with the smaller of the two dedicated exclusively to Osturland Airlines. If the bid is successful, Osturland Airlines will be the official air carrier of the Payens Simlympics.

Below is a map of the Payens International Airport. In addition to the terminals, there is ample short and long term parking, hotels accessible to the terminals, accessibility to Payens M401, an AirTram providing transportation around the Airport, and a connection via the AirTram to the Metropolitan Line of the Payens Tunnel.

Once you've arrived to Payens, you can choose several different modes of transportation to get around the city. From the airport there are various automobile rental services that can provide motorists with their own rides around town. There is also many cab companies operating in the city that can take travelers around the city for a fee. This fee is determined by the city of Payens and is standard across cab companies.

The easiest way to travel around Payens is through the Payens Area Rapid Transit Authority (PARTA). PARTA operates a light rail train service throughout the Government District as well as the 3rd and 5th Wards. Additionally, PARTA operates an extensive subway system throughout all of the districts in Payens, called the Payens Tunnel. Below is a map of the lines and stops that PARTA offers. There are both local and express trains that operate on each line. The gray line in the map below is the proposed Olympic Line that will connect the proposed site of the Simlympic Park with several of the proposed existing venues in a Payens sponsored Simlympics. Additionally, the Baudinard Line would connect the Simlympic Park with the National Sports Complex, the other principle location of the Simlympic venues. The Payens Tunnel is the most efficient way to travel the city and would be a great asset to a Payens Simlympic.

Attractions and Accommodations in Payens
As mentioned previously in this packet, Payens is full of European history. There are many sites to see around town. There are historical museums including: Osturland National Archives, The Museum of Natural History, Osturland Museum of History, and de Molay Cathedral. There is also the Payens Museum of Historical Art as well as the Osturland Musuem of Modern Art. There are many government buildings open to the public for tours including: Osturland Parliament, Payens Citadel complex, Montliard Palace, Mounford House, and almost all of the various ministries (excluding the Ministries of War, Energy, and Information).

Another site of interest for tourists is the Payens Eye (an observation wheel). Payens also boosts an excellent parks system including: the Great Mall, Templar Plaza, Metropolitan Park, Grant Park, and Riverside Park. A final popular tourist destination is Baudinard Circus and the fashion district of Merchandise Mart.

There is also a myriad of accommodations in Payens. There are many corporate hotel chains that offer rooms for guests in the capital city. Hotel chains including: Marriot, Hyatt, Hilton, Sheraton, Double Tree, Omni, and many others. There are also locally owned and operated hotels offering deluxe accommodations to guests such as The Park Inn, located in Payens 3rd Ward. If the Payens bid is successful, then several new hotels will be built in the proposed Simlympic Village so that guests can have accommodations close to the games.

Plans for the Simlympics

Logo – The Simlympic logo developed by the Payens Simlympic Exploration Committee features a newly constructed architectural symbol that represents both Payens and the reign of our monarch. The circular symbol is an artist's adaptation of the Payens Eye, an observation wheel located on the banks of the Molay River. The Eye opened this past June as apart of the Jubilee Celebration and provides riders with spectacular views of the Payens Citadel, 1st, and 4th Wards. From the wheel, riders will also be able to see the proposed Simlympic Park. In addition to the symbol of the Payens Eye, the traditional Simlympic logo is featured on the official logo, as well as the name Payens and the year.

Slogan – The official slogan for the Payens Simlympics will be: "Where the past meets the present and the future is decided" The idea behind the slogan is that competing nations, regardless of past philosophical differences or performances in the games, all have an opportunity to participate in the present. Their respective performance at this Simlympic games will dictate the athletic legacies they leave to future generations.

Simlympic Flame and Cauldron – The Flame and Cauldron is simple in style and resembles scaffolding. Constructed of steel and concrete, the cauldron rests on top of a platform 80 meters high. From this height, the cauldron will be seen from within the Simlympic Stadium during the opening and closing ceremonies as well as from many parts of Payens, particularly the 4th and 7th Wards.

Simlympic Park – The planned Simlympic Park will be located in Payens Perigord Park. Perigord Park is one of the single largest parks in Payens. With over 3,200 acres, the park sets restfully on the eastern side of Payens inside the 7th Ward. The 7th Ward is the home of most of the city government offices in Payens including the Greater Payens Authority. It is also conveniently located to Payens 4th Ward financial district, the Metropolitan Park, Baudinard Circus, and the Payens International Airport. If this bid is successful, construction would immediately begin in the park and its name will be officially changed to Simlympic Park.

It is important to this committee and the city of Payens that the green space in the park be preserved as much as possible. With that in mind, the park will be divided such that smaller parks will be developed among the various Simlympic Venues so that Payens will still have the majority of its eastside green space after the conclusion of the Simlympics. The center of the park will have a plaza adjacent to the Simlympic Stadium that will feature a steel constructed globe within a fountain. Around the fountain will be flags of various nations of the world. Below, we describe in more detail the specific venues that will be located at the Simlympic Park.

Simlympic Village – To the south of the Simlympic Park will be the Simlympic Village. The purpose of the village will be to provide the Simlympics with services critical to its efficient functioning. Specifically, the village will have accommodations for the athletes of the competing nations, hotel accommodations for visitors to the games, various restaurants, Payens Tunnel service, a media center to house the media services from nations across the globe, stores selling Simlympic memorabilia, exercise facilities for athletes and the general public, and additional vendor spaces for Simlympic advertisers.

Venues – The Payens Simlympic Exploration Committee has developed a plan for the Simlympics to utilize both existing sporting venues in Payens as well as constructing new venues for the games. To this end, the committee has divided the venues up into six zones that are situated around the city of Payens. The first zone is the Simlympic Park. This will be the primary location of most simlympic games and will comprise mostly new construction (with the exception of La Roche Convention Center). The second zone will be the National Sports Complex (NSC). The NSC has been the historic home of the yearly Osturland Games. Each year Payens plays host to the federal games of the nation for the talented athletes of Osturland. The NSC will play a major role in accommodating many of the Simlympic sports. The third zone will be the Jubilee Dome, located a brief distance from the NSC, located in the prestigious 1st Ward. The fourth zone will be the Parade Ground, located in Payens 10th Ward. The fifth zone will be the Osturland National University. Finally, the sixth zone is located to the south of the city in a hilly region known as Gondamer Heights. Below we detail information about each of the zones and the games that will be hosted at each zone, starting with the sixth zone. Some pictures are included for various existing venues. Additionally, artist renderings are included for proposed venues.Below is a map of the Payens Metropolitan Area showing the spatial relationships of the venues with each.

Zone 6 Gondamer Heights
Gondamer Heights is a hilly area to the south of Payens that will play host to several of the Simlympic games. Specifically, an off-road course would be developed for the outdoor cycling (mountain biking) that would offer rough and hilly terrain for participants. Additionally, equestrian sports and polo will be played at the Gondamer Heights Equestrian Center the course and field are currently equipped with seating from 1,000, but additional seating will be installed to accommodate 5,000 spectators each. Lastly, the golf course at the prestigious Herrington School will play host to the golf competition.

Zone 5 Osturland National University
Existing Venue: Olford Athletic Center
Seats: 10,000
Current Use: This is a basketball arena and athletic facility for Osturland National University.
Functions during the Games: Wrestling, Kick Boxing, and Boxing
Post-Game Use: The center will continue to be apart of the Osturland National University campus.

Existing Venue: Saint-Peden Stadium
Seats: 25,000
Current Use: This is a football stadium and athletic facility for Osturland National University.
Functions during the Games: The stadium floor will be converted to host Baseball, Lacrosse, and Cricket.
Post-Game Use: The stadium will continue to be apart of the Osturland National University campus.

Zone 4 Parade Ground
Existing Venue: Parade Ground
Seats: 10,000 (permanent), 25,000 (expandable)
Current Use: This facility is apart of the Payens Parks System and is used for royal functions. Each year it hosts the Parade of Colors on the monarch's birthday.
Functions during the Games: The Parade Grounds will be divided with temporary seating to accommodate 5,000 spectators for the following sports: Shooting, Archery, Tug-of-War, and Volleyball.
Post-Game Use: The Parade Grounds will continue to be a park for Payens residence and will continue to host the annual Parade of Colors.

Zone 3 Jubilee Dome
Existing Venue: Jubilee Dome
Seats: 20,000
Current Use: This facility was built to host concerts during the Jubilee Celebrations, currently it is a vacant facility.
Functions during the Games: Gymnastics
Post-Game Use: After the games, the building will be subdivided and converted into a shopping center showcasing high fashion.

Zone 2 National Sports Complex
Existing Venue: Osturland Dome
Seats: 65,000
Current Use: This facility is home to the two professional football clubs in Payens, the Payens Crew and the Templars. Additionally, it hosts various sports during the Ostruland Games.
Functions during the Games: Football
Post-Game Use: It will continue to be the home of the Payens Crew football club.

Existing Venue: Payens Arena
Seats: 17,000
Current Use: This facility hosts several sports during the annual Osturland Games and is home to one of Payens two professional basketball clubs, the Payens Bullets.
Functions during the Games: Weight Lifting and Handball
Post-Game Use: The arena will continue to be the home of the professional basketball club, the Payens Bullets.

Existing Venue: Osturland Tennis Association National Tennis Center
Seats: 5,000 (Center Court), 1,500 (Court 1), 750 (Court 2)
Current Use: The center is hosts several sports during the Osturland Games, but is most famous as the home of the yearly OTA Osturland Open Tennis Tournament. The Osturland Open is the premier tennis tournament in Osturland and kicks off the tennis tour around Osturland.
Functions during the Games: Badminton
Post-Game Use: The center will host various annual amateur and professional tennis tournaments. It will also play co-host to future Osturland Opens. Specifically, center court will become court 1 for the Open and the current court 1 will become court 3 while court 2 will become court 4.

Existing Venue: National Swim Consortium Natatorium
Seats: 8,000
Current Use: This facility is used periodically through the year by the NSC for amateur and professional swimming competitions. It also hosts the swim sports during the Osturland Games.
Functions during the Games: Synchronised Swimming, Water Polo
Post-Game Use: This indoor swim center will continue to play host to national competitions for the NSC.

Zone 1 Simlympic Park
Existing Venue: La Roche Convention Center
Current Use: This facility is the premier convention center in Osturland and is one of the largest facilities of its type in the world. It hosts a variety of functions throughout the year that require large exhibition and meeting space. The La Roche Arena is home to one of Payens professional basketball clubs, the Payens Islanders.
Post-Game Use: It will continue to be the premier convention center in Osturland.

North Hall
Seats: 6,000 (Temporary)
Functions during the Games: Table Tennis

South Hall
Seats: 3,000 (Temporary)
Functions during the Games: Fencing

East Hall
Seats: 6,000 (Temporary)
Functions during the Games: Karate, Judo, and Taekwondo

La Roche Arena
Seats: 22,000
Functions during the Games: Basketball

Existing Venue: Payens Yacht Club
Seats: 5,000 (Temporary)
Current Use: This facility is home to the sailing enthusiasts throughout Payens. It is located on the Payens River with access to Payens Bay.
Functions during the Games: Rowing, Sailing, and Canoeing 
Post-Game Use: After the games, this facility will continue to be the primary yachting facility in Payens.

Proposed Venue: Simlympic Velodrome
Seats: 5,000
Functions during the Games: Cycling (Indoor)
Post-Game Use: After the games, this facility will become incorporated with La Roche Convention Center as a new exhibition hall.

Proposed Venue: Simlympic Swim Center
Seats: 10,000
Functions during the Games: Swimming and Diving
Post-Game Use: After the games, this facility will become the main competition venue for swim sports related to the Osturland Games.

Proposed Venue: Simlympic Tennis Center
Seats: 8,000 (Center Court) 3,000 (Court 1)
Functions during the Games: Tennis
Post-Game Use: After the games, this facility will host the annual OTA Osturland Open in combination with the National Tennis Center. The main stadium will become Center Court while Court 1 will become Court 2 for the Osturland Open.

Proposed Venue: Simlympic Stadium
Seats: 75,000 (Permanent), 10,000 (Temporary)
Functions during the Games: Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Athletics, and Football
Post-Game Use: After the games, this facility will become the new home of Payens oldest professional football club, the Templars.

The Simlympic Park will also have auxiliary fields for team practice. These fields will also have temporary seating, accommodating 5,000 seats, and will host the Rugby and Hockey sports.

The Modern Pentathlon will be accommodated at the respective venues for each sport while the Triathlon will begin in the Payens River and continue through a course integrated with the 7th Ward. The finish line will be located in the Simlympic Park.

Concluding Remarks
We hope you have enjoyed reading the plans that we've developed should you choose for Payens to host the upcoming Simlympics. We feel that our city is more than capable of meeting the needs of this historic, annual event. If you have any questions about the content described above, please feel free to inquire of our committee and we will attempt to provide an adequate and timely answer. Hopefully, while reading our preparations you've become excited about seeing the reality of a Payens Simlympics. Back Payens Simlympic Bid and see that Payens becomes the place "where the past meets the present and the future is decided."

As you can see, there are many new bats that were developed for this bid. For reference, the bats that I have created include: Saint-Peden Stadium, Parade Ground, Jubilee Dome, Osturland Dome, OTA National Tennis Center, NSC Natatorium, La Roche Convention Center, Simlympic Swim Center (still in progress), and Simlympic Tennis Center. Many of you might have seen the Simlympic Stadium before. It is a model begun by Timo more than 2 years ago. It is based on the Amsterdam Arena. I have been working on the model and plan to finish the seating and walkways around the stadium in time for the opening games if Payens is selected. My intention is to release all of these bats when the modeling, rendering, lotting, and modding is complete. Thanks!


A few replies after a long update  ::) :D

@Threeswept - Thanks, I'm glad you liked the university and its founding philosophy...indeed, the Templars were the contermporaries of their time  ;D Thanks for stopping by, it is always a pleasure!

@BossOx - Thanks, I usually forget parking too...that is why I'm glad there are some good parking garages to use when I forget. I'm glad you like the campus and its layout...yeah, I had considered putting a statue or something in the middle, but my alma mater had a nice large mall in the middle and I thought I'd reproduce that...students love to play frisbee and such in the expanse of the mall. I appreciate your comments, thanks for stopping by!

@Iamgoingtoeatyou - Thanks, I'm glad you like my work here. Ah yes, that parking garage is not available for distribution. The BSC member who created that never finished all of the moddling for it (it functions, it just lacks pathing so the cars don't actually go down the ramp). It is a lovely model, but not mine to distribute...just play with as a perk of being a BSC member ;D

Well...I hope you all enjoy the much anticipated (mostly on my part :D ) Payens Simlympic Bid.....Cheers

Emperor Stormont

OMG...........I love it, simply fabulous bid Yoder, so very impressive indeed.

The use of custom content is amazing and all credit for that. A unique and fantastic bid and I wish you all the best with it.

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This is.. :o really  :o :o

:blahblah: - All the venues and the descripitons..if you don't get The Games, then there is no justice in the world. Your own indoor-halls are art and swimming pools..must have them. Reading Osturland makes me feel to play the game, but without your and prepo's bats it's nothing  $%Grinno$% And Globen has never looked so good  &opr

But double-posting  >:( :bomb: ;)


That last stadium BAT is incredible, truly a work of beauty, excellent job!


Not only are there plenty of wonderful venues and a terrific explanation of the where's and how's of everything...it's just a really beautiful city and would do the Simlympics proud. &apls With or without the Symlimpics, I'm buying my plane ticket as we speak... ;D


That has got to be the best Simplympic bid I have ever seen. Amazing amount of work has obviously gone into this. I hope you get the games. :thumbsup:

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I don't think that a real city could top your bid, my friend. Payens should get not only the Simlympics bid, but the next ACTUAL Olympics bid! The amount of planning, detail, and work in that is astounding. I can't really express my amazement in words!


If you ask me, you've got MY vote.  :o

Those stadiums are mind-numbingly beautiful.

This is my favorite one. The tennis courts come a close second, even though the rest are just as good and absolutely gorgeous. Let the games begin! And I say this because you're a lock for the win.  :satisfied:


OMG OMG yoder ummm yea did i say omg yet??? wow you have a spectacular bid here...  :thumbsup:

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OMG  &hlp  &hlp  &hlp you made the ArenA !!!!!  &hlp  &hlp  &hlp Super...

And what a campaign - I don't know what the other bidding cities will be doing and but to me it's seems Osterland will definately end in top candacies! My airline is already checking for extra slots on Payens International !
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GEEZ YODER! You've got my vote! You are crazy man! All that planning and details, how long did it take you to do that?! ()what()

BEYOUND excellent work, One of the best updates EVER in a journal!!!

&apls &apls &apls &apls


 &apls &apls &apls  Oh men / A lot of work my friend . I do you find the time for do that ? You never sleep or what ?  ;D Beautifull . simply beautifull . Payens 2007 is pretty ready and complete. Very good organisation you have done . The map . bat , layout, everythings is just perfect . I`m I`m ..`I`m very lucky to not live over there , because check the income taxes they gonna receive in their bills lol   ;D ;D  Great update , see you


(and i got excited when i saw the university &ops)
amazing work..... you have my vote &apls
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It's brilliant, I've looked through it three times now and it still makes my gape.
The detail and scope are both amazing...
The thoughtfulness and artistic brilliance...
But one question...the sea walls around the Jubilee Dome, are they real sea walls or the edges of a canal and more importantly where do I get them?
Anyone considering a bid should just stop now and wait for the next opportunity, the winner is already here.

Shadow Assassin

OMG, looks great!

Great job on the lot for the Arena. You've made a Maxis BAT look beautiful. (I hated the original lot on that building, btw)

And here's to hoping you win. :P
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Wonderful bid. (even if it did take forever to load on my dial up connection.  LOL)     I really enjoyed it.
I only see one thing that sorta confuses me.   Doesn't the proposed Olympic Line parallel the Jubilee Line very closely?   That would almost make it redundant.  And the proposed Olympic Line doesn't even connect to the National Sports complex, while the Jubilee Line already does.   Also neither of these connect directly to the airport.    My suggestion would be to connct across from near the Parade grounds to the Airport Terminal (the "AirTram") then to the Grant's Park area.    This would loop in the Airport to the main lines more easily.   Just a suggestion.    ;)


They say that the memory is the second thing that goes....
...dang , I wish I could remember the first.
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That was a long and awesome update, Yoder! Beautiful area! :thumbsup: